Sen. Scott Brown won’t Rule Out 2016 Presidential Run – Video 8/25/13

Massachusetts Senator Brown

Sen. Scott Brown to Iowa; Considering a 2016 Presidential Run?


Byron York: Sen. Ted Cruz is “Zooming toward the Front of the GOP Pack” in Iowa – 8/12/13

Iowa Evangelical Leader who Endorsed 2008, 2012 Iowa GOP Caucus Winners Speaks Glowingly of Sen. Ted Cruz – Video 8/9/13

Sen. Rick Santorum on “Meet the Press”: “I’m Open to Looking at a Presidential Race in 2016″ – Video 8/4/13


Iowa GOP: “Immiration [sic] Reform” Advocates among Protesters who Show Up at Event Featuring Sen. Ted Cruz – 7/19/13

Here is complete video of Sen. Marco Rubio speaking in Iowa tonight at a birthday event for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. Many believe this trip by Rubio to Iowa is his opening foray into the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination race. Rubio made the case for taking the conservative message of why Free Enterprise and Limited Government are the principles to give Americans a shot at the best future they can possibly have. Rubio urged conservatives to not give up on taking that message to the country in a positive and compassionate way.

Sen. Marco Rubio Delivers Speech in Iowa; Urges Taking Conservative Message of Free Enterprise and Limited Government to America in a Positive Way – Complete Video 11/17/12

We’re three days past the 2012 Presidential Election, and it’s already time to start thinking about 2016! Sen. Marco Rubio will be heading to Iowa to speak at a birthday fundraiser for Gov. Terry Branstad. Many believe Rubio will make a run for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination:

DAILY CALLER: Sen. Marco Rubio is heading to Iowa next weekend to headline a birthday fundraiser for Gov. Terry Branstad.

The invitation to the “Governor’s 2nd Annual 65th Birthday Bash” promises “Live Music,” “Speeches,” “Dancing,” “Fun for the Whole Family,” and, not to be forgotten, “Birthday Cake.”

But more importantly, it promises a likely Republican presidential contender in the state that is not only a crucial swing state, but holds the first nominating caucus in the nation.

Rubio was considered a possible vice presidential pick for Mitt Romney this cycle.

Branstad’s fundraiser last year boasted six of the Republican presidential contenders as speaker — though Romney was not among them. Newt Gingrich also attended the event, but arrived late and did not have a speaking spot, according to CNN. . . . Read More

2016 ought to be very interesting because it will be an open race for both the Democrats and the Republicans, since President Obama will have served two terms.

Kickoff for 2016? Sen. Marco Rubio Heads to Iowa

Here is complete video of a rally held by Gov. Mitt Romney yesterday in Davenport, Iowa.

Via “Electad” on YouTube

Mitt Romney at Iowa Rally Contrasts what Happens if Obama is Re-elected with what He Will Do if Elected: “I Want to Take Us on a New Path to Getting America Strong Again” – Complete Video 10/29/12

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Wow! This could make a difference in a razor-thin battleground state like Iowa. Tonight, word is out that Iowa’s most influential newspaper – the Des Moines Register – is endorsing Mitt Romney for President. This is the first time since 1972 that the paper has endorsed a Republican Presidential Candidate!

We’ll post some Twitter reaction to the endorsement below:

BREAKING: Des Moines Register Endorses Mitt Romney for President; First Time it has Endorsed a Republican since 1972 – 10/27/12

Here is complete video of Gov. Mitt Romney’s major speech on the U.S. Economy that he delivered in Iowa yesterday.

Gov. Mitt Romney’s Major Speech on the U.S. Economy Delivered in Iowa; Says It’s Time for “Big Change” – Complete Video 10/26/12

Mitt Romney speaking in Iowa yesterday, told enthusiastic supporters, “Don’t think this is the last you are going to see of me and Paul Ryan.” He went on to tell the crowd that Iowa “may be the state that decides what kind of America we’re going to have and what kind of lives our families are going to have.”

Via The Rightnewz

Mitt Romney in Iowa: “Iowa may be the State that Decides what Kind of America We’re Going to Have” – Video 10/26/12

Joe does it again. Here he is campaigning in Ohio today where he talked about all the ads running “Here in Iowa!.”

VP Joe Biden Campaigning in Ohio Talks about all the Ads Running “Here in Iowa!” – Video 10/24/12

Here is longtime Iowa Political Guru David Yepsen on Fox News last night where he said Mitt Romney “is closing” in Iowa. Yepsen said the race is closer than two points, and told Bret Baier that Republicans are “doing a far better job on absentee ballots than they’ve ever done before.”

Iowa Political Guru David Yepsen: Romney “is Closing” in Iowa; GOP “Doing a Far Better Job on Absentee Ballots than they’ve Ever Done Before” – Video 10/19/12

Democrat-leaning Pollster “Public Policy Polling” has issued new polls today for the battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Both show Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by one-point, 49%-48%. We have both states rated as “Tossup.”

Democrat-Leaning Pollster Finds Mitt Romney Leading by One-Point in Iowa and New Hampshire – 10/19/12

Speaking at a rally today in Bettendorf, Iowa, Gov. Mitt Romney warned that under Barack Obama, the United States is “on the path to becoming Europe.” Romney was citing the news that under Obama, the U.S. will have its fourth consecutive $1 Trillion Budget Deficit (that’s the yearly deficit). Romney called it “immoral” to pass on this kind of debt to future generations.

Mitt Romney at Iowa Rally: Barack Obama’s Four Consective $1 Trillion + Annual Budget Deficits have U.S. “on the Path to becoming Europe”; Spain’s 25% Unemployment Could be in our Future with Obama’s Path – Video 8/22/12

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