Geraldo Calls 2nd Amendment “Stupid” – Video 1/8/16

New NRA Ad Mocks Hillary Clinton Gun Grab Obsession! – Video 1/1/16

Obama Press Secretary can’t give One Example of how Gun Control would have Stopped a Terrorist Attack – Video 12/10/15

Donald Trump on Paris Terrorist Attack: “Toughest Gun Laws in the World. Nobody had Guns but the Bad Guys” – Video 11/14/15

S.E. Cupp: NRA Thrilled to have Michael Bloomberg as the Face of the Gun Control Movement – Video 4/20/14

Gun-Grabber Piers Morgan Tweets that Fort Hood Shooter “WAS a Nice Guy,” then Appears to blame Shooting on the Gun – Video 4/3/14

U.S. Federal Judge Rules Chicago’s Gun Ban is Unconstitutional – Video Report 1/7/14

Obama at Navy Yard Memorial Seeks to Push Failed Gun Control Agenda Once Again – Video 9/22/13

In Gun Control Paradise of Chicago, 19 People Shot City-Wide Last Night – Video Reports 9/20/13

Juan Williams, Karl Rove Go Round-and-Round over the Left’s Push for more Gun Control – Video 9/17/13

Liberal Piers Morgan Predictably Pushes Gun-Grab Measures Following Navy Yard Shooting – Video 9/16/13

Brit Hume Reacts to “Usual Suspects'” Predictable Calls for Gun Control in Wake of Navy Yard Shooting – Video 9/16/13

O’Reilly Praises CNN Anchor for Calling Out Recalled Colorado Lawmaker for Trying to Blame “Voter Suppression” – Video 9/13/13

Awesome! CNN Anchor Calls Out Colorado Dem in Denial after being Recalled for Gun Control Support – Video 9/12/13

Two Colorado State Lawmakers Voted Out of Office in Recall Election for Anti-2nd Amendment Agenda – Video 9/11/13

Ohio Gun Control Rally Fails Miserably as 2nd Amendment Advocates Turn Out and Take Control – Video Report 9/1/13

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