Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest Pressed on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal – Video 7/6/15

Leftist Sally Kohn: Hillary Clinton’s Roping (“Wrangling”) of the Press was “Just Awful” – Video 7/6/15

Hillary Clinton Campaign Treats Reporters like “Penned Off Farm Animals” – Video 7/5/15

John Heilemann: Hillary should be Worried that Bernie Sanders is Drawing Crowds of 10,000-15,000 People – Video 7/2/15

Al Sharpton Says Bernie Sanders Campaign Represents “Popularism” as Sanders Draws 10,000 People to Wisconsin Rally – Video 7/2/15

NBC News: Obama White House DID Know about Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server – Video 7/1/15

Leftist Lawrence O’Donnell Slams Hillary on Private Email Server: “An Absolutely Unacceptable Choice from the Start” – Video 6/30/15

Ron Fournier: Obama White House must be “Complicit” in Hillary Clinton Email “Rule-Breaking” and “Lack of Transparency” – Video 6/29/15

CNN’s Gloria Borger: People Just can’t Accept Hillary as Someone who Understands their Problems – Video 6/28/15

Flashback 2002: Hillary Clinton said, “NO” to New York Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages – Video 2002

Bernie Sanders Hammers Hillary for Taking No Position on Trade Authority Bill – Video 6/24/15

Hillary Releases New Ad Praising Gay Marriage; In 2004 She was Appalled that Anyone Questioned Her Commitment to Traditional Marriage – Videos

Evan Thomas Compares Hillary Clinton to Richard Nixon: “She sees Enemies Everywhere”; Same Qualities of Suspicion and Scandal – Video 6/23/15

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Tries to Dismiss Growing Enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders – Video 6/22/15

Former Clinton Cabinet Member called Bill and Hillary Clinton “Paranoid”: “They think People are Out to Get Them” – Audio 1990’s

Donald Trump Responds to “Queen” Hillary’s Attack on His Vow to Build a Strong Border with Mexico – Audio 6/22/15

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