Susan Page does Not see a “Bush-Clinton” Race in 2016 – Video 3/15/15

Gawker’s John Cook: Hillary Clinton’s Email Excuses are “Preposterous” and “Insulting”; Behavior is “Nixonian” – Video

Heilemann: Hillary Clinton wanted Power to Decide what Emails others would See and to Destroy the Rest – Video 3/15/15

Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal “has Legs, has Long Legs” – Video 3/13/15

Time Reporter: Hillary Clinton did not use “Best Practices” in which Emails to Delete; Already Dissension among Clinton Operatives – Video 3/13/15

State Department won’t say whether Hillary Clinton filled out Required Federal Form when she Left Office – Video 3/12/15

State Department’s Jen Psaki Gets Defensive when Questioned about Security of Hillary Clinton’s Blackberry – Video 3/12/15

Obama White House won’t Guarantee Hillary Clinton Did Not Improperly Delete Work-Related Emails – Video 3/11/15

Dem Sen. Barbara Boxer Serves Up Sound Bite for 2016 Ads against Hillary: “If You Don’t Believe Her, Don’t Vote for Her” – Video 3/11/15

Joe Scarborough, “Morning Joe” Crew Mock Hillary Clinton’s Press Conference Email Defense – Video 3/11/15

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Press Conference; Hillary says She Will NOT Turn over Server for Examination – Complete Video 3/10/15


Report: Hillary Clinton to Address Email Scandal this Afternoon Following UN Speech; UPDATE: UN Speech Scheduled for 1:30 PM EDT – 3/10/15

Ron Fournier: Sources close to the Clintons say to “Follow the Money” on Hillary’s Email Scandal – Video 3/9/15

Juan Williams Tries to Dismiss Hillary Clinton Email Scandal as Republican Hysteria – Video 3/8/15

Mark Halperin: Hillary Clinton “No Longer the Most Likely” Candidate to Win the Presidency in 2016 – Video 3/8/15

“Saturday Night Live” Spoofs the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal – Video 3/7/15

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