Rush Limbaugh on how much GOP should Worry about Hillary in 2016: “Not very. . . The Hype Finally is Over” – Video 12/7/14

Dem Strategist Donna Brazile: “Hillary has a Hard Road” to Presidency – Video 11/9/14


Sen. Claire McCaskill Endorses Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 – 6/18/13

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Discuss the Media’s “Mania” for a Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run – Video 4/7/13

GOP Strategist Alex Castellanos: “Hillary Clinton is Not the Future of the Democratic Party”; Not Likely to be the 2016 Presidential Nominee – Video 3/10/13

I think there is little doubt Hillary Clinton is going to run for President in 2016 if there’s any way she possibly can.

Hillary Clinton Says Her Health “Doesn’t Factor in at All” in Decision on 2016 Run – Video 1/29/13

Here is video of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on “Meet the Press” yesterday where he said if Hillary Clinton is the 2016 Democratic Candidate for President, “the Republican Party of today is incapable of competing at that level.”

Gingrich went on to say that the GOP must start by not conceding 47% of the electorate to the Democrats, though he qualified that by saying he was not blaming Mitt Romney entirely for the 2012 Presidential defeat:

“I think this is much more than Mitt Romney. We didn’t blow it because of Mitt Romney. We blew it because of a party which has refused to engage the reality of American life and refused to think through what the average American needs for a better future.”

Newt Gingrich: Current Republican Party “Incapable of Competing” with a 2016 Hillary Clinton Run for President – Video 12/9/12

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