Rush Limbaugh Laughs at Leftist Outrage over Trump Retweet of Golf GIF Hitting Hillary Clinton! – Audio 9/18/17

Bitter Hillary blaming “Millions of White People” for Her 2016 Election Loss – Video 9/10/17

Trump Presser: “I’m Not Dismissing (Mueller)”; “I Won because I was a Better Candidate” – Video 8/10/17

Sore Loser Hillary Clinton Now Blaming Fellow Democrats for Election Loss; DNC Data Analysts Fire Back – Video 5/31/17

Pathetic Hillary Clinton Blames Her Election Defeat on FBI Director James Comey and Wikileaks – Video 5/2/17

Nashville Crowd Roars as Trump says, “Fortunately it will Not be Hillary-She” as President; Crowd Chants “Lock Her Up!” – Video 3/15/17

President Trump Recognizes and Thanks Bill and Hillary Clinton for Attending His Inauguration – Video 1/20/17

Flashback: Watch CBS News’ Complete Coverage of Trump’s Victory in the 2016 Presidential Election – Complete Video 11/8/16

Dem Rep John Yarmuth: Hillary Clinton Lost because “We failed to be Empathetic” to Plight of Lots of People “Who used to be Democrats” – Video 11/19/16

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Lost because Millions of White Working Class Voters don’t think Dems Stand with them Anymore – Video 11/14/16

Hillary Clinton Delivers Concession Speech after Donald Trump’s Victory in the 2016 Presidential Election – Video 11/9/16

Watch MSNBC Announce that Hillary Clinton Called to Concede the Election to Donald Trump – Video 11/9/16

Narcissist Obama: I Know Voting for Hillary is Not “Inspiring” like Voting for Me was in 2008 and 2012 – Video 11/6/16

Trump Slams “Phony” Hillary for Praising Jay Z’s Gutter Language at Hillary Event – Video 11/5/16

Going High? Hillary Screams that Trump Supporters are “Dark, Divisive, and Dangerous” – Video 11/2/16

Bombshell: Bret Baier Reports FBI Sources Say “Likely Indictment” in Hillary Clinton “Pay-to-Play” Foundation Scandal unless Obstructed by DOJ – Video 11/2/16

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