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Last night Florida senator Marco Rubio sat down for an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren to discuss the testimony given today by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding Benghazi.

During the interview, Greta asks Rubio if he thought Clinton was “candid”.


“She tried to answer to the questions that were asked. I think time will tell, you know, time will tell whether some things she said bared out to be true or not. I mean these things have a way of flushing themselves out. To say the opposite, I’m not going to sit here and accuse the secretary of lying. I’m going to tell you I’m concerned about some of her answers. The reason why I’m concerned about some of her answers is I still do not understand how it can be that a high profile place like Libya, with the amount of dangerous situations out of there already occurred, with all the information coming into the government to the U.S., that in Libya not only was it a dangerous place – Benghazi in particular was dangerous – and that there were Islamist fundamentalist radical elements that were organizing and training in the vicinity.

Here is what I don’t believe. I don’t believe that the only people who were aware of what a bad situation it was were the mid-level people that resigned. I think it was clear from her testimony today that she as aware of how Libya was, although obviously she says that there was no way she could have known it would turn into this.

Watch the entire interview above.

Marco Rubio: I Won’t Say Hillary Clinton is Lying

Here is video of a small business owner from Ohio talking to Greta Van Susteren about the impact of ObamaCare on his business and his employees. One thing he mentioned is that his business will have to begin reporting the value of the health insurance they provide their employees on the employee’s W-2 form. He seemed to fear that eventually that would result in the employee or the employer having to pay tax on that amount of money. He said he believes the unknown, “hidden agendas” in the ObamaCare legislation are going to start appearing as ObamaCare is fully implemented, and now that the election is past. They don’t really know what that is going to bring.

Business Owner Tells Greta: “This Will be our First Year that We Will be Reporting the Value of our Employees Health Care on their W-2s” – Video 11/7/12

Here is video of Gov. Haley Barbour talking to Greta Van Susteren last night about the looming “Fiscal Cliff” and the unwillingness of President Obama and the Senate Majority Leader’s Harry Reid to pass a budget in the U.S. Senate. It’s been three years since the Senate passed a budget – which Greta characterized as them “not doing their job.”

Barbour said the best we can hope for right now is that Obama, Reid and Boehner can come up with “the outline of a framework” for a deal by year’s end, because there is no way they will be able to write and pass a tax reform bill in just six weeks.

Greta Van Susteren Slams Obama, Reid for “Not Doing their Job” on Passing a Budget for the Last Three Years; Haley Barbour Says Obama Must Lead to Deal with Looming “Fiscal Cliff” – Video 11/8/12

From Thursday night on Greta Van Susetern’s show. She talks with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton about the fact that Barack Obama’s U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, chose to not be in the hall Thursday when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his speech at the United Nations. Greta was shocked that Rice did not attend the speech.

Just one in a long line of snubs by this President and his administration against Israel.

Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Snubs Israeli Prime Minister; Attends Dinner Instead of being Present for Netanyahu Speech – Video 9/27/12

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