Sen. Marco Rubio Faces Tough Questions on Change in His Immigration Reform Views – Video 8/3/14

Nancy Pelosi Races Across House Floor after GOP Rep. Tom Marino Tells the Truth about Democrats and Immigration – Video 8/1/14

House Speaker John Boehner Mocks Fellow Republicans for Not Wanting to Pass an Immigration Reform Bill – Video 4/24/14

House Speaker John Boehner: Obama’s Disregard for the Rule of Law makes it “Difficult to Move any Immigration Legislation”; Widespread Doubt Obama can be “Trusted” – Video 2/6/14

GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal Urges Republicans to Pass Immigration Reform Before 2014 Midterm Elections – Video 2/2/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Now Favors a more “Piece-Meal” Approach to Immigration Reform – Video 10/25/13

Sen. Marco Rubio Confronted at Town Hall Meeting about Support for Immigration Amnesty Bill; Gives Six-Minute Answer Defending Support – Raw Video 8/13/13

Sen. Marco Rubio: If We Don’t Legalize the Millions of Illegals in the U.S., Obama Will by Executive Order – Audio 8/13/13


Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez Claims He has 40-50 House Republicans Ready to Vote for Amnesty Immigration Bill – 8/9/13

New Web Ad Seeks to Detail Long, Expensive “Pathway to Citizenship” in Immigration Reform Plan – Video 7/23/13

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy: The Senate Immigration Amensty Bill “is Not Going to be Voted on in the House”; “We are a Nation of Immigrants, but We are also a Nation of Laws” – Video 7/10/13

NBC News Chuck Todd: “Doubt Creeping Into” Obama Team on Getting Immigration Amnesty Bill Passed this Year; “The White House Doesn’t See a Path. . . ” – Video 7/7/13


Report: Senate-Passed Immigration Bill Gives Incentive to U.S. Employers to Dump U.S. Workers for Newly “Registered Provisional Immigrants” – 6/28/13

U.S. Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill 68-32; Uncertain Future in House; Gallery Chants, “Yes We Can!” – 6/27/13 UPDATE: Video Added


Report: No Matter what Senate Does, Immigration Reform Not Likely to Get Done this Year – 6/24/13

Sen. John McCain Demands Passage of Immigration Reform for the “11 Million People Living in the Shadows” – Video 6/21/13

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