Donald Trump Tells Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition it is Not His Job to Defend Obama – Video 9/19/15

Marco Rubio Speech to “Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition”: America Founded on Belief Our Rights Come from God – Video 4/25/15

Here is video from earlier this week of former Sen. Rick Santorum speaking at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition. Santorum talked about his own religious faith, and the importance of protecting the unborn as the most innocent and defenseless among us.

We’ve now posted all five of the candidates who spoke at the event. Santorum’s speech was the longest – almost 20 minutes. Most of the other candidates kept their remarks to 8-12 minutes. It may seem like a small thing, but it is vital for a candidate to be able to communicate their message clearly and succinctly. That’s particularly true when we get to the debates, where they are forced to speak in two minute, one minute, and sometimes 30 second scraps of time.

Sen. Rick Santorum Speaks at Iowa Faith & Freedom Event – Video 3/7/11

Here is video of Gov. Buddy Roemer’s speech earlier this week to the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Roemer formerly served as Governor of Louisiana. He is bringing a very populist message to the 2012 GOP race, saying he will only take up to $100 from anyone. He said he would take no PAC money.

Gov. Buddy Roemer Bringing Populist Message to 2012 GOP Nomination Race – Video 3/7/11

Here is video of Herman Cain speaking at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition gathering last night.

Cain shared three guiding principles with the crowd to let them know what kind of leader he would be:

1. Do the Right Thing – Cain said it was not right for President Obama to “sue the state of Arizona when they were trying to protect themselves.” He also said it is not right for Obama to refuse to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

2. “We have got to lead this nation from an entitlement society to an empowerment society.” Cain said the Declaration of Indpendence says nothing about creating a “Department of Happy” to meet all the whims and desires of people.

3. “It’s Not About Us.” – Cain said we must become the “Defending Fathers.” We must defend the unborn. We must defend the principles the nation was founded on.

Cain closed by saying he has a “breaking news announcement” for President Obama and the liberals all across this great nation:

“The United States of America is not going to become the United States of Europe – not on our watch!”


Herman Cain is going to shine in the debates that are coming. He is easily one of the most powerful and eloquent speakers in America today.

I found this video on YouTube. It is via The Right Scoop.

Herman Cain Speech in Iowa: “We Must Become the Defending Fathers” for America – Video 3/7/11

Here is video of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaking in Iowa last night, at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition gathering.

Gingrich said:

“We have an extraordinarily fundamental choice to make about the very future of this country.” He said he believes “this election” and the “conversation around this election may be as central to our future as the conversations in the 1850’s that led to the election of Lincoln in 1860. We are at a crossroads that we cannot hide from.”

Gingrich said that a key moment for him was the decision by the 9th Circuit against saying “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. It made Gingrich realize how far the Judiciary has moved away from the founding principles of this nation.

Gingrich eloquently summed up the great divide between the Left and those who still believe in truth that America is one nation under God – as expressed in the Declaration of Indpendence which says “we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights . . . “:

“Now why does that matter? Because it means the power comes from God to each one of you – personally! You are personally sovereign. You loan power to the Government. The Government does not loan power to you. And that is the fundamental division between most Americans and the secular, socialist people around Obama, and the degree to which they do not understand America – cannot possible represent America – and cannot lead us to a successful future.”

Gingrich spoke in support of cutting out all funding for Planned Parenthood. He said a President could use Executive Orders to do four things “on the very first day”:

1. Abolish all “Czars” in the White House

2. Reinstate the Reagan ban on all Federal Funding of abortions outside the U.S.

3. Reinstate George W. Bush’s “conscience protection” to allow workers to refuse to do things the Left wants done.

4. Recognize the right of Israel and other nations to determine where they want to have their Capital. This would mean recognizing the Capital of Israel as Jerusalem.

Gingrich said all center-right people must work together to change the governing structure of the Left in America – from the local level to Washington.


This was an outstanding speech! Gingrich can really articulate the conservative message.

Newt Gingrich in Iowa Speech: “We are at a Crossroads that We Cannot Hide From” – Video 3/7/11


Here is a report on the five possible GOP Presidential Candidates who are in the metro Des Moines, Iowa area tonight to attend and speak to the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition – what is being billed as the unofficial kickoff to the race for the Iowa Caucuses that will be held early in 2012.

Unofficial Start of Iowa Caucuses Race Kicks Off Tonight – Video Report 3/7/11

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