Hillary Clinton Will Not say We are at War with “Radical Islam” – Video 11/14/15

Facepalm: Hillary Clinton Supporters in Favor of Expanding “Sharia Law” in America – Video 11/2/15

“Black Lives Matter” Protesters Interrupt Hillary Clinton Rally; Hillary tries to Pander to Them – Video 10/30/15

Chuck Todd calls out Elijah Cummings and Democrats for Shielding Hillary Clinton at Benghazi Hearing – Video 10/25/15

Rubio Slams Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Failures as Secretary of State – Video 10/22/15

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Defends Hillary Clinton by Blaming Ambassador Chris Stevens for Putting Himself in Danger – Video 10/22/15

Trey Gowdy Angers Hillary Clinton by Pointing out Previous Benghazi Investigations did Not have Access to Her Emails – Video 10/22/15

Hillary Clinton has Major Coughing Fit during Benghazi Testimony – Video 10/22/15

Hillary Clinton Forced to Admit Amb. Chris Stevens did Not have access to her Personal Email – Video 10/22/15

Rep. Jim Jordan Destroys Hillary Clinton’s Lie that the Benghazi Attack was Due to a Video – Video 10/22/15

Biden Takes Shot at Hillary after Saying He Will Not Run for President: “Republicans are Not our Enemies” – Video 10/21/15

Krauthammer on Dem Nomination Race: “It’s Over”; Hillary will be Nominated Barring an Indictment – Video 10/14/15


Winners and Losers from the First 2016 Democratic Presidential Debate – 10/13/15

Hillary Supporter in Iowa: “Who Cares?” about the Email Scandal and Benghazi – Video 10/6/15

Hillary Clinton Unable to Deal with Email Discrepancy on “Meet the Press” – Video 9/27/15

Chuck Todd Reacts with Disbelief at Hillary Clinton’s Tanking Poll Numbers in New Hampshire – Video 9/25/15

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