President Trump Rallies with Supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Vows to Push Ahead with “America First” Agenda – Complete Video 6/21/17

President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Tour Speech in Des Moines, Iowa – Complete Video 12/8/16

Secret Service Agents Rush Onstage around Hillary Clinton as “Animal Rights” Protester Tries to get to Stage – Video 8/10/16

Trump Skewers Cruz during Debate after Cruz brags about Tainted Iowa Win: “That’s because He got Ben Carson’s Votes, By the Way” – Video 2/6/16

Marco Rubio: Ben Carson Deserved Better than Cruz Campaign’s “Unfair” Drop-Out Rumor during Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/3/16


Donald Trump Tweets that Ted Cruz “Stole the Election” in Iowa; Calls for “New Election” or that Cruz’s Results be “Nullified” – 2/3/16

Donald Trump Interview on “Fox News Sunday” on the Eve of the Iowa Caucuses – Video 1/31/16

Marco Rubio Closing Argument Ad in Iowa: “This Election is about Defeating Hillary and Saving what makes America Unique” – Video 1/28/16

Sticky: Watch Live Video Feed of Donald Trump’s Event Opposite the GOP Presidential Debate – Complete Video 1/28/16

Ralph Reed: Palin’s Endorsement “Validates” Trump with “Evangelicals and Tea Party Activists” – Video 1/20/16

Watch Live Stream Video of Sarah Palin Endorsement of Donald Trump at Iowa Rally, 6 PM ET – Live Video 1/19/16

Gov. Sarah Palin

Confirmed: Gov. Sarah Palin Will Endorse Donald Trump for President at Iowa Rally Today – 1/19/16


New NBC News/Marist Polls Show Cruz ahead in Iowa; Trump Leads Big in New Hampshire – 1/10/16

Marco Rubio Watches His Kids Go Sledding in Iowa – Video 12/31/15


Ted Cruz Surges to 10-point Lead in Iowa in New DMR Poll – 12/12/15

Donald Trump Speech at Rally in Spencer, Iowa: “Innocent People are being Killed because We are Trying to be so Politically-Correct” – Complete Video 12/5/15

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