Rubio Effectively Avoids Question on Paying for Proposals by Attacking Rand Paul as “a Committed Isolationist” – Video 11/10/15


“Winners and Losers” from the Fox Business GOP Presidential Debate – 11/10/15

Fox Business Releases Nov. 10 GOP Debate Lineup; Christie, Huckabee Miss Main Debate by ONE POINT – Video / Lineups 11/5/15


“Winners and Losers” from the CNBC GOP Presidential Debate – 10/28/15


GOP Candidates Square Off Tonight on CNBC in Third Presidential Debate – 10/28/15

In First GOP Debate, Donald Trump Refuses to Pledge to Support Eventual GOP Nominee – Video 8/6/15

Key GOP Debate Moment: Chris Christie Destroys Rand Paul on National Security – Video 8/6/15


Winners and Losers from the First 2016 GOP Primetime Presidential Debate on Fox News – 8/6/15

Fox News Announces the Lineup for the First 2016 GOP Presidential Debate – Video 8/4/15

Chris Christie: Once on Debate Stage, doesn’t Matter if You are Number 1 or Number 10 – Video 8/2/15

John Kasich Holds Town Hall Meeting in Keene, NH with a Packed Audience – Video Report 7/31/15

Rick Santorum Complains about Fox News’ Criteria for Deciding Ten Participants in First GOP Presidential Debate – Video 6/7/15


2016 Republican Presidential Debate Schedule Released; Nine Debates Confirmed – List 1/17/15

Rush Limbaugh: “I’m Too Famous” to Moderate 2016 GOP Debates; “I’d Overshadow” Everyone – Audio 8/15/13

In case you missed it, here is complete video of last night’s CNN GOP Presidential Debate held in Mesa, Arizona. This was the 20th Debate of the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race.

Complete Video of the CNN Arizona GOP Presidential Debate – 2/22/12

Here is video from last night’s GOP Debate of Mitt Romney starting to answer CNN John King’s final question on what the “greatest misconception is” about him. When Romney did not seem to be directly answering the question, King interrupted him and repeated the question. Romney then said to King: “You know, you get to ask the questions you want, I get to give the answers I want.”

Via NewsBusters

When Interrupted by CNN’s John King, Mitt Romney Tells Him: “You Know, You Get to Ask the Questions You Want, I Get to Give the Answers I Want” – Video 2/22/12

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