Outstanding! 90-Year Old Store Owner Pulls Gun on Would-be Armed Robber: “I said, ‘I”ll Blow Your **** Brains Out, and He was Gone” – Video 1/3/14

Another example of lives saved because innocent, law-abiding people had a gun to protect themselves. This time, a 15-year old boy who protected himself, and his sister, with one of those vilified AR-15 Rifles.

H/t Poor Richard’s News via The Right Scoop

Texas 15-Year Old Protects Himself and His Sister from Home Intruders with His Dad’s AR-15 Rifle – Video Report

And another example of a law-abiding citizen using a gun to protect himself – and in this case, his baby son.

This time an Ohio man with a Concealed & Carry Permit using his handgun to shoot a man trying to rob him with a gun. The victim’s baby was nearby. You won’t hear Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or Diane Feinstein citing this case.

H/T WBNS-TV via Human Events

Report: Ohio Man Uses His Concealed & Carry Gun to Protect Himself and His Baby Son from Armed Robber – Video Report 1/8/13

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