Hillary Clinton Dodges Question on whether She Supports Arming of Military Recruiters – Video 7/31/15

Hillary Clinton does Nothing to Refute Questioner who Claims Israel is Practicing “Apartheid” – Video 7/28/15

New Web Ad Hammers Hillary Clinton for Refusing to Give Her View on the Keystone XL Pipeline – Video 7/28/15

Hillary Clinton Campaign Lowering Expectations; Says Bernie Sanders “Could Win Iowa and NH” – Video 7/28/15

New John Kasich Ad: Hillary and the Democrats are Most Worried about John Kasich Winning the GOP Nomination – Video 7/25/15

Judge Jeanine Pirro Blasts Hillary Clinton: “You can’t Believe Her, So why even Think about Voting for the Woman?” – Video 7/25/15

Big Trouble for Hillary: Inspectors General Ask for Criminal Probe of Handling of Classified Material – Video 7/24/15

Leftist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio won’t Endorse Socialist Bernie Sanders; Doesn’t Endorse Hillary, but does Praise Her – Video 7/23/15

Clinton Aide Lays Disastrous Nuclear Deal with Iran at Hillary’s Feet – Video 7/14/15

Jonathan Allen: Hillary Clinton was “Terrible” in Her Only National Interview – Video 7/12/15

Heartache: Jimmy Carter Says Bernie Sanders has “Inherited Elizabeth Warren’s Mantle” – Video 7/9/15

Donald Trump: “Hillary Clinton was the Worst Secretary of State in U.S. History” – Video 7/8/15

Hillary Clinton does First Sit-Down Interview Since Announcing for President – Complete Video 7/7/15

Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest Pressed on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal – Video 7/6/15

Leftist Sally Kohn: Hillary Clinton’s Roping (“Wrangling”) of the Press was “Just Awful” – Video 7/6/15

Hillary Clinton Campaign Treats Reporters like “Penned Off Farm Animals” – Video 7/5/15

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