Corey Lewandowski Speaks out on “Hannity” after Prosecutors Drop Battery Charge; Thanks Trump for Loyalty while other GOP Candidates called for His Firing – Video 4/14/16

Dr. Ben Carson Says Radical Islamists are Following the Example Set by Muhammad – Video 11/16/15

Donald Trump Says He has No Intentions of Running as a Third Party Presidential Candidate – Video 7/27/15

Trump: Untrue that RNC Chair Reince Priebus Called to Tell Me to Tone Down My Rhetoric – Video 7/9/15

Jeb Bush: America “should be the World’s Superpower Economically,” and Foreign Policy Leader – Video 6/16/15

Liberal Tamara Holder: Michelle Obama’s “Gentle Diplomacy Trip” to China is “Obama-Speak for ‘Taxpayers are Paying for my Family Vacation'” – Video 3/21/14

Dem Strategist Tells Hannity that President Obama, “Probably Misspoke” with His “If You Like Your Plan. . . .” Guarantee – Video 11/12/13

New Billy Graham Program “My Hope America”; 95 Year-Old Billy Graham Shares the Love of God in Jesus Christ – Complete Video 11/7/13

Democrat Pollster Doug Schoen Admits It’s “Clear” Obama Did Not Tell Americans the Truth about ObamaCare – Video 11/1/13

Sen. Rand Paul Hopes to Hear “Resignation” from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Tomorrow on Capitol Hill – Video 10/29/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Senate Republicans for becoming like “an Air Force Dive-Bombing House GOP and Conservatives” in Government Shutdown Battle – Video 10/16/13

Liberal Democrat Tamara Holder on “Hannity” Compares John Boehner and Ted Cruz to Mass Murderer “John Wayne Gacy” – Video 9/26/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Reacts to Republicans Working Against Him – Video 9/23/13

Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz Explain How the Battle to Defund ObamaCare Will Unfold – Video 9/18/13

September 11 “Million Muslim March” on Washington Organizer Squares Off with Sean Hannity, Brigitte Gabriel – Video 8/15/13

Mark Levin on His New Book “The Liberty Amendments”: Progressives have Disfigured and Dismantled the Constitution – Complete Video 8/12/13

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