Watch: Did Andrea Mitchell Ask Hillary Clinton a Softball Question Passed to Her by a Hillary Staffer? – Video 10/20/16

Donald Trump Responds to Hillary Attack: “Such a Nasty Woman” – Video 10/19/16

Complete Video – Third and Final Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate – 10/19/16

Donald Trump: “It’s Time to Drain the Swamp in Washington”; Proposes Ethics Reform Package – Ban on Govt Officials becoming Lobbyists – Video 10/17/16

Laura Ingraham: If Republicans would Stop Attacking Trump and Focus on Hillary’s Corruption, She can be Defeated! – Video 10/17/16

Admiral John Kirby: “Of Course” Military Personnel “would be Held to Account” if they Handled Classified Info the way Hillary Clinton Did – Video 10/18/16

Donald Trump: Hillary “has to Go to Jail” for “Deleting the Emails” – Video 10/12/16

Trump in FL: “Believe me, the Last Space I want to Invade is Her (Hillary’s) Space” – Video 10/12/16

Report: Hillary Clinton Revealed Classified Information during Speech to Canadian Business Leaders – Video 10/11/16

Hillary Clinton Interrupted by “Bill Clinton’s a Rapist” Protester – Video 10/11/16

Trump Riffs on Bill Clinton’s ObamaCare Criticism: “Can you Imagine when He walked Home. . . Oh did He Suffer!” – Video 10/5/16

Protester at Bill Clinton Ohio Rally Holds Sign saying, “Bill Clinton a Rapist”; Bill says, “Don’t worry about that. . . ” – Video 10/5/16

Hillary Clinton Announces to Supporters, “I Don’t Read Fine Print” in Contracts – Video 10/3/16

Report: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to Reveal New Information on Hillary Clinton in Video Tomorrow (October 4) – Video 10/3/16

Jackie Kucinich: Hillary Clinton is “Two-Faced” with Bernie Sanders Supporters – Video 10/2/16

Leaked Audio at Fundraiser Reveals Hillary Clinton saying Sanders’ Supporters “Live in their Parents’ Basement” – Audio

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