Longtime White House Correspondent Helen Thomas Dead at the Age of 92 – Video Report 7/20/13

Helen’s at it again.

Here is video of former White House Correspondent Helen Thomas speaking at an anti-Arab bias workshop in the Dearborn, Michigan area recently, where she once again attacked Israel and said she believes:

“Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion.”

Helen Thomas was pushed into retirement earlier this year for making anti-Semitic remarks at a White House gathering. I guess at Helen’s age, it’s too much to hope that she might learn and change.

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Helen Thomas Strikes Again: Says “Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists” – Video

In response to the news that Fox News has been given a front row seat in the W.H. briefing room, CNN’s Rick Sanchez asked, “Don’t you have to be a news organization to get that seat?” Ed Henry replied to Sanchez’ snarky question, saying, “Major Garrett, Mike Emanuel, and Wendell Gohler are all solid reporters.”

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CNN’s Rick Sanchez On Fox News Getting Front Row Seat: ‘Don’t You Have to Be A News Organization to Get That Seat?’

Here is audio from Johnny Dollar’s Place of Fox News’ White House Correspondent Major Garrett saying he fully expects that Fox News will be given the old “Helen Thomas” seat on the front row at White House Briefings and Press Conferences. Garrett said it is important to know that the White House has nothing at all to do with the decision. It is totally made by vote of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

“Helen Thomas’ seat is vacant. It’s a decision that will be made by the elected leadership of the the White House correspondents association. That election is going on now, the ballots will soon be counted. The board will be newly constituted and the board will take a vote. And I believe by every measure, by every standard of precedent, history, time in job, dedication to the beat, paying all the things that we do as a member of the pool that covers the White House and the president, all presidents, Fox deserves the seat, Fox is entitled to the seat. And I believe justice will be done and Fox will get the seat.”

It will be interesting to see if Fox News gets the seat.

Major Garrett Says Fox News “Deserves” the “Helen Thomas” Seat – Audio

Here is video of Rabbi David Nesenoff talking with “Reliable Sources” Howard Kurtz about his interview with longtime White House Correspondent Helen Thomas, in which she destroyed herself by making anti-Semitic remarks, saying Jewish people should “get the hell out of Palestine.”

Nesenoff shocked Kurtz by saying his encounter with Thomas and the reaction by the “hate media” has caused him to have to re-evaluate his assumptions. Nesenoff said he voted for Obama, and has always seen himself as a liberal, Jewish Democrat. But the way the liberal media has tried to brand him as a right-winger with an agenda to trap Helen Thomas has caused him to look at their anti-Israel bias and re-evaluate his political beliefs about “liberal” and “conservative.” “I think I’ve been a little blind.”

Rabbi Nesenoff has posted some of the 25,000 hate mails/emails he has received as a result of the whole Helen Thomas encounter at his website – RabbiLive.com (CAUTION: Very Offensive Messages).

Rabbi Who Interviewed Helen Thomas Says He Voted for Obama; Says “I’ve Been a Little Blind” about “Liberal” and “Conservative” – Video

On Don Imus’ show, Chris Wallace says it would be “poetic justice” for Fox News to receive Helen Thomas’ seat.

Chris Wallace: Would Be ‘Poetic Justice’ for Fox News to Receive Helen Thomas’ Seat

Via HotAirPundit

The Rabbi who filmed Helen Thomas’ hate speech says that he has since received over 25,000 hate e-mails. The e-mails included messages like: “I know your type you gentile hating Jew boy. Come and face me turd. I’ll smash u under my boot.” And: “Hitler was right. Time for you to go back in the oven.”

Rabbi Who Filmed Helen Thomas Says He’s Received Over 25,000 Hate E-Mails

On The O’Reilly Factor, Bernie Goldberg reacts to Helen Thomas’ retirement after her years of controversial comments.

Goldberg said he doesn’t like seeing people lose their job from controversial statements, but he added that he “won’t lose any sleep over this one.”

Goldberg also said, “Let me assure you that what she said is said on a regular basis at our most elite universities by left-wing intellectuals all the time.” Goldberg called it the “ultimate irony” that “Helen Thomas is taking the advice that she gave the Israelis, she’s getting the hell out and going home, and I don’t feel bad about that.”

Bernie Goldberg Says Helen Thomas ‘Is Taking the Advice That She Gave the Israelis, She’s Getting the Hell Out and Going Home’

Here is how the Drudge Report is headlining news that Helen Thomas has retired, ending her career as a member of the White House Press Corps – “Helen Sent to Poland.”

That is a reference to Thomas telling a Rabbi in an interview at a White House “Jewish Heritage Celebration,” that Jews need to “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to “Poland and Germany.”

It’s ironic that a woman who lived by the headline is skewered by one to end her long career.

Drudge Report Headline on Helen Thomas Retirement

89 year-old Helen Thomas – the “Dean of the White House Press Corps” – has announced her retirement from the Hearts Corporation, ending her 57-year career as a member of the White House Press Corps:

Politico: In the world of political journalism, it’s the end of an era: Helen Thomas has retired just months shy of her 90th birthday.

The longtime White House journalist has covered ever president since Dwight Eisenhower and broke several barriers for female journalists but stepped down from her latest role — a columnist for Hearst Newspapers — in the wake of controversial remarks made in late May about the need for Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” and return to Poland and Germany.

“Helen Thomas announced Monday that she is retiring, effective immediately,” read a statement from Hearst Newspapers on Monday. “Her decision came after her controversial comments about Israel and the Palestinians were captured on videotape and widely disseminated on the Internet.”

Thomas said in a statement that, “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.’’ . . . Read More

Helen Thomas Retires After 57-Years as Member of the White House Press Corps

BREAKING: Fox News is reporting that Helen Thomas has announced her retirement effective immediately from the Hearst Corporation and as a member of the White House Press Corps.

In the video above, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today called anti-Jewish remarks by Helen Thomas “reprehensible”:

“I think those remarks were offensive and reprehensible. I think she should and has apologized. Obviously those remarks do not reflect the opinion, certainly, I assume, of most of the people in here, and certainly not of the administration.”

BREAKING: Helen Thomas Announces Retirement; Robert Gibbs Calls Remarks “Reprehensible” – Video

Here is video of Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary, saying he believes Helen Thomas has “crossed all lines, all boundries” with her anti-Jewish remarks made to a Rabbi who interviewed her at the White House recently on the occasion of a Jewish Heritage Celebration. Thomas said in the interview that Jews should, “Get the hell out of Palestine,” and “go home” to “Poland and Germany.” Two Jewish teens were with the Rabbi in front of Thomas when she made the remarks.

Fleischer was interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon, who seemed to be defending Thomas. Lemon asked if the fact Thomas has “broken down many barriers for women should count for something?” Fleischer responded to Lemon by saying, “Could you imagine the uproar there would be if somebody said all blacks should leave America and go home to Africa? They would have already lost their jobs.”

Fleischer flatly said that the Hearst Corporation “should not continue to employ her.” Unbelievably, Lemon actually asked Fleischer during the interview if he “sensed any bias” in Helen Thomas when he worked with her!

Do you agree with Fleischer? Register in Freedom’s Forums and vote in our Helen Thomas Poll.

Ari Fleischer on Helen Thomas: “Could You Imagine if Somebody Said All Blacks Should Go Home to Africa?” – Video 6/6/10

Here is video of Rabbi David Nesenoff on “Fox and Friends” this morning to talk about his encounter with Israel-hating White House Correspondent Helen Thomas. Nesenoff is the Rabbi who interviewed Thomas at a White House Event celebrating Jewish Heritage where Thomas said Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine,” and also said Jews should “go home” to “Poland and Germany.”

Nesenoff said his initial reaction to Thomas’ remarks was “Whoa,” because he had “two teenage impressionable young men” with him, both of whom were wearing skull caps. Thomas has since said she “regrets” the remarks.

Nesenoff said “it’s time” for Helen Thomas to go, and “it’s really disgusting for her” to continue as a member of the White House Press Corps. “She showed her colors,” the Rabbi said.

Rabbi Nesenoff is right. The revelation that she not only said these things, but did it deliberately in the presence of two Jewish teens (wearing skull caps) shows just how vile Helen Thomas has become in her hatred of Israel. As the Rabbi said, it’s time for her to go.

Jewish Rabbi Reveals Helen Thomas Remarks Made in Front of Two Jewish Teens; “It’s Time for Her to Go” – Video

Here is video of Helen Thomas, longtime member of the White House Press Corps, giving her unvarnished hate-filled view on Israel. When asked if she had a message for Israel on May 27 – which was the occasion of a Jewish Heritage Celebration at the White House – Thomas said:

“Get the hell out of Palestine. Remember these people are occupied, and it’s their land.”

When asked where they should go, she said, “Go home.” And where is “home” for the Jews according to Helen? “Poland and Germany.”

Helen Thomas has been the “crazy aunt in the basement” institution of the White House Press Corps for decades. She has been tolerated because of her longevity. But it is time for her to go. Her employer should be made to answer whether her statements represent their views. If not, then why is she still representing them at the White House?

NOTE: Palestine is “home” to the Jewish people – Long before it was home to anyone else.

Helen Thomas Says Jewish People Should “Get the Hell Out of Palestine” – Video

Helen Thomas rails about the White House’s response to what she calls the flotilla “massacre.” Because of her hatred for Israel, Thomas believes the White House should have condemned Israel’s actions.
“Our initial reaction to a massacre, deliberate massacre, an international crime, was pitiful. What do you mean regret, when something should be so strongly condemned? And if any other nation in the world had done it we would have been up in arms. What is this ironclad relationship with a country that deliberately kills people and boycotts every aid and abet.”

Helen Thomas Rants to Robert Gibbs About What She Calls the Flotilla ‘Massacre’

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