Boehner on White House Meeting: ‘They Will Not Negotiate’ – 10/2/13

Democrat Sen. Harry Reid: “I am Not a Criminal. I am Not a Scoundrel” – Video 10/2/13

Harry Reid on Whether Dems will Pass GOP Funding for NIH that Assists Children with Cancer: “Why would We want to Do That?” – Video 10/2/13

U.S. Senate Votes 54-46 to Kill the House’s One-Year Delay of ObamaCare – Video 9/30/13

House Republicans Gather on Steps of U.S. Capitol to Blast AWOL Harry Reid, Democrats for wanting a Government Shutdown – 9/29/13

Senate Approves Budget Bill and Strips Out Language Defunding ObamaCare – 9/27/13

Democrat Harry Reid Admits ObamaCare “Medical Device Tax” is a “Stupid Tax”; But won’t Do Anything to Stop It – Video 9/26/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Spars with Democrat Sen. Harry Reid At End of Filibuster: “I’ll Yield Time to You when You are Ready to Yield to the American People” – Video 9/25/13

Sen. Ted Cruz on Senate Floor Moves that the Senate Immediately Vote to Fund the Government and Defund ObamaCare; Democrat Harry Reid Objects – Video 9/23/13

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Determined to Force Disastrous ObamaCare Down the Throats of Americans – Video 9/23/13

Flashback 2005, 2008: Sen. Harry Reid Argues for the Wisdom of the U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule He now wants to Destroy – Videos 2005, 2008

Democrat Sen. Harry Reid Says Davey Johnson Manages “the National Mets, this Team we are so Happy to have here in Washington” – Video 7/11/13

McConnell Says Harry Reid “Will be Remembered as the Worst Leader of the Senate Ever” if He Uses the Nuclear Option to End 60-Vote Rule – Video 7/11/13

Harry Reid Invokes Late Ted Kennedy to Push Passage of Immigration Bill: “He’s Going to Smile at All of Us” – Video 6/21/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Highlights Sen. Harry Reid’s “Partisan” “Freudian Slip” on Immigration Bill – Video 6/6/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Dismantles Harry Reid with Kindness for Calling Him a “Schoolyard Bully” – Video 5/7/13

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