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Election Results

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GA Democrat Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn Dodges on whether She would have Voted for ObamaCare – Video 5/18/14

Here is raw video of Sen. Rick Santorum speaking on Newt Gingrich’s home turf of Georgia yesterday, at the First Redeemer Church in Cumming, Georgia.

In this clip, Santorum talks about how essential it is to keep our nation closely adhering to the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Santorum was incredulous about liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg having recently said she preferred to recommend the “South African Constitution” over the U.S. Constitution as a model for other nations to follow.

Via YouTube Uploader “AppenNewspapers”

Rick Santorum Speaks in Georgia; Incredulous that Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Recommends South African Constitution over U.S. Constitution – Video 2/19/12

Here is a video report about a family in Spalding County, Georgia whose home was devastated by a recent tornado. Their request for FEMA Assistance has been denied in a letter that tells them the tornado has “not caused your home to be unsafe to live in.” Their definition of “safe” must be different from most people.

Via Fox Nation

FEMA Tells Tornado-Devastated Family Their Home is “Not Unsafe to Live In” – Video Report

Here is complete video of Herman Cain’s speech to the Geogia GOP Convention this past Saturday. On Saturday, we posted a report on his speech there, which contained brief clips from the speech. Cain received rousing support throughout the speech, getting 10 standing ovations from the audience.




In the last two minutes of his speech, Cain said he believes the American People are ready to “take back our country.’ He said, “Some people aren’t going to want to get on the Herman Cain train.” Cain said his grandfather used to say to them, “Them that’s going – get on the wagon. Them that ain’t – get out of the way.” He then applied the quote to his campaign and the battle to “take back America” – “Them that’s going – get on the wagon. Them that ain’t – get out of the way!”

The crowd went wild!

Herman Cain on “Taking Back America”: “Them That’s Going, Get on the Wagon; Them That Ain’t, Get Out of the Way” – Complete Video 5/14/11

Here is a video report on Herman Cain being greeted with “roaring applause” and 10 standing ovations during a speech he delivered today at the Georgia GOP Convention held in Macon. Both Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain are from Georgia, but the report indicates Cain received much more enthusiasm for his appearance and remarks than did Gingrich.

Cain told the crowd, “You know we have become a nation crises. We have an immigration crisis, we have a national security crisis, and most of all we have a deficiency of leadership crisis in the White House.”

Here is a brief video clip of the crowd response as Cain ended his speech today in Macon:

Cain is expected to formally announce his run for President on May 21 in Atlanta.

Herman Cain Receives “Roaring Applause” at Georgia GOP Convention – Video Report 5/14/11

Via The Blaze

The Blaze: Georgia state Sen. Robert Brown drew fire this week when he quipped that the state GOP was filled with KKK members. Now he’s under fire again after a person who accompanied him to a press conference to clear up those comments brutally attacked a local photo journalist. The local paper The Telegraph says the Senator denies being associated with the attacker, despite walking into the press conference building with him . . . . . Read More

And here is video of the photographer describing the incident:

H/T Nelsa

Photographer Attacked Outside Georgia Democrat State Senator’s News Conference – Raw Video

Democrats are scattering today in Georgia as President Obama comes to town.

Here is a video report on the reality that Georgia Democrats don’t want to be associated with or seen by the President. Democrat candidate for Governor Roy Barnes will be elsewhere in the state today, campaigning.

Expect to see much more of this in the months ahead as Obama’s approval rating continues to plummet.

Georgia Democrats Scatter as Obama Comes to Town – Video Report

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