Sen. Ted Cruz Buys Airtime in Key Early-Voting States; Will Air Great New Ad During “A.D.: The Bible Continues” on Easter Sunday – Video 4/3/15

Rush Limbaugh: Gov. Scott Walker “is the Blueprint for the Republican Party” to Defeat the Left – Audio 1/26/15


Report: Gov. Jeb Bush Refuses Invitation to Speak at Rep. Steve King’s “Iowa Freedom Summit” – 1/2/15

Republican Joni Ernst Delivers Victory Speech after Winning Iowa Senate Race: “We are Going to make them Squeal!” – Complete Video 11/4/14

WSJ Reporter: Several Iowa Voters Said they “Regretted Voting” for Barack Obama; Harkin’s Sexist Remarks about Joni Ernst will Backfire – Video 11/3/14

GOP’s Joni Ernst Responds to Desperate Tom Harkin’s “She’s Attractive” and “Sounds Nice” Dismissal of Strong Poll Numbers – Video 11/3/14


Republican Joni Ernst Leads by 7-Points in Final Des Moines Register Iowa Poll – Video 11/1/14

Politico: Democrats “Increasingly Anxious” that Iowa “is Slipping Away” – 10/31/14

CNN: Early Vote Data out of Iowa is Great News for Republicans! – Video 10/23/14

Iowa Republican Joni Ernst with New “Hog Lot” Ad on Cleaning Up Washington! – Video 10/22/14

Heartache: Michelle Obama Gets Name Wrong of Iowa Democrat She’s Campaigning For! – Video 10/10/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Brings Down the House at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa: “How We Win” – Complete Video 8/9/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Campaigns in Iowa for GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst – Video 6/2/14

CNN Panel Agrees Iowa Democratic Senate Candidate Bruce Braley’s Campaign is an “Epic Mess” – Video 3/31/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at Iowa GOP Ronald Reagan Dinner; Calls Republicans to Restore America to that “Shining City on a Hill” – Complete Video 10/25/13

Sen. Scott Brown won’t Rule Out 2016 Presidential Run – Video 8/25/13

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