Once Again, Hamas Breaks Cease-Fire with Rocket Attacks from Gaza into Israel – Video Report 8/19/14

Hamas Terrorists Break Latest Cease-Fire with Israel; Fire Rockets from Gaza into Israeli Territory – Video Report 8/7/14

Video Shows 12 Examples of Hamas Firing Rockets from Civilian Areas in Gaza – Video 7/31/14

Israeli Defense Forces Destroy Hamas Rocket Launching Station Located in Gaza Civilian Building – Raw Video 7/18/14

Report: Hamas Breaks U.N. Cease-Fire with Rocket Attacks on Israel; Israeli Ground Invasion of Gaza “Increasingly Likely” – 7/17/14 UPDATE: Reported “Rocket” Attacks may have been “Mortar” Attacks Instead

Hamas Launches more than 80 Rocket Attacks on Israel; Israeli Official Vows to Hit Hamas Targets – Video 7/8/14

Rocket Attack Launched from Gaza into Israel on Second Day of President Obama’s Visit; Obama in Jerusalem at the Time – Video Report 3/21/13

Here is a video report from the Jerusalem Post on the situation in Tel Aviv after the rocket attack yesterday that landed close to the city. All public bomb shelters have now been opened as city residents prepare for more possible attacks launched by terrorists from Gaza.

Tel Aviv Residents Prepare for more Rocket Attacks Launched by Terrorists from Gaza – Video Report 11/16/12

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