Raw Video Captures Israeli Air Force Killing Two Hezbollah-backed Terrorists in Gaza – Raw Video 6/27/14

Rocket Attack Launched from Gaza into Israel on Second Day of President Obama’s Visit; Obama in Jerusalem at the Time – Video Report 3/21/13

Here is a video report by CNN from Gaza and Israel last night on the situation there. This morning, it is being reported that Israel has put its planned ground assault on Gaza on hold until Thursday, when “it is understood” there is a deadline for Egyptian-brokered peace talks to work:

UK DAILY MAIL: . . . Meanwhile Israel has put plans for a ground operation in Gaza ‘on hold’ while talks to secure a truce with Hamas militants continue.

While it is understood a Thursday deadline has been set for the Egypt-brokered talks, an Egyptian intelligence source said ‘there is still no breakthrough and Egypt is working to find middle ground.’

Despite discussions there has no been let-up in the violence overnight as a fresh array of airstrikes pummeled Gaza while rockets pounded southern Israel.

The death toll in the region continues to rise steeply and more than 110 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed since Operation Pillar of Defence began last Wednesday.

Today Israel’s military targeted about 100 sites in Gaza, including ammunition stores and the Gaza headquarters of the National Islamic Bank.

Gaza’s Hamas-run Health Ministry said six Palestinians were killed. Israeli police said more than 60 rockets were fired from Gaza by mid-day, and 25 of the projectiles were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome system. . . . Read More

Rocket Attacks on Israel Continue from Gaza; Israel Reportedly Prepared for Ground Assault into Gaza if No Peace Agreement by Thursday – Video Report 11/20/12

Here is video of CNN’s Anderson cooper reporting from Gaza City on the conflict between Israel and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. While Cooper was reporting, a large explosion went off nearby, catching Cooper by surprise.

Via The Rightnewz

Large Explosion Hits Nearby while CNN’s Anderson Cooper Reports from Gaza – Video 11/18/12

Yeshiva World News is providing a “readout” on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s phone call today to President Obama to discuss the situation in Israel:

YESHIVA WORLD NEWS: Prime Minister Netanyahu called the President today to provide an update on the situation in Israel and Gaza. The Prime Minister expressed his deep appreciation to the President and the American people for the United States’ investment in the Iron Dome rocket and mortar defense system, which has effectively defeated hundreds of incoming rockets from Gaza and saved countless Israeli lives. The President reiterated U.S. support for Israel’s right to defend itself, and expressed regret over the loss of Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives. The two leaders discussed options for de-escalating the situation. . . . Read More

The video above is a recap from Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Day 4 of the “Pillar of Defense” operation against the terrorist rocket attacks coming from Gaza.

Report: Netanyahu Calls President Obama to Update on Israel-Gaza Conflict; Thanks the American People for “Iron Dome” Defense System; IDF Recaps “Pillar of Defense” Day 4 – Video 11/17/12

Here is a CNN summary of the state of the conflict this afternoon between Israel and Gaza, where rocket attacks launched by terrorist elements from Gaza has resulted in Israel launching a counter-offensive to knock out those rocket sites. This report from Gaza indicates Israeli drones could be heard overhead all day doing surveillance to find the location of rocket sites in Gaza and where other ammunition is stored. The results of that surveillance will likely be Israeli strikes tonight to knock out those areas. Rocket attacks against Tel Aviv and Jerusalem using the Iranian Fajr-5 missile have led to the likelihood Israel will launch a ground operation into Gaza to root out the sites being used to launch those attacks.

Israeli Drones Increase Activity over Gaza Looking for Rocket Locations; Conflict Intensifies – Video Report 11/17/12

Here is a video report from the Jerusalem Post on the situation in Tel Aviv after the rocket attack yesterday that landed close to the city. All public bomb shelters have now been opened as city residents prepare for more possible attacks launched by terrorists from Gaza.

Tel Aviv Residents Prepare for more Rocket Attacks Launched by Terrorists from Gaza – Video Report 11/16/12

Outstanding analysis of what’s going on in Israel from Stratfor.com. They explain that Hamas is firing what are likely Iranian Fajr-5 Missiles into Israel, a different type than they have ever used before, a longer-range missile capable of threatening Israel’s major economic and population centers, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Pressure is building on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to put an end to the attacks. A ground offensive into Gaza to root out the location of the rockets is likely.

Stratfor: Israel Prepares for Gaza Ground Operation to Root out Hamas Rocket Attacks Using Iranian Missiles – Video Report 11/16/12

Tonight, Israel is on the brink of launching a ground attack into Gaza to destroy enemy positions being used to launch rocket attacks into Israel. Today, a rocket attack was launched against Jerusalem itself, the first time since 1970 that Jerusalem has been targeted. Israel is calling up 75,000 reserve troops to prepare for a possible ground offensive into Gaza:

NEW YORK TIMES: Emboldened by displays of Egyptian solidarity and undeterred by Israel’s advanced aerial firepower, Palestinian militants under siege in Gaza broadened their rocket targets on Friday, aiming at the holy city of Jerusalem for the first time, sending a second volley screeching toward Tel Aviv and pushing the Israelis closer to a ground invasion.

Israel’s government more than doubled the number of army reservists it could call to combat if needed in the increasingly lethal showdown with Gaza’s Hamas fighters and their affiliates, after they fired more than 700 rockets into southern Israel over the last year. The escalation has raised fears of a new chapter of war in the intractable Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Israeli military closed some roads adjacent to Gaza in anticipation of a possible infantry move into the territory, which would be the first Israeli military presence on the ground in Gaza since the three-week invasion of 2008-2009. The Israeli military chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, went south to brief regular forces and reservists.

“We are here tonight on the eve of a possible ground operation,” he said. . . . Read More

Rocket Attack Targets Jerusalem from Gaza; Israel Appears to be Preparing for Ground Offensive into Gaza to Root out Enemy Positions – Video Report 11/16/12

Here is a video report on the increasingly tense situation along the border between Israel and Gaza. Israel is moving tanks into position along the border with Gaza and is calling up reservists for a possible ground operation into Gaza to root out terrorists firing rockets into Israel from positions in Gaza.

Israel Moving Tanks into Position Along Gaza Border; Calling Up Reservists for Possible Ground Operation in Gaza – Video Report 11/15/12

Here is video from the Israeli city of Beersheba showing a barrage of rockets launched from Gaza headed their way. Many of the rockets were knocked out by Israel’s “Iron Dome” Missile Defense System.

Raw Video Shows Rocket Barrage Launched from Gaza against Israel; “Iron Dome” Intercepts Many of the Rockets – Video 11/14/12

The strike

The aftermath

Here is raw video from the Israeli Defense Forces (top video) of the airstrike today that killed the top military commander of Hamas, Ahmed Jabri. The strike hit his car as it traveled in Gaza. The second video shows the wreckage of the car.

Israeli Defense Forces Release Raw Video of Airstrike that Killed Top Hamas Commander in Gaza – Video 11/14/12

Breaking News this morning that Israel has taken out the top military commander of Hamas with an airstrike in Gaza. . .

Report: Israel Kills Top Military Commander of Hamas with Airstrike – Video Report 11/14/12

Here is a video report on the brutal murder of a Pro-Palestinian Italian Activist – Vale Vittorio Arrigoni – who spent years in Gaza criticizing Israel and speaking up for the Palestinian cause. He was abducted and hanged by an Islamic Group in Gaza this week. In the report, one of Arrigoni’s friends is heard to say, “I can’t believe that this happened. . .”

Sadly, this is the kind of violence and hate Israel has had to live with for many decades. It happens to Israeli citizens, and to many others around the world on a regular basis.

Friend of Pro-Palestinian Italian Activist Hanged by Islamists in Gaza Says, “I Can’t Believe that this Happened” – Video Report 4/16/11

The Italian activist had been in Gaza for two years monitoring human rights violations by Israel.

BBC — An Italian pro-Palestinian activist has been found dead in the Gaza Strip hours after being abducted, security sources in the Hamas-governed territory say.

Vittorio Arrigoni was seized by a radical Islamic group on Thursday morning and video of him blindfolded with tape was later posted on YouTube.

Hamas police reportedly found his dead body inside a house.

Mr Arrigoni was the first foreigner kidnapped in Gaza since BBC journalist Alan Johnston was snatched in 2007…(Read More)

H/t: Gateway Pundit

Italian Pro-Palestinian Activist Abducted and Executed In Gaza By Islamists – Report 4/14/11

Here is video of anti-Israel protesters attempting to block the unloading of an Israeli ship at the Port of Oakland yesterday. The protesters said they were rallying in support of Gaza and against Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

Israel needs to stick to their guns and prevent arms from entering Gaza. Protesters like this are either totally clueless, or they are supporters of those who would wipe Israel off the map.

AP: Hundreds of protesters condemning Israel’s recent raid on an international flotilla bound for Gaza are picketing at the Port of Oakland, where an Israeli ship is due to arrive.

The demonstrators gathered Sunday to prevent the incoming ship from being unloaded. The dock’s day shift of longshoremen agreed to not cross the picket line.

Meanwhile Sunday, Israel said it will immediately allow all goods into Gaza except weapons and items deemed to have a military use under its decision to ease its three-year-old blockade of the Palestinian territory. . . . Read More

H/T Loganswarning

Anti-Israel Protesters Try to Block Unloading of Israeli Ship at the Port of Oakland – Video

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