Reports today indicate Venezuela’s Dictator Hugo Chavez is near death, after undergoing a fourth surgery for cancer in Cuba. He is said to now also be fighting a lung infection:

UK GUARDIAN: Three months after crowds celebrated another election triumph for the president, the mood in Caracas is transformed.

The change of mood in Plaza Bolivar could hardly be more dramatic. Less than three months ago, jubilant crowds filled the main square in Caracas to celebrate another election triumph for Hugo Chávez with chants of “Oo, ah, Chávez no se va” – Chávez won’t go.

Now, however, supporters wait anxiously for any scrap of news from Havana, Cuba, where their president is fighting for his life after emergency cancer surgery.

“We are all very confused. We have no idea what to expect. I pray for his recovery but I am expecting the worst,” said Joaquín Cavarcas, as he scanned the Ciudad CCS newspaper for the latest update.

Next Thursday, Chávez is supposed to be inaugurated for a further six-year term of office at a ceremony at the National Assembly, a short walk from the plaza. But the usually gregarious, publicity-loving president has not been seen or heard since his operation on 11 December, prompting speculation that he will not recover in time. . . .Read More

Venezuela’s Dictator Hugo Chavez Reportedly Near Death in Cuba Following 4th Cancer Surgery – Video Report 1/4/13

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