CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Scolds Gloria Borger over using Sources who got Priebus Resignation Wrong – Video 7/28/17


What Bias? CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger Drink and Dance to Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Nomination – Video 7/28/16

CNN’s Gloria Borger: People Just can’t Accept Hillary as Someone who Understands their Problems – Video 6/28/15

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Hillary Clinton has “Some Problems” on the Authenticity Front with Clinton Foundation Scandal – Video 5/6/15

CNN’s Gloria Borger, Wolf Blitzer break out of Obama Talking Points: “Sequester” Crisis “in Fact was Manufactured . . . by the President of the United States” – Video 2/19/13

Here is video of CNN’s Gloria Borger telling Wolf Blitzer that there are many questions about former Sen. Chuck Hagel becoming the next Secretary of Defense. She said: “In the past he’s been against sanctions for Iran, has been for talking to Hamas, and there are some people who believe that, in fact, he’s a little too dovish to lead the Pentagon.”

CNN’s Gloria Borger on Obama’s Nominee for Defense, Chuck Hagel: “In the Past He’s been against Sanctions for Iran” and “Has been for Talking to Hamas” – Video 1/4/13

Here is video of CNN’s Gloria Borger and Ari Fleischer saying Mitt Romney’s Campaign really did not expect to win the Washington GOP Caucuses tonight. A couple of weeks ago, he was trailing in the state by double-digits, and now appears headed for a double-digit win there tonight.

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Mitt Romney Campaign Did Not Expect Tonight’s Win in Washington GOP Caucuses – Video 3/3/12

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