Mika Brzezinski: “At what Point does Overtime” on Nuclear Deal with Iran “Look Desperate” – Video 7/2/15

Sec. of State John Kerry: “Hopeful” a Nuclear Deal with Iran can be Reached by June 30 Deadline – Video 6/28/15

Marie Harf: Of Course Iran will Abide by their Nuclear Fuel Commitments – Video 6/3/15

Marie Harf Dismisses Inspectors’ Report that Iran has Increased Nuclear Fuel by 20% during Obama Deal Negotiations – Video 6/2/15


So much for Obama’s Insane Iran Deal: Iranian Supreme Leader says NO Inspections of Military Sites – 5/20/15

Iran Seizes Marshall-Islands’ Cargo Ship with Crew of about 30; U.S. Moving a Destroyer into the Area – Video Report 4/29/15

French Foreign Minister: Obama Team Caved-in to the Iranians in Nuclear Deal – Video 4/3/15

Huckabee on Iran Nuke Deal: Obama is “Expecting something Good from Bad People” – Video 4/4/15

Leftist MSNBC Expert Calls Iran “Reasonably Stable, Reasonably Democratic”; They have “Reason to Distrust the U.S.” – Video 4/2/15

Netanyahu Rejects Obama’s Cave-in to Iran; Demands that any Deal Include Iran Recognizing “Israel’s Right to Exist” – Video 4/3/15

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran is Moving “to Take Over and Conquer the Entire Middle East”; “Needs to be Stopped” – Video 3/29/15

Chuck Todd on Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran: “Only Gives Iran more Opportunity to Flex Muscle and Get Stronger and more Powerful” – Video 3/27/15

Saudi Ambassador Says Saudi Arabia Will Use Ground Forces to Stop Iranian-backed Rebels in Yemen if Necessary – Video 3/26/15

Marie Harf: Of Course Iran is Destabilizing the Middle East, but it has Nothing to do with Obama’s Nuclear Deal – Video 3/23/15

Iran’s Supreme Leader Says “Death to America” as Obama, Kerry beg for Nuclear Deal with Radical Islamic Regime in Iran

Obama State Dept Asked Why they are “Laying it on Thick” with Sympathy Expressions at Death of Iranian President’s Mother – Video 3/20/15

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