Reports Continue to Indicate Trump will Decertify the Obama Iran Deal this Week – Video 10/11/17

John Kerry Admits “Some” of the $150 B Obama is Giving to Iran Will Fund Terrorism – Video 1/21/16

Obama Official Wendy Sherman: Iran will “Never” get Nukes because they Promised Not To! – Video 1/18/16

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at U.S. Capitol: Supporters of Obama Iran Deal Will have Blood on Their Hands – “People Will Die” – Video 9/9/15

Obama Adviser Ben Rhodes Lies about Inspections of Suspicious Iranian Nuclear Sites: “We Never Sought Anytime, Anywhere Inspections” – Video 7/15/15

Donald Trump Slams Obama’s Appeasement Deal with Iran: “They are Laughing at Us back in Iran” – Video 7/14/15

Democrat Rep. Steve Israel: Concerns about Obama Deal with Iran “Escalated” after Reading the Deal – Video 7/15/15


Bill Kristol on Obama Deal with Iran: “This Deal Cannot Stand” – 7/14/15

Obama Crows His Iran Deal “Prevents” Iran “from Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon” when it Actually Guarantees they Will go Nuclear in 10-15 Years – Video 7/14/15

Obama Agrees to Historically Bad Nuclear Deal with Iran; Recognizes Right of Iran to Ramp up Nuclear Activity in 10-15 Years; Will Lift Arms Embargo against Iran – Video 7/14/15

Marie Harf Dismisses Inspectors’ Report that Iran has Increased Nuclear Fuel by 20% during Obama Deal Negotiations – Video 6/2/15

David Ignatius: Obama “Left John Kerry like a Beached Whale” on Senate Committee Vote; Hung Kerry out to Dry – Video 4/15/15

Krauthammer: “Demonstrably False” that Obama has any Deal with Iran; Iran Slams U.S.; Says No Inspections of Military Facilities – Video 4/9/15

GOP Sen. Bob Corker Set to Move Bill Giving Congress Mandatory Review of Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran – Video 4/5/15

Obama makes the Case for Why Israel is Right to be “Concerned” about Iran – Video 4/5/15

Huckabee on Iran Nuke Deal: Obama is “Expecting something Good from Bad People” – Video 4/4/15

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