Here is video of the GOP Senate Minority Leader – Mitch McConnell – on ABC News’ “This Week” where he said today that moving forward, there will be no further tax increases as part of the Debt-Ceiling Battle with President Obama. McConnell said the Fiscal Cliff deal just passed raised tax rates on the top earners, but that now “the tax issue is finished, over, completed.” What now must be worked out are spending cuts and reform of entitlements:

“Oh, yeah, the tax, the revenue, the tax issue is finished – over – completed. That’s behind us. Now the question is, what are we going to do about the biggest problem confronting our country and our future? And that’s our spending addiction. It’s time to confront it. The President surely knows that. I mean, he has mentioned it both publicly and privately. The time to confront it is now.”

This is the line they need to hold.

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Says No Further Tax Increases; It’s Time to Confront “our Spending Addiction” – Video 1/6/13

Here is a great compilation video from Newsbusters on what you can likely expect to hear from ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, and other committed Democrats in the liberal media, following tomorrow night’s first 2012 Presidential Debate. Stephanopoulos, in all of his impartiality, has believed the Democratic Presidential Candidate has won eight out of nine Presidential Debates he’s covered since starting with ABC News in 1997. It’s just a coincidence, of course, that Stephanopoulos worked in the Bill Clinton White House and Presidential Campaign.

Via NewsBusters

Flashback: ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos has Declared the Democrat the Winner in Eight out of the Last Nine Presidential Debates – Compilation Video

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Here is video of GOP Rep. Paul Ryan on ABC News’ “This Week” where he said Supreme Court Justice John Roberts decided to leave the issue of ObamaCare to the American people instead of acting on his principles. Ryan said Roberts essentially decided to “rewrite the statute” so he could let ObamaCare stand as a tax rather than acting to strike it down.

As a result, Ryan said “the stakes in this election could not be higher.” At one point, moderator George Stephanopoulos actually agreed with Ryan when he made the point that it is Barack Obama who has engaged in hypocrisy – passing ObamaCare by saying it is not a “tax,” and then sending his Solicitor General to argue for upholding it before the Supreme Court as a “tax.” Ryan said if Obama had presented it as a tax to the American people, it would have never passed in Congress – to which Stephanopoulos agreed, “I think you may be right.”

Paul Ryan Slams Obama Hypocrisy on ObamaCare as a “Tax”; Stephanopoulos Agrees ObamaCare Likely would have Never Passed Congress as a Tax – Video 7/1/12

Here is video of Rick Santorum appearing on ABC News’ “This Week” where he said the GOP Nomination race is “going to be along race.” Santorum said he is staying focused on economic issues with his campaign, particularly in how to get manufacturing jobs growing again.

Santorum defended his debate performance this past week, which Stephanopoulos challenged – particularly Santorum’s statement that he voted against his own principles in “taking one for the team” by supporting George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” Education program. Santorum pointed out Romney also supported the program, and said Romney really has the “wrong principles” on a whole host of issues. Santorum said Romney is on the team of “Big Government” and bailouts.

Rick Santorum Interview on ABC News’ “This Week”: Mitt Romney is on the “Team” of “Big Government” – Video 2/26/12

Here is video of Sen. John McCain on with David Letterman last night where he defended Sarah Palin and Michele Bachamnn against Letterman’s barbs about making gaffes as candidates.

McCain then took the opportunity to mention how the media is constantly trying to trip candidates up with, “gotcha questions” – such as ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asking Mitt Romney if states should be able to ban contraception.

Letterman joked Stephanopoulos must be having “trouble at home” to be asking such a question.

Via NewsBusters

McCain on Letterman Hits Stephanopoulos for Asking “Contraception” Gotcha Question – Video 1/12/12

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More Debate video. Here is Mitt Romney tonight refusing to be trapped by George Stephanopoulos on a bizarre question about contraception and the “right to privacy.” Romney picked up on what Stephanopoulos was up to, and essentially told him his question was silly. Stephanopoulos seemed to be trying to get Romney to first agree there is a right to privacy in the Constitution that would keep states from banning contraception, so he could then play gotcha with Romney on why he opposes abortion when it’s legality has also been based on this supposed “right to privacy” in the Constitution.

Mitt Romney Handles “Gotcha” Question on “Contraception” and the “Right to Privacy” from Liberal ABC News Debate Moderator George Stephanopoulos – Video 1/7/12

Here is video of Democrat Strategist James Carville today telling George Stephanopoulos that President Obama was “out of bounds” to try and schedule his speech before a Joint Session of Congress at the same time the Republican Presidential Candidates were going to debate – Wednesday, September 7. Obama caved in last night and agree to move his speech to September 8 after House Speaker John Boehner refused Obama’s request for the 7th.

Part of these Hillary supporters, like Carville, have to be enjoying the view as Obama self-destructs before their eyes!

Via Daily Caller

Democrat James Carville Says Obama White House was “Out of Bounds” to Try and Schedule Speech During GOP Presidential Debate; Says He’d Rather Watch the Debate! – Video 9/1/11

Mark Levin has made a Facebook posting that sets ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos straight on his claim that the Founding Fathers of the United States did not “work tirelessly” to end slavery, as Michele Bachmann has said. Stephanopoulos ambushed Bachmann today during an interview with the issue. He was antagonistic with her from the start. Bachmann countered that there were Founding Fathers who worked against slavery, and she named “John Quincy Adams” as an example. While he was the son of a Founding Father who opposed slavery – John Adams – Mark Levin points out that she did misstate on that, because John Quincy Adams “was not a Founding Father.”

But Levin goes on to take Stephanopoulos to task on his incorrect claim that there were no Founding Fathers who worked against slavery:

MARK LEVIN – FACEBOOK: George Stephanopolous has revealed his own flakiness and ignorance in his effort to pile on Michele Bachmann. No, John Quincy Adams was not a founding father. He was John Adams’ son. So, if she makes another 1,000 misstatements, only then will she come close to the King of Misstatements, Barack Obama, or is it Joe Biden?

But let me focus on the issue of slavery, which Stephanopolous jumps on. The fact is that a number of prominent Founders did attempt to end or at least take on the issue of slavery, including Virginia’s George Mason, who was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. The inability to end slavery was among the reasons he refused to support the Constitution. While he was a slave-owner, he nonetheless opposed the institution going forward. Mason was no light-weight, either. He had authored the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which later served as the basis for James Madison’s draft of the Bill of Rights.

The Constitution itself reflects some of the hard-fought compromises over slavery, resulting from the demands of anti-slavery delegates, including ending the importation of slaves on a date certain and diminishing the influence of the southern slave states in the federal House of Representatives with the three-fifth’s limit respecting apportionment.

Historian Bernard Bailyn has made the important point that the Founders unleashed a process that would eventually destroy the institution of slavery by “condemning [it], confining it, and setting in motion the forces that would ultimately destroy it.” . . . . Read More

Mark Levin Sets George Stephanopoulos Straight on the Truth about the Founding Fathers and Slavery

Here is GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, fresh off her announcement for President, being interviewed by an antagonistic George Stephanopoulos, who immediately began attacking her as having made false statements in the past. He quoted her as having said in years past that the Founding Fathers “worked tirelessly” to end slavery. He said it as if there were no Founders who opposed slavery and worked against it. In fact, Benjamin Franklin (who once owned slaves but then freed them and worked against it thereafter), John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams all opposed slavery.

But in her back and forth with Stephanopoulos, Bachmann cited “John Quincy Adams” as a “Founding Father” who worked against slavery. It is true that John Quincy Adams was against slavery and worked to abolish it. He was the son of a “Founding Father,” John Adams, who was against slavery. JQ Adams continued the work of his “Founder” father and worked tirelessly to end slavery.

This very issue came up earlier in the year when Bachmann had a contentious exchange with Chris Matthews. Head over to Big Journalism for a detailed rundown on it.

Michele Bachmann Spars with an Antagonistic George Stephanopoulos over Slavery, the Founders, and John Quincy Adams – Video 6/28/11

Here is video of former Sen. Rick Santorum announcing on Good Morning America today that he is running for President of the United States. Santorum told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that he is “in it to win,” and that he is “very excited about what the future holds.”

Sen. Rick Santorum Announces on “Good Morning America” He is Running for President – Video 6/6/11

Here is video of Ron Paul announcing on Good Morning America today that he is running for the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination.

After a lead-in piece on Paul, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asked Paul if he is running, and Paul said, “I am.”

When Stephanopoulos followed-up with, “Why?”, Paul was silent for a couple of seconds and then said, “Because time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what I’ve been saying for 30 years. So, I think the time is ripe.”

Ron Paul Makes it Official on “Good Morning America”: “I Am” Running for President – Video 5/13/11

Here is video of liberal Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman – also the new chair of the Democrat National Committee – attacking Mitt Romney as someone who “doesn’t even know who he is.” George Stephanopoulos suggested Romney might be the “strongest candidate against President Obama,” which Wasserman Schultz just laughed at.

She went on to say:

“Mitt Romney has spent a number of years twisting himself into a pretzel George, trying to figure out, you know, which voters he is in front of and decide what positions he’s going to take. He was the author of legislation that was very similar if not close to identical to the Affordable Care Act in Massachusetts and now he says in a speech today that he plans to give that he is going to support, repeal and replace? What he’s trying to do is repeal and erase his own record.”

Stephanopoulos responded to her statements by saying, “It sounds like you do fear him.”

Mitt Romney will deliver a major speech today in Michigan to set forth his plan to “Repeal and Replace” ObamaCare. It looks like he has the attention of Obama’s minions.

George Stephanopoulos Tells DNC Chair about Mitt Romney: “It Sounds Like You Do Fear Him” – Video 5/12/11

Here is video from this morning of Donald Trump getting into a combative exchange with ABC News’ – and former Clinton White House official – George Stephanopoulos over the issue of President Obama’s Birth Certificate (or lack thereof).

Stephanopoulos seemed to be personally taking up for Obama, arguing in defense of Obama against Trump’s repeated and consistent demand that Obama produce his actual Birth Certificate rather than just a Certificate of Live Birth. Stephanopoulos kept pushing Trump on the issue, and Trump never backed down, continually saying that an actual Birth Certificate is very different from the Certification of Live Birth Obama has produced.

When Stephanopoulos asked what Trump’s investigators had uncovered in Hawaii, Trump told him it was “none of your business. We’ll see what comes out.” Stephanopoulos asked the question repeatedly, and Trump stuck with the same answer. He told Stephanopoulos, “they’ve co-opted you. . . Obama and his minions.”

Toward the end, Stephanopoulos asked Trump if he would release his tax returns along with his financial disclosure if he decides to run for President. Trump responded, “Maybe I’m going to do the tax returns when Obama does his Birth Certificate.”

Donald Trump in Combative Exchange with Reporter over Obama Birth Certificate: “Obama and His Minions” have “Co-Opted You” – Video 4/19/11

Via Mediaite

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asks Barack Obama about Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican field by “feeding fantasies about your background.” Obama answered the question by speaking for “most people”:

“Most people feel pretty confident the President was born where he says he was, in Hawaii. He doesn’t have horns…we’re not really worrying about conspiracy theories or birth certificates.”

Notice how Stephanopoulos starts off by calling the issue a “fantasy” and then has no follow-up question to Obama’s answer which didn’t address why he won’t just release the birth certificate!

Obama: “Most People” Believe I Was Born In Hawaii and I Don’t “Have Horns” – Video 4/14/11

Here is video of potential GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich saying that President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) “cannot be trusted,” because it is putting out “Left-wing Propaganda” about ObamaCare. Gingrich was clear that he believes Obama’s HHS is deliberately misleading the public in trying to oppose those who support a repeal of ObamaCare.

Newt Gingrich: Obama Dept. of HHS Putting Out “Left-Wing Propaganda” on ObamaCare; “Cannot be Trusted” – Video 1/18/11

Here is video of Delaware’s new GOP U.S. Senate nominee – Christine O’Donnell – on ABC this morning, where she talked about her victory with George Stephanopoulos. She also fired back at criticism of her by GOP Political Strategist Karl Rove, who last night questioned her ability as a candidate, and raised questions about her personal background.

O’Donnell gave credit to Sarah Palin for making the difference in her race. Palin endorsed her, and really helped her gain traction.

On criticism from Karl Rove, O’Donnell said his statements are “unfactual,” and suggested it comes from the fact Rove predicted she could not defeat Mike Castle.

“Everything that he is saying is un-factual. And it’s a shame because he is the same so-called political guru that predicted I wasn’t going to win. And we won and we won big. So I think, again, he is eating some humble pie and he is just trying to restore his reputation.”

She concluded by saying the “dirty politics” in attacking her did not work for her Republican opponent, and it “won’t work for the Democrats.”

O’Donnell Fires Back at Karl Rove Criticism of Her: “He is eating some humble pie” – Video 9/15/10

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