Hurricane Nate Headed for Early Sunday Landfall in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Region – Video Report 10/6/17

Monster Storm Hurricane Harvey Approaches Texas Coast; Catastrophic Rainfall Expected – Video Report 8/25/17

Hurricane Arthur Forecast has Path Headed for Outer Banks of North Carolina – Videos 7/3/14

Links to Latest Information on Isaac: Advisory, Track, Satellite View

Here is a video report on projections that soon-to-be Hurricane Isaac is eerily taking the same track as Hurricane Katrina did seven years ago. Isaac is expected now to hit land somewhere between New Orleans and Western Florida sometime on Wednesday – seven years to day after Katrina hit. Isaac is expected now to be a Category 2 Hurricane.

Isaac Expected to become Category 2 Hurricane; Taking Eerily Similar Track as Hurricane Katrina; Headed for Landfall between New Orleans and Western Florida on Wednesday – Video Report 8/27/12

This video report shows that, as of this morning, the expected track of Hurricane Irene will place the center of the storm right over Long Island, New York midday on Sunday as a category 1.

As of Friday AM, Expected Track of Hurricane Irene Places it over Long Island on Midday Sunday as a Category 1 – Video 8/26/11

Here is the incomparable Mark Steyn at his hilarious best talking about names for Hurricanes! He specifically comments on Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s objection about the “racist nomenclature” given to Hurricanes – no predominantly African-American names being given to Hurricanes. Steyn takes her concern and runs with it!

Mark Steyn on Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee’s Concern About “Racist Nomenclature” for Hurricanes – Audio

The situation in the Gulf of Mexico may soon be getting even worse. Here is a video report on the possibility that a storm brewing to the south could develop into a hurricane.

If it develops into a hurricane, it will halt the oil recovery and cleanup efforts, because the ships involved will have to move to safe waters. Experts say the storm will move over the Yucatan Peninsula in a couple of days, and they give it a 70% chance of developing into a hurricane.

Brewing Storm Could Worsen Gulf Situation if it becomes a Hurricane – Video

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