Raw Video: Israeli Defense Forces Aircraft Destroys Hamas Rocket Launcher in Gaza Moments after Rocket Attack – Video 8/24/14

After Hamas Breaks Cease-fire, Israeli Forces Hit Rocket Launcher, Mortar Sites in Gaza – Raw Video 8/21/14

Israel’s U.S. Ambassador Knocks it Out of the Park on “Meet the Press”; Likens Hamas to ISIS in Iraq – Video 8/3/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper Accuses Israel of “Killing Palestinian Children” with No Mention of Hamas Rockets, or Hamas using Children as Human Shields – Video 7/29/14

Video Shows Hamas Launching Rockets from Civilian Areas: Water Tower, Cemetery, Homes of Citizens – Video 7/28/14

A Resolute Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on “Fox News Sunday”; Vows to Continue Offensive against Hamas to Guarantee Security for Israeli Citizens – Video 7/27/14

President Obama gives Islamist Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan a hug at the G-20 Summit in Cannes, France. European Leaders only got handshakes.

Report: Flotilla to Sail from Turkey to Gaza in Support of Hamas; Source Says Turkish Navy to Provide “Protection” – 7/27/14

Unhinged Turkish PM Erdogan: Israel “has Surpassed what Hitler Did”; “Israel is a Terror State” – Videos 7/24/14

Oh My! State Department Spokesperson Marie Haraf Tries to Defend UN Agency that gave Rockets found in a School back to Hamas – Video 7/22/14

Megyn Kelly Asks Muslim Accuser of Israel: “How is Hamas Not to Blame for those Civilian Deaths” in Gaza? – Video 7/23/14

Israeli Defense Forces Find and Destroy a Hamas Tunnel Under a House in Gaza – Videos 7/20/14

John Kerry Confronted by Chris Wallace about “Hot Mic” Moment Criticizing Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza – Video 7/20/14

Israeli Defense Forces Destroy Hamas Rocket Launching Station Located in Gaza Civilian Building – Raw Video 7/18/14

Dem Sen. Elizabeth Warren Runs Away from Question on Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza – Video 7/17/14

Brilliant Column by Charles Krauthammer: “Moral Clarity in Gaza” – 7/17/14

MSNBC Report Says Israel Did Not give “Enough” Warning to Gaza Residents; Never Mentions “Hamas,” Hamas Rocket Attacks, Hamas Breaking Cease-Fire – Video 7/16/14

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