GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Hillary Clinton “Yelled” at Member of Congress Two Days after Benghazi Attack for Suggesting it was a Terrorist Attack – Video 8/16/13

RNC Votes to Not Partner with CNN or NBC on 2016 GOP Presidential Debates if they Air Hillary Miniseries – Video 8/16/13

Flashback 2007: Barack Obama on SNL wore a Mask of Himself to Mock Hillary Clinton – Video 11/5/2007

Hillary Clinton in Speech Botches the Name of Civil Rights Hero – Video 8/12/13

New RNC Ad: Hillary’s “What Difference Does it Make” Benghazi Remark Not Likely Part of CNN, NBC Films – Video 8/12/13

Donald Trump Says His Net Worth is “Probably Over $10 Billion”; If He Runs for President in 2016, “I’d Spend Whatever it Took” – Video 8/11/13

Flashback: Sen. Rand Paul Grills Hillary Clinton on possible CIA Gun-running Activity at Benghazi Annex – Video 1/22/13


Report: NBC’s “All-Hail Hillary” Mini-series will Conveniently Leave out Many Past Scandals – 7/29/13

Hillary Clinton: “I Really do Hope we have a Woman President in My Lifetime” – Video 6/21/13


Sen. Claire McCaskill Endorses Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 – 6/18/13

Jay Carney: Not Aware of a Deal between Obama and Clinton to Support Hillary 2016 – Videos 6/3/13

Could Hillary Clinton challenge President Obama in 2012?

Poll: Hillary Clinton Approval Rating Drops Dramatically in Wake of Benghazi Scandal – 5/31/13

Mother of Slain American in Benghazi wishes Hillary Clinton “Happy Mother’s Day”: “She’s Got Her Child. I Don’t have Mine, because of Her” – Video 5/11/13

Sen. Rand Paul in Iowa Decimates Hillary Clinton on Benghazi: “It was a Dereliction of Duty and it should Preclude Her from Holding Higher Office” – Video 5/10/13

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Discuss the Media’s “Mania” for a Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run – Video 4/7/13

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Flashback to 2004: Hillary Clinton Declared “The Fundamental Bedrock Principle that (Marriage) Exists between a Man and a Woman” – Video

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