Trump Signs Bi-Partisan Bill to Reopen Government; Funds Military for Two Years – 2/9/18

Trump Wins Shutdown Battle; Schumer, Dems Cave; Government to Re-open – Video 1/22/18

“Schumer Shutdown”: Democrats Shut Down U.S. Government in Behalf of Illegals – Video 1/20/18

Congress Reaches Bi-Partisan Budget Spending Deal through September 30; No Government Shutdown – Video Report 5/1/17

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks against Deal Raising Debt Ceiling, Reopening Government without Dealing with Harms of ObamaCare: “This is a Terrible Deal” – Video 10/16/13

U.S. Senate Approves Deal 81-18 to End Government Shutdown, Raise Debt Limit; House to Vote Shortly; Obama Ready to Sign Immediately – Video 10/16/13 UPDATED: House Passes Senate Deal 285-144

Sen. Ted Cruz Slams Senate Deal that Provides No Relief for Americans from the ObamaCare Nightmare; Says He Won’t Delay Vote on Senate Deal to End Shutdown – Video 10/16/13

Senators Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid Reach Deal to Reopen Government, Raise Debt Limit; Boehner Agrees for House to Pass the Plan First to Expedite Process – Video 10/16/13

House GOP Plan Collapses without Conservative Tea Party Support; Senate now Working on Deal – Videos 10/15/13


Interesting Observation: “Government Shutdown Signs” Show Obama White House Planned Shutdown “6-8 Months Ago” – 10/15/13

House Republicans Set to Move Plan to End Government Shutdown, Raise Debt Limit, that Modifies Senate Plan in the Works – Video 10/15/13

President Barack Obama

Democrat Leon Panetta Slams Obama’s Lack of Leadership in Ongoing Budget Crisis: “If Leadership is Not There, then We Govern by Crisis” – 10/14/13

Frustrated Sean Hannity: “It May be Time for a New Conservative Party in America” – Audio 10/14/13

Obama Acts Like Innocent Bystander Who Just Can’t Understand why the Government Shutdown is Happening – Video 10/14/13

Newt Gingrich has an Answer for those Predicting the Demise of the GOP: “Nuts!” – Video 10/13/13

George Will: Shutdown Mess Unlikely to have much Lasting Impact on Polls Going Forward – Video 10/11/13

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