At Pre-Convention Rally, Sanders Supporters Boo when Bernie Says Hillary Clinton must be Elected President – Video 7/25/16

Bernie Supporters Chant “Lock Her Up” as Hillary Clinton Spox is Interviewed on MSNBC – Video 7/24/16

Hillary Clinton Picks Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as Her Vice-Presidential Running Mate – Video Report 7/22/16

Hillary Clinton Already Using Ted Cruz’s Pathetic Broken Pledge: “Ted Cruz was Right. . . ” – Video 7/22/16

Mother of American Killed in Benghazi Devastates Hillary Clinton: “I Hold Her Personally Responsible for the Death of My Son” – Video 7/18/16

Hillary’s Lies are Contagious: Press Secretary Claims Never “Willfully Mishandled Classified Info” – Video 7/13/16

FBI Dir. James Comey: Hillary May Not be “Sophisticated Enough” to Understand Classified Markings on Material – Video 7/7/16

FBI Director James Comey in House Testimony Admits Hillary Clinton was “Negligent” and “the Definition of Careless” with Classified Information – Video 7/7/16

GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz: If the “Average Joe” did what Hillary did, “He’d be in Handcuffs” Right Now – Video 7/7/16

Insanity: CNN’s Don Lemon Suggests Factual Criticism of Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal is because She is a Woman – Video 7/5/16

Donald Trump Rips Hillary To Shreds over Email Scandal: Our Enemies likely have “A Blackmail File” on Hillary – Video 7/5/16

Liberal Reporter Andrea Mitchell: FBI Report “Very Damaging” to Hillary Clinton; Contradicts Her Claim She Never Had Info “Classified at the Time” on Her Private Server – Video 7/5/16

FBI Director: Hillary Clinton “Extremely Careless in Handling of Very Sensitive, Highly Classified Information” – Video 7/5/16

FBI Director: Hillary Clinton is Not a Crook, just “Extremely Careless” with National Security Classified Information – Complete Video 7/5/16

Andrea Mitchell: Bill Clinton Meeting with Attorney General “a Disaster for the Clintons” – Video 7/3/16

Hillary Clinton on Bill’s Meeting with Attorney General: “A Short, Chance Meeting” – Video 7/3/16

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