Tantaros: Carly Fiorina “Very Shrewd” in How She is Going After Hillary Clinton – Video 5/29/15

Report: Hillary Clinton “Slept Through Meeting” to Brief Her on Benghazi Four Days after 2012 Terrorist Attack – Video 5/22/15

AP Reporter Julie Pace Confirms that Hillary Clinton’s Canned Events are with “Pre-Selected, Pre-Screened” Supporters – Video 5/22/15

New Web Ad Features Hillary Clinton Phone Message to Convicted Felon Pyramid Scammer: “Lots of Love” – 5/20/15

Jeb Bush Turns the Tables on Obama, Hillary: Asks “Why didn’t You Leave 10,000 Troops in Iraq” to Preserve the U.S. Victory? – Video 5/20/15

Hillary Clinton Runs from Question about Her having Deleted “32,000 Emails” – Video 5/19/15

Democrat Focus Group in Iowa unable to Name a Single Hillary Clinton Accomplishment as Sec. of State – Video 5/19/15

Hillary Clinton Flushed out to Answer a Few Questions at Staged Campaign Event – Video 5/19/15

NYT’s Confessore: Hillary Campaign Like “Watching an Armored Car Drive through Iowa” – Video 5/18/15

NYT’s Jeff Zeleny: Hillary Clinton cannot Run Away from the Media “that Much Longer” – Video 5/18/15

Compilation Video: ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos Repeatedly Chimes in to Defend Hillary – Video 5/15/15

Rubio on Hillary Clinton: U.S. can’t Afford another 8 Years of a “Soap Opera” – Video 5/13/15

Ron Fournier: Hillary Clinton Campaign Actually Believes “Trust” is Not Important in the 2016 Election – Video 5/13/15

Report: Clinton Foundation Tries to “Strong-Arm” Charity Watch Dog into Removing “Poor Rating” as Hillary Enters Presidential Race – Video 5/11/15

WAPO Columnist Ruth Marcus on Carly Fiorina: “We wouldn’t be taking her Seriously if She weren’t a Woman” – Video 5/10/15

Kathleen Parker: “Oh, I think we have a Stormy Season Ahead for Hillary Clinton” – Video 5/10/15

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