Krauthammer: Democrats making a Big Mistake if they Oppose Trump on Ending “Sanctuary Cities” – Video 11/16/16

Donald Trump Delivers Strong Immigration Speech in Phoenix; Calls for Building Border Wall, No Amnesty, End to Sanctuary Cities – Complete Video 8/31/16

Ted Cruz Releases Unusual New Ad Vowing to Stop Illegal Immigration – Video 1/5/16

Ted Cruz Hits Back: Rubio Claiming My Position is Like His on Illegal Immigration is “Like the Ayatollah Khameinei Saying. . . . ” Audio 11/13/15

Donald Trump Campaign Speech in Boone, Iowa: “We are Going to Stop Illegal Immigration” – Video 9/12/15

Leftist Reporter Tries to Tell Trump to say “American-born Child of Undocumented Immigrants” instead of “Anchor Babies” – Video 8/20/15

Donald Trump in Laredo, TX Praises the Border Patrol: Says they are Not being Allowed to do their Job – Video 7/23/15

Ann Coulter: Big Amnesty Push for Illegals all about Securing Votes for Democrats – Video 5/27/15


Sen. Ted Cruz on Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order: “It is Lawless. It is Unconstitutional. . . He will be Acting as a Monarch” – 11/19/14

Dem Pollster Peter Hart: Obama Executive Action to Order Amnesty would be “Divisive” – Video 11/12/14

Fournier: Obama Executive Action to Legalize Millions of Illegals would be a “Nuclear Bomb” on the American Political Scene – Video 8/6/14


Pat Buchanan: “Will America Remain One Nation, or are We on the Road to Balkanization. . .” – Opinion 7/14/14

Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest Confronted with Reality that “Processing” Illegals means Most will End Up Staying in the U.S. – Video 7/7/14

Group of African-Americans in Murrieta, CA Stand Up to Pro-Illegal Immigration Protesters: “Why would You Add to the Problem?” – Raw Video 7/4/14

Border Patrol Agent Tells CNN: Obama Admin is “aiding and Abetting and Facilitating Smuggling of Illegals into the U.S.” – Video 7/3/14

Border Crisis: ‘Obama’s Children’s Hour’ Created by “Lax Immigration Enforcement and Promise of Citizenship as ‘Dreamers'” – Editorial

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