Trump Campaign: It is “Necessary” to Hit back Hard at the Cut-throat Clintons – Video 5/24/16

Morning Joe: FBI Investigation into Clinton Crony, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, “Very Bad for Democrats and the Clintons” – Video 5/24/16

Uh-Oh! Donald Trump Raises the Mysterious Death of Clinton Lawyer Vince Foster in 1993


Trump Zings Hillary on Promise to put Bill in Charge of the Economy: “Will He Bring the ‘Energizer’ to D.C.?” – 5/17/16

Trump Warns Hillary He will Raise Bill Clinton’s Infidelities during Debates this Fall – Video Report 5/17/16

Cal Thomas: When will the New York Times Report on Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Salacious Past? – Video 5/16/16


Utah Poll: Trump Extends Lead over Clinton to 13 Points (5/2-10/16)


AJC Georgia Poll: Trump Leads Clinton by Four Points (5/9-12/16)

Judge Jeanine Pirro “Opening Statement”: “Hillary Clinton cannot be President of the United States” – Video 5/14/16

Shock Poll: Trump Beats Hillary Among Hispanic Voters 55%-45% – Video Report 5/11/16

Carville Acknowledges Hillary’s High Negatives; Says Campaign will Work on that this Summer – Video 5/12/16

CBS News’ Major Garrett: “It is a Surprise to Me” that Trump already Running Close to Hillary Clinton in Key Swing States – Video 5/10/16

Donald Trump Hammers Hillary on the 2nd Amendment: “Hillary Clinton wants to take Your Guns Away” – Video 5/7/16

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Desperate to get Trump to Not Talk about Hillary’s Enabling of Bill’s Exploitation of Women – Video 5/9/16

Hilarious: Hillary Yells at Crowd that We need to Stop Yelling so Much! – Video 5/5/16

Donald Trump: Hillary is an “Enabler” of Bill Clinton’s Serial Abuse of Women; Led Effort to Destroy the Lives of Female Accusers – Video 5/7/16

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