“Morning Joe”: Hillary Clinton “Terrorist” Attack on Republicans Looks “Desperate” – Video 8/28/15

Desperate Hillary Clinton Likens GOP Candidates to Terrorists – Video 8/27/15

David Gergen: 2016 Voters “are Looking for Change,” and Democrats are Not Offering Change – Video 8/25/15

Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle: “The White House has a Candidate and His Name is Joe Biden” – Video 8/25/15

Kentucky Dem Rep. John Yarmuth: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal “Could Upend Her Campaign” – Video 8/22/15

Morning Joe Crew Mocks Hillary Clinton’s “Orange Jumpsuit”; “Why is She Dressing like Mao Tse-tung?” – Video 8/21/15

Hillary Clinton Apologist Donna Brazile in Denial on Email Scandal: “It’s Going to be over Soon” – Video 8/19/15

“Morning Joe” Crew in Disbelief at Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Downward Spiral – Video 8/19/15

Fox News’ Ed Henry Puts Hillary Clinton on the Spot about whether She Wiped Her Server Clean: “Like with a Cloth?” – Video 8/18/15

Report: Hillary Clinton telling Supporters, “Don’t Wet the Bed” over Her Email Scandal – Video 8/18/15

Mark Halperin: Hillary’s Joke about Her Email Scandal “Will go Down in History as a Big Mistake” – Video 8/17/15

“Draft Joe Biden” Momentum is Building as Hillary Grows Weaker – Video 8/16/15

Trey Gowdy: “As Her Poll Numbers Tank,” Hillary cannot Blame GOP for Her Email Scandal – Video 8/16/15

ABC News’ Jon Karl: Hillary’s Email Scandal Creating an Opening for a Democratic Challenger – Video 8/16/15

Meet the Press Panel: Hillary Trying to Blame Email Scandal on “Partisan Attacks” just “Does Not Ring True” – Video 8/16/15

Hillary Clinton Jokes about Her Email Scandal: “I Love” Snapchat – “Those Messages Disappear all by Themselves” – Video 8/15/15

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