More protests against the United States by Muslim protesters – this time in Jakarta, Indonesia. Thousands of Indonesians rioted in front of the U.S. Embassy there, burning an American Flag and clashing with police. Indonesia is the most populous Islamic nation in the world. Video after the jump, or click the image above to watch:

Thousands of Muslim Protesters Riot outside the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia; Burn American Flag – Video 9/17/12

Muslim Protests against the United States, over a film posted to YouTube, are now spreading to Asia. This is raw video of some protests in both Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Indonesia is the most populous Islamic nation in the world. The crowd in Indonesia shouted anti-American slogans, and demanded the death penalty for the filmmakers.

Islamic Protests Spread to Indonesia, Malaysia – Raw Video 9/14/12

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney being asked if President Obama is aware of the spate of discussion the last couple of days about his own book’s revelation that he “ate dog” when he was a boy growing up in Indonesia. Carney just laughed it off, reminding everyone Obama was only six or seven years old at the time he ate dog there.

WH Press Secretary Jay Carney Asked if Obama Knows People are Discussing His Revelation He Ate Dog while Growing Up in Indonesia – Video 4/19/12

Here is shocking video of a Muslim mob in Central Java, Indonesia attacking and killing followers of an Islamic sect there. The sect, known as Ahmadiyah, believes there was a later prophet after Mohammed. The sect has been outlawed by the Indoneisan Government, and this mob of Muslims went after three followers of the group, beating them to death.

Via The Blaze

Muslim Mob Attacks and Kills Members of Islamic Sect in Indonesia – Video 2/8/11

Raw Video of Boat Hitting the Rocks

Australian TV Report via CNN

Here is raw video showing the remnants of a boat filled with Indonesian-refugees being dashed against the rocks of Australia’s Christmas Island. Dozens of asylum-seekers are believed to be dead. Australians were able to pull about 40 of them out of the water to safety, but no one knows exactly how many people were on the boat.

Australia’s Christmas Island is actually closer to Indonesia than it is to Australia. It is in the Indian Ocean, about 220 miles from Indonesia’s Capital of Jakarta. That makes it a target destination for those seeking asylum from Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation in the world.

Boat filled with Indonesian Asylum-Seekers Dashed Against the Rocks of Australia’s “Christmas Island” – Raw Video 12/15/10

Here is a compilation of brief video clips showing President Barack Obama and wife Michelle in Indonesia, where they made a visit to the Istiqlal Grand Mosque in Jakarta. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. First Lady Michelle Obama is seen wearing a head covering at the Mosque compound. So far, there just is no extensive video that I could find of Obama at the mosque.

Obama Visits Indonesia’s Grand Mosque; Michelle Wears Head Covering – Video 11/10/10

Here is video of President Barack Obama speaking at a dinner in his honor in Indonesia. Obama thanked the Indonesian President for serving him “bakso,” and for serving “nasi goreng” (fried rice). He told them, “Semuanya enak” (It was all delicious). The assembled crowd applauded as Obama spoke the Indonesian language.

President Obama Speaks Indonesian at Dinner in His Honor – Video 11/9/10


Yahoo News: JAKARTA, Indonesia – A conservative Muslim government minister admits he shook hands with first lady Michelle Obama in welcoming her to Indonesia but says it wasn’t his choice.

“I tried to prevent (being touched) with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far toward me (so) we touched,” Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring told tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.

While Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, the vast majority practice a moderate form of the faith. But Sembiring has flaunted his conservatism and says he avoids contact with women who are not related to him.

In footage of the official welcome, Sembiring appeared to share his countrymen’s enthusiasm. He smiled broadly as he shook the president’s hand and then reached with both hands to grasp Michelle Obama’s. But later he said she forced their contactRead More

H/T: Drudge

Indonesian Government Minister Admits Shaking Hands With Michelle Obama; Claims She Forced Him

Here are raw videos showing the devastating aftermath of a Volcanic explosion on the Indonesian Island of Java. Mt. Merapi, a volcano located in Central Java, has been erupting over the last 10 days, covering the surrounding area in ash and killing at least 100 people. More than 75,000 people have been evacuated from the area.

Indonesian Volcano Mt. Merapi Continues Erupting; More than 100 People Dead – 75,000 Evacuated – Raw Videos

CNN interviews an Indonesian photographer who found out he looks very similar to Barack Obama and has since become an “Obama impersonator.” He told CNN he’s often mistaken for Obama.

H/T Story Balloon

CNN Interviews Indonesian Obama Impersonator – Video

Here is video from Indonesia of a two-year-old boy who smokes 40 cigarettes a day! The vast majority of men in Indonesia reportedly smoke, but they apparently don’t usually start this small.

UPDATE: The New York Daily News has more information on the boy, who is from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. His father, Mohammed, gave him his first cigarette at 18 months, and says “He looks pretty healthy to me. I don’t see the problem.”

Shocking Video: Two-Year-Old Indonesian Boy Smokes 40 Cigarettes a Day

Here is a behind-the-scenes video look at the making of Indonesia’s movie honoring Barack Obama and the time he spent there as a child. The movie is called, “Obama: Anak Menteng,” which means “Little Obama.” I won’t even begin to try and describe it to you!

Watch all the way to the end (if you can take it) to see Obama’s old childhood friends standing with a banner that says, “Barry, We Miss U,” while they say that in unison three times.

More Details


Behind-the-Scenes Look at Indonesian Film “Little Obama” – Video

Ruins of a West Java Church Under Construction Burned

Ruins of a West Java, Indonesia Church smolder after being burned by a Muslim mob. - FOTO ANTARA

Indonesia is the most populous Islamic nation in the world, and the general perception is that the Islam there is the least radical. But that is just not the reality on the ground if you happen to be a Christian. Here is news of a West Java church that has been shut down by local authorities because of a series of protests by Muslims:

Asia News: Bogor authorities (West Java province) ordered the closure of a local church building that belongs to Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI), a Christian group also known as Gereja Kristen Yasmin Bogor. This has outraged hundreds of faithful and induced the Indonesian Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) to file an official protest.

In an official statement, GKI followers called the decision to ban their religious and social meetings unlawful. They note, “The mayor of Bogor granted the IMB (building permit) back on 13 May 2006.”

The closure had initially been ordered by Bogor’s City and Gardening authority in February 2008, but was overturned because the matter falls under the mayor’s jurisdiction.

After a series of protests by local extremist Islamic groups, the city decided to close the church and suspend the GKI despite the fact that the Christian group had all the necessary permits to build its church and practice its faith.

For some time, local Islamic groups had been protesting publicly and violently against Christians, accusing them of “proselytising”. They are certainly opposed to Christians having any building, even if the latter did not have a religious purpose.

At the end of April, extremists attacked and set fire to a Christian centre in Bogor on the ground that Christians wanted to build a house of prayer disguised as an educational facility. Instead of stopping the rioters, the authorities banned Christians from engaging in any activities. . . . MORE

H/T Jihad Watch

Indonesian Church Closed by Authorities Due to Protests by Muslim Mobs

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