Carly Fiorina Speech at CPAC 2015; Hammers Hillary; Defends Israel and Netanyahu – Video 2/26/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Jabs Hillary at CPAC 2015 Speech; Urges Reassembling the “Reagan Coalition” – Video 2/26/15

Oh the Irony: David Axelrod Slams “Cult of Personality” Growing Up around Hillary Clinton! – Video 2/24/15

Robert Gibbs: Hillary Clinton has had a “Slow-Roll of Concerning Headlines” Since Last Year – Video 2/22/15

New RNC Ad Casts Hillary Clinton as “Obama’s Third Term” – Video 2/10/15

Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski believe Elizabeth Warren should Challenge Hillary Clinton for 2016 Dem Nomination – Video 2/9/15

Van Jones: The Name “on the Lips of Every Grassroots Democrat” is Elizabeth Warren – Video 2/8/15

Former Obama Campaign Guru Jim Messina on Hillary: “It’s Her Turn” – Video 2/2/15

Gov. Scott Walker: Hillary Clinton Part of the Tired, Top-down Washington Establishment – Video 2/1/15

Mark Halperin: “Clinton Insiders are Worried about Jeb Bush” – Video 1/18/15

Dem Strategist Donna Brazile: Hillary Clinton is “Not Inevitable” as Democrat Nominee in 2016 – Video 12/28/14

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Reviews Hillary Clinton’s Rough 2014 – Video 12/28/14

College Students Shocked to Find out How Old Hillary Clinton is; How Long since She Drove a Car? – Video 12/15/14

Here are the Enemies with whom Hillary Clinton thinks We Need to show “Respect and Empathy” – Video 12/9/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Hillary Clinton’s “Empathize” with our Enemies Remark: “That Woman is Not Fit to be President. . .She’s Demented”

Rush Limbaugh on how much GOP should Worry about Hillary in 2016: “Not very. . . The Hype Finally is Over” – Video 12/7/14

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