Top Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Splitting from Anthony Weiner as yet Another “Sexting Scandal” Surfaces – Video 8/29/16

CNN Upset Donald Trump “Dredges Up” the Actual Words of Hillary Clinton about Young, Black Americans – Video 8/27/16

New Trump Ad Reminds Voters Hillary Clinton Referred to Young, African-Americans as “Super Predators”


Hillary Clinton Drops Scorched Earth Ad on Trump Essentially Saying He is Part of the KKK – Video 8/25/16

Paul Begala Tries to Defend Hillary Clinton from Widening “Pay-for-Play” Scandal – Video 8/24/16

John Heilemann: “The Clinton Foundation is a Huge Problem” for Hillary Clinton – Video 8/23/16

Colin Powell Slams Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Defense: “Her People are Trying to Pin it on Me” – Video Report 8/22/16


Rudy Giuliani: Hillary Clinton “Looks Tired”; “She Looks Sick. . . ” – Video 8/22/16

CBS News’ John Dickerson Asks Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook why She hasn’t done a Press Conference in 260 Days! – Video 8/21/16

Hillary Clinton Shill Dismisses Email Scandals to Her “Operating at a very High Level” – Video 8/17/16

Donald Trump Delivers Major Speech Defining the Choice Facing Americans: Corrupt Insider Hillary, or and Outsider Ready to Fight for Every American – Complete Video 8/16/16

CNN’s John King: Hillary’s Email Scandals are “a Flashing Red Light” – Video 8/15/16

Bill Clinton Calls FBI Director Finding on Hillary’s “Careless” Actions with Classified Info “the Biggest Load of Bull” – Video 8/12/16

GOP VP Nominee Mike Pence Calls for Investigation of Hillary Clinton “Pay-for-Play” Scandal – Video 8/14/16

Goofball Clinton Surrogate Calls Multiple Hillary Clinton Email Scandals “a Republican Ploy” – Video 8/12/16

Incredible Compilation Video Shows Off-the-Scale Bias by CNN, MSNBC in Favor of Hillary Clinton; Active Defense of Her – Video

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