Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin: Harry Reid’s Leadership in the U.S. Senate Did Not Work – Video 4/20/15

Mitt Romney: Harry Reid “Isn’t Big Enough” to Admit He didn’t Tell the Truth about My Taxes – Video 4/12/15

Harry Reid Justifies 2012 Lies Against Mitt Romney with, “He didn’t Win, did He?” – Video 3/30/15

Democrat Sen. Harry Reid Announces He Will NOT Run for Re-Election to the U.S. Senate – Video 3/27/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s “Days of Hiding under Harry Reid’s Desk are Over” – Video 1/6/15

Report: Dem Sen. Harry Reid Breaks Multiple Ribs, Facial Bones in Exercise Accident – Video Report 1/2/15

UPDATE: CNN Reports Obama to Announce Amnesty Order Thursday Night during Primetime – then Head to Las Vegas. . . UPDATE: Jon Karl Says Announcement could come Thursday. . . CNBC: President Obama to make Executive Order Amnesty Announcement Friday in Las Vegas – Video Report 11/19/14

President Obama Hosts Congressional Leaders at the White House in Wake of Democrats’ Massive Election Defeat – Video 11/7/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Lowers the Boom on CBS News’ Bob Schieffer’s Govt Shutdown Jab: “Harry Reid Just Lost His Job” – Video 11/5/14

Jason Mattera Gets Roughed-up by Harry Reid Bodyguard for Asking Reid how He got so Wealthy on a Government Salary – Video 10/9/14

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Destroys Democrat Harry Reid’s Abject Hypocrisy towards the Koch Brothers – Video 10/3/14

ABC News: Democrat Sen. Harry Reid Facing Uproar over Asian Jokes at Asian Chamber of Commerce – Video 8/22/14

Sen. Harry Reid Delivers Outstanding, Unequivocal Statement in Support of Israel against Hamas – Video 7/28/14

Harry Reid Inexplicably Declares, “The Border is Secure!” – Video 7/15/14

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: “We’re Going to do Something about the Hobby Lobby Legislation We Need to Correct” – Video 7/7/14

Sen. Harry Reid Claims Democrats have No Billionaire Supporters! – Video 6/19/14

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