Rush Limbaugh: Trump will Beat Hillary Clinton “Badly”; “It could be Landslide Proportions” – Audio 5/4/16

Trump on Hillary Clinton: “If She was a Man, I don’t think She’d get Five Percent of the Vote” – Video 4/26/16

Hillary has Yet Another Coughing Attack – Video 4/24/16

Bernie Sanders won’t Disavow Supporter Invoking Monica Lewinsky to Attack Hillary Clinton – Video 4/24/16

Donald Trump does Great Impression of “Crooked Hillary Clinton!” – Video 4/23/16

Recap: Trump, Clinton Post Big Victories in New York – Video 4/19/16

Hillary Clinton has Another Coughing Fit on Radio Show; Says She Eats Lots of “Hot Sauce”; Told, “That’s Why You’re Coughing”. . . – Video 4/18/16

Hillary Clinton Dodges on Why She won’t Release Transcripts of Her Wall Street Speeches – Video 4/17/16

Democrat Strategist: “Forty-Percent of Bernie Supporters Won’t Vote for Hillary in the General; Many Will Vote for Trump Instead – Video 4/15/16

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement: A very Real Chance Hillary Clinton Will NOT Win in November – Video 4/16/16

Hillary Clinton Attacks Donald Trump; Wants to make Sure World Knows He Speaks for Himself – Video 4/16/16

Hillary Clinton Now Apologizing for the 1994 Crime Bill that Put Criminals Away – Video 4/14/16

Hillary Clinton Defends Her Support for Raising the Minimum Wage – Video 4/10/16

Hillary Laughs Off Chance She will End up in “Handcuffs” over Email Scandal – Video 4/8/16

Hillary on Open Mic Tells Supporter, “We’ve Got to Get the Energy Going” – Video 4/5/16

Report: Prosecutor who Filed Charges against Trump Campaign Manager is a Hillary Supporter – 3/30/16

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