Heartache! Liberal Sen. Patrick Leahy Says Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Ads “Didn’t Help a Bit”; In Fact “Turned Off Some People” – Video 8/5/13


Magpul Industries to Host “Farewell to Arms” Event in Colorado; Will Give Away 1,500 30-Round Magazines on Eve of Ban

NRA Ad Hammers WV Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for Helping Obama, Bloomberg’s Gun Control Agenda – Video 6/12/13

New Ad Pushes back against “New York Billionaire” Bloomberg’s Attempt to “Tell New Hampshire What to Think” – Video 6/11/13


NJ Mom Sums Up the Role of Elected Officials in One-Minute: “It’s Not Your Job to Protect Me. . . It’s Your Job to Protect the Constitution and My Rights to Defend MYSELF!” – Video

Photo: Ammoland

Photo: Ammoland

Dem Sen. Joe Manchin: Give Us this “Background Check” Bill and We Won’t Try any other Gun-Grab Measures. Honest! – Video 5/7/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Speech to the NRA Challenges VP Joe Biden to One-Hour Debate on what would Reduce Violent Crime – Complete Video 5/3/13


A.B. Stoddard: Obama and the Democrats Will Try Gun Control again “Too Soon” and “I Don’t Think their going to make it the Second Time” – Video 5/2/13

Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Shows Off His Shooting Skills and Sums Up the Left’s Gun-Grab Agenda – Video Report 5/2/13


Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Vowing to Renew Push for Defeated Gun Control Agenda – Video 4/28/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Explains How the Obama Gun Control Agenda was Totally Defeated in the U.S. Senate – Video 4/26/13


Shocker: Boston Bombers did not Obey Gun Laws; Neither had Permit to Carry a Firearm – 4/21/13

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Confronts Sen. Dianne Feinstein on why Citizens should not be able to Protect themselves with a Gun in Cities like Boston – Video 4/21/13

Democrat U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Pulls the Gun Bill – 4/18/13


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and other Liberals Rail against Republicans for Total Defeat of Obama’s Gun-Grab Agenda – Video 4/18/13

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Does Not take Defeat of Liberals’ Anti-Gun Agenda Well – Video 4/17/13

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