Trump Presser: “I Don’t Think Iran is in Compliance”; Blasts Obama Iran Deal – Video 8/10/17

Former Acting CIA Dir Mike Morrell: Trump Succeeded in Convincing Saudis “He has their Back against Iran”; Huge Success for U.S. National Security – Video 5/28/17

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson Announces Full Review of Disastrous Obama Iran Policy; Says Iran has Potential to Follow Path of North Korea – Video 4/19/17

President Trump, PM Benjamin Netanyahu Hold Joint Press Conference at the White House; Trump Stands Strong for Israel – Complete Video 2/15/17


Report: Trump Readies New Sanctions on Iran in Response to Iranian Missile Tests – 2/2/17

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: “Iranian Leadership Should be Very, Very Afraid” of Trump, Mattis; “Their Free Ride is Over” – Video 12/5/16

State Department Contradicts Barack Obama; Admits $400 M Cash Payment was in Exchange for Hostages – Video 8/18/16


Iran Hangs Gay Teen in Accord with Islamic Sharia Law, which Mr. Khan says Doesn’t Exist – 8/5/16

Trump, Pence Slam Obama, Hillary for Paying $400 M Cash Ransom to Radical Islamic Regime in Iran – Video 8/3/16

Obama Pays $400 Million Cash in Ransom for Hostages to Radical Islamic Regime in Iran; Claim it is only a “Coincidence” – Video 8/3/16

Obama White House Just Fine with U.S. Sailors being Humiliated by the Radical Islamic Regime in Iran – Video 1/15/16

Thug Iranian Regime Releases Video Apparently Showing U.S. Sailor Apologizing to Iran – Video 1/13/16

Good Grief: John Kerry “Thanks” Radical Islamic Regime in Iran for Releasing U.S. Sailors they Took Captive – Video 1/13/16

Iran Mocks Weak Obama by Seizing Two U.S. Naval Vessels, Taking 10 U.S. Sailors Captive – Video Report 1/12/16

Democrat Chuck Schumer comes out Against Obama Iran Deal – Video 8/7/15


Huckabee: Obama Iran Deal “Will take the Israelis and March them to the Door of the Oven” – 7/26/15

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