Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson, who Worried about Guam “Tipping Over” Now Worried about “a World without Balloons” – Video 4/26/13

Democrat ‘Guam Might Tip Over’ Rep. Hank Johnson says “I Got Egg on My Face. . . more Like Manure on my Face” over Sequester – Video 3/15/13

Here is Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson actually suggesting we need a Constitutional Amendment that allows Congress to restrict Free Speech Rights of Corporations that are protected by the First Amendment!

Of course, this is the same Hank Johnson who actually suggested in a Congressional Hearing that the Island of Guam was in danger of “tipping over”:

Yet Hank Johnson just keeps running for office and continues to be re-elected.

Democrat Congressman Wants Constitutional Amendment Allowing Congress to Restrict “Free Speech Rights of Corporations” – Video

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