Chuck Todd Admits Democrats are Privately saying they are “Getting a Little Nervous” about Hillary Clinton – Video 4/29/15

WSJ Editorial Board Member: The Clintons just don’t think the Normal Rules Apply to Them – Video 4/26/15

Donald Trump: “I Actually Think I’m the Only One Who can Beat” Hillary Clinton – Video 4/25/15

Peter Schweizer: Bill Clinton’s Speaking Fees Increased Dramatically once Hillary became Secretary of State – Video 4/26/15

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Hillary Clinton an “Influence Peddler on a Global Scale”; “Worst Possible Choice” for President – Video 4/25/15

Hillary Clinton Declares War on “Deep-Seated Religious Beliefs” in Order to Advance Abortion on Demand – Video 4/23/15

Obama Press Secretary won’t Admit Hillary Clinton was Wrong to Not Disclose $2 Million Paid to Clinton Foundation by Company Involved in Russian Uranium Deal She Approved – Video 4/24/15

Obama Press Secretary Gives ABC News Jon Karl the Runaround on Questions about Hillary Clinton Uranium Scandal – Video 4/23/15

Flashback 2004: Hillary Clinton said Marriage Protection Amendment was Unnecessary because, Of Course, Marriage is between “a Man and a Woman” – Video 2004

NYT Shock Report: Hillary Clinton Signed Off on Russian Uranium Deal as Large Sums Paid to Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton by Foreign Entities – Video 4/23/15

Hillary Clinton Ignores Reporter’s Question on Foreign Donations to Clinton Foundation – Video 4/21/15

Local Reporter in NH Asks Hillary Clinton about “Play for Pay Allegations” and the Email Scandal; Hillary Dodges – Video 4/20/15

Hillary Clinton Dodges Questions about Explosive New Book Detailing Clinton Foundation accepting Donations from Foreign Entities for favorable Policy from Hillary Clinton State Dept. – Video Report 4/20/15

Mike Huckabee: Clinton Machine is “Ruthless,” but Not Unbeatable – Video 4/17/15

Reporter: Hillary Clinton Cruised Right on by “Elderly People in Wheelchairs” Waiting for Her in Iowa – Video 4/17/15

Flashback Video: Hillary Clinton Claimed She Landed in Bosnia “Under Sniper Fire”; Video Shows She Did Not

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