Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama

Kristol on Obama’s Reaction to Netanyahu Speech to Congress: “What is Obama so Scared Of?” – 3/1/15

Krauthammer on Obama’s Willingness to Allow Iran to get Nuclear Weapons within Ten Years: “Simply Catastrophic” – Video 2/24/15

Sen. John McCain: Obama Pursuing “Delusion” while “Iran is on the March across the Middle East” – Video 1/28/15

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama

Report: Iran Urges Assassination of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Children – 1/29/15

Krauthammer: Fall of Yemen is a Huge Victory for the Radical Islamic Regime in Iran – Video 1/22/15


Netanyahu Accepts Invitation to Speak to a Joint Session of Congress; Date Moved to March 3 – 1/22/15

Media Beside themselves at House Speaker John Boehner’s Invitation to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to Address Congress on February 11 – Video 1/21/15

Boehner’s Brilliant Move: Invites Benjamin Netanyahu to Address Joint Session of Congress Feb. 11 on the Threats of “Radical Islam” and “Iran” – Video 1/21/15

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Slams Obama’s Disastrous Foreign Policy from Russia to Cuba to Iran – Video 12/30/14

Israeli PM Netanyahu: ISIS and Iran’s Islamic States are “Branches of the same Poisonous Tree” – Video 9/29/14

Israeli PM Netanyahu on Iran’s Claim they Don’t want Nuclear Weapons: “It’s a Joke. . . . ” – Video 7/13/14

Netanyahu on MTP: Iran and ISIS are both Enemies of the U.S.; U.S. Should take Action to Weaken Both – Video 6/22/14

Ambassador John Bolton: “Thoroughly Silly” for Andrea Mitchell to Say Iran was a U.S. Ally until Bush’s “Axis of Evil” Speech – Video 1/30/14

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Says Iran was “More or Less an Ally” of the U.S. Prior to George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” Speech! – Video 1/28/14

Ed Henry Challenges Jay Carney on Excuse that Iran is making Hardline Statements only for their Domestic Audience – Video 1/23/14

Ed Henry Presses Jay Carney on Iran Saying they Never Agreed to Destroy any aspect of their Nuclear Program – Video 1/23/14

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