Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Pushed to Admit DNC, Hillary Campaign were Wrong to Not Admit they Paid for the Anti-Trump Dossier – Video 2/4/18

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: “That’s Just Not Right” that Hillary Campaign Chair Told Congress they Didn’t Pay for Fake “Trump Dossier” – Video 10/26/17

Sore-Loser Clinton Campaign Operatives put on Pathetic Display by Shouting at Trump Operatives at Harvard Election Postmortem – Audio 12/1/16

Foreshadowing: Stage Backdrop Collapses at Hillary Clinton Event – Video 9/10/15

Reince Priebus Reacts to NYT’s Breathless Hit-piece on Marco Rubio’s Driving Record – Video 6/5/15

Larry Sabato: Hillary Clinton Acts like She is “Allergic to the Press” and to “Real People” – Video 6/3/15

AP Reporter Julie Pace Confirms that Hillary Clinton’s Canned Events are with “Pre-Selected, Pre-Screened” Supporters – Video 5/22/15

NYT’s Confessore: Hillary Campaign Like “Watching an Armored Car Drive through Iowa” – Video 5/18/15

Hillary Clinton Dodges Questions about Explosive New Book Detailing Clinton Foundation accepting Donations from Foreign Entities for favorable Policy from Hillary Clinton State Dept. – Video Report 4/20/15

Dem Strategist on First Week of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign: “It’s Just been Horrible” – Video 4/19/15

Reporter: Hillary Clinton Cruised Right on by “Elderly People in Wheelchairs” Waiting for Her in Iowa – Video 4/17/15

Liberal Eugene Robinson Calls Hillary Clinton’s Avoidance of Contact with Average Voters, “Control Freakishness” – Video 4/17/15

Time Reporter: Hillary Clinton did not use “Best Practices” in which Emails to Delete; Already Dissension among Clinton Operatives – Video 3/13/15

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