Trump was Absolutely Right – Hillary Called TPP “the Gold Standard of Trade Deals” – Videos

Biased Media Squeals with Delight as Smug, Confident Hillary Zings Trump – Video 9/27/16

Donald Trump Hammers Hillary Clinton on Trade Deals like NAFTA, TPP – Video 9/26/16

Hillary Clinton in Debate: Everyone is Pretty Much a Racist! – Video 9/26/16

Hillary says She’ll be “Blamed for Everything” during Debate; Trump Interjects – “Why Not?!” – Video 9/26/16

Who Won the First Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Trump makes Key Case Despite Questions Tilted for Hillary – Complete Video 9/26/16

NYT Hillary Hack Jonathan Martin: “Incredible” Degree to which People think Hillary Clinton is Dishonest – Video 9/25/16

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage on Hillary Clinton: “The Worst Candidate I’ve Ever Seen in the States” – Video 9/22/16

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki: Is there Enough Enthusiasm FOR Hillary Clinton to make Her Voters Turn Out in Big Numbers? – Video 9/22/16

Arrogant Hillary Clinton Screeches to Union Workers: “Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?” – Video 9/22/16

Watch Charlie Crist get Laughed at when He describes Hillary Clinton as “Honest” – Video 9/19/16

Report: Former President George H.W. Bush will Vote for Hillary Clinton against His own Party – Video Report 9/20/16

In Wake of NYC, NJ, MN Terror Attacks, Hillary Clinton Now says She is for “Tough Vetting” to Keep Potential Threats out of America – Video 9/19/16

Hillary Clinton uses Word “Bombings” to Describe NYC, NJ Explosions; Then Criticizes Trump for saying “Bomb” – Video 9/17/16

Hillary Clinton Throws Her “Campaign Staff” Under the Bus over Health Collapse Episode – Video 9/15/16

Hillary Clinton gets Laughed at when Claiming She is the “Most Transparent” Candidate to Run for President! – Video 9/16/16

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