Border Official: “We are being Overwhelmed” by Immigrant Usage of Magic Words to Get into the U.S. – Video Report 8/10/13


Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez Claims He has 40-50 House Republicans Ready to Vote for Amnesty Immigration Bill – 8/9/13

Ann Coulter’s Advice to Republicans: “The Fight should be over Amnesty. We Lose Everything” – Video 8/8/13


Sen. Jeff Sessions Sends Memo Urging GOP Colleagues to Stop Obama Amnesty Push; Urges GOP to Defend “Working Americans” who Will be Devastated by Influx of New Labor – 7/29/13

NBC News Chuck Todd: “Doubt Creeping Into” Obama Team on Getting Immigration Amnesty Bill Passed this Year; “The White House Doesn’t See a Path. . . ” – Video 7/7/13

Rush Limbaugh on “Fox & Friends”: GOP should make 2014 Midterms about “Unworkable” ObamaCare, Not “Policies Guaranteed to Lose Elections” – Video 7/2/13

House Speaker John Boehner: The House “Will Not Take Up or Vote” on the Senate Immigration Bill – Video 6/27/13

Mark Levin Asks Why 14 GOP Senators who Voted for Senate Immigration Bill didn’t Demand “Comprehensive Mexican Immigration Reform” – Audio 6/27/13

Senate Poised to Pass Immigration Bill Today; McCain Slams Colleague Sen. Deb Fischer with Snarky, Condescending Attitude for Opposing the Bill – Video 6/25/13

Sen. Marco Rubio takes to Senate Floor to Defend against Conservative Criticism of His Senate Immigration Bill – Video 6/26/13

Sarah Palin Blasts Rubio, Ayotte “Flip-Flop” on Amnesty; Says they “Should be Held Accountable” – Audio 6/25/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Hammers Obama’s Radical Global Warming Agenda that will “Kill Jobs” and Skyrocket Energy Prices – Video 6/25/13

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan Warns against the “Balkanization and Disintegration” of the United States as Possible Consequence of Immigration Reform – Audio 6/20/13


Report: No Matter what Senate Does, Immigration Reform Not Likely to Get Done this Year – 6/24/13

GOP Reps. Steve King, Louis Gohmert Say Senate Immigration Bill won’t Secure the Border – Video 6/20/13

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Sen. Ted Cruz on Immigration Reform Bill “Disaster” – Audio 6/19/13

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