“Morning Joe” Crew Shocked at Hillary Clinton Leaving Iowa to Raise Money at a Big Investment Bank – Video 1/28/16

Hillary Clinton has Another Major Coughing Fit while Speaking in Iowa – Video 1/25/16

Dem Sen. Jeanne Shaheen won’t Answer Questions about Hillary Clinton’s Lavish Speaking Fees from Big Banks and Others – Video 1/22/16

Marco Rubio makes the Case that He is the GOP Candidate Who can Defeat Hillary Clinton – Video 1/21/16

Hillary Clinton can’t Articulate what the Message of Her Campaign Is; Essentially wants to be Obama’s Third Term – Video 1/15/16

Hillary Clinton Tries to Pander with Emotional Answer to Question about “White Privilege” – Video 1/11/16

Joe Scarborough Hammers Hillary Clinton’s Role in Trying to Destroy the Women who Accused Bill Clinton of Sexual Abuse or Harassment – Video 1/11/16

Hillary Clinton Says She Never Ordered Classified Information to be Sent “Nonsecure” – But Her Email Says Otherwise – Video 1/10/16

Rape Survivor Tries to Ask Hillary Clinton Questions at Town Hall; Dismissed as “Very Rude”; Questions Why She won’t Listen to Bill’s Accusers – Video 1/3/16

Trump: “Hillary Clinton Created ISIS with Obama” – Video 1/2/16

Liberal Media Report Trump Clip Used in New Islamic Radical Recruitment Video; Leave out that Hillary, Black Lives Matter also Used! – Video 1/2/16

Ted Cruz Skewers Hillary Clinton and the Democrats with Humor; Calls Americans to Rise Up and Save the Nation – Video 1/1/16

Roger Stone: Trump is Going After Hillary Clinton for “Her Abuse of Women” who Accused Bill Clinton – Video 12/28/15

Trump Holds Huge Rally in Nashua, NH; Says He will be Hillary Clinton’s “Worst Nightmare” – Complete Video 12/28/15

Mark Steyn: Trump vs. Hillary would be a “No Rules, Extreme Election”; Trump will Go There – Audio 12/24/15

Trump Interviewed by Greta Van Susteren; Says He has not Even Started to Go After Hillary Clinton – Video 12/23/15

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