BREAKING: Paul Ryan Renominated by GOP Majority to be House Speaker; Welcomes “the Dawn of a New Unified GOP Government” – Videos 11/15/16

The 113th Congress will be sworn-in at Noon ET today, and the vote on whether John Boehner will continue as Speaker of the House of Representatives will come soon thereafter. Many GOP insiders insist Boehner will be re-elected, but one group of Conservatives claim there are enough Republicans planning to vote for someone else that it will keep Boehner from being elected on a first ballot. As we move toward the vote, we’ll post information that emerges here. . . Developing

Check out this debate between Ron Meyer of “American Majority Action,” who claims Boehner will lose, and Robert Costa of National Review who says he will be re-elected.

Will John Boehner Remain Speaker of the House in 113th Congress? Most Insiders Say “Yes,” Others Think He Will Lose Vote Today – 1/3/13 UPDATED: Boehner Re-Elected Speaker of the House

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