President Obama is expected to name for GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel as his nominee to become the next Secretary of Defense. There is likely to be a contentious confirmation process in the U.S. Senate because of Hagel’s history of weak support for Israel, and his soft approach to Iran.

Obama to Name Hagel as His Nominee for Secretary of Defense; Readies for Contentious Confirmation Process – Video Report 1/7/13

Photo: Reuters

CBS News is reporting that President Obama will nominate former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel to serve as the next Secretary of Defense:

CBS NEWS: Democratic sources in the defense community and in Congress tell CBS News that President Obama will nominate former Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., to be the next secretary of defense.

The sources tell CBS they were alerted of the nomination by Obama administration officials. Two sources said the announcement could come as early as Monday.

White House officials insist President Obama has not decided on a new defense secretary or offered anyone a job.

Even so, White House officials conceded the ask-and-answer part of that dynamic is formulaic and carries with it zero suspense. . . . Read More

This past Sunday, Republican Sen. Tom Coburn said very bluntly he could not vote for confirmation of Hagel to be Secretary of Defense:

So far, questions about Hagel have centered on comments he made about Gay people many years ago. But little attention has been given to his questionable views on Israel: Chuck Hagel’s Jewish Problem.

CBS News: President Obama to Nominate Sen. Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense – 1/4/13

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