Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran is Moving “to Take Over and Conquer the Entire Middle East”; “Needs to be Stopped” – Video 3/29/15

Chuck Todd on Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran: “Only Gives Iran more Opportunity to Flex Muscle and Get Stronger and more Powerful” – Video 3/27/15

Saudi Ambassador Says Saudi Arabia Will Use Ground Forces to Stop Iranian-backed Rebels in Yemen if Necessary – Video 3/26/15

Marie Harf: Of Course Iran is Destabilizing the Middle East, but it has Nothing to do with Obama’s Nuclear Deal – Video 3/23/15

Iran’s Supreme Leader Says “Death to America” as Obama, Kerry beg for Nuclear Deal with Radical Islamic Regime in Iran

Obama State Dept Asked Why they are “Laying it on Thick” with Sympathy Expressions at Death of Iranian President’s Mother – Video 3/20/15

Krauthammer Refutes Obama Video: We don’t Oppose “Diplomacy”; We Oppose Obama’s Bad Deal with Iran – Video 3/20/15

Ed Henry Corners Josh Earnest: Why is it OK for Obama to Send a Video to Iran but not for GOP to Send Open Letter? – Video 3/20/15

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Interview with Megyn Kelly: I was Re-elected to Ensure the “Survival” of the Israel – Video 3/19/15

Barack Obama makes Video with “Nowruz” Message to Iran; Begs for Nuclear Deal – Video 3/19/15

Netanyahu Answers Iran Critics on “Face the Nation”: “It’s Useful to Remember Who your Ally is and Who your Enemy Is” – Video 3/8/15


Report: Iran’s Radical Islamic Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Hospitalized in Critical Condition – 3/5/15

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Obama has Accepted that Iran will go Nuclear – Just doesn’t want it to happen on His Watch – Video 3/3/15

Susan Rice gets Schooled by AIPAC Crowd; Says Obama has Given Up on Goal of Keeping Iran from having Nuclear Enrichment Capacity – Video 3/2/15

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks to AIPAC: “The Days when the Jewish People are Passive in the Face of Threats to Annihilate Us are Over!” – Video 3/2/15

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama

Kristol on Obama’s Reaction to Netanyahu Speech to Congress: “What is Obama so Scared Of?” – 3/1/15

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