Obama White House Just Fine with U.S. Sailors being Humiliated by the Radical Islamic Regime in Iran – Video 1/15/16

Thug Iranian Regime Releases Video Apparently Showing U.S. Sailor Apologizing to Iran – Video 1/13/16

Good Grief: John Kerry “Thanks” Radical Islamic Regime in Iran for Releasing U.S. Sailors they Took Captive – Video 1/13/16

Iran Mocks Weak Obama by Seizing Two U.S. Naval Vessels, Taking 10 U.S. Sailors Captive – Video Report 1/12/16

Democrat Chuck Schumer comes out Against Obama Iran Deal – Video 8/7/15


Huckabee: Obama Iran Deal “Will take the Israelis and March them to the Door of the Oven” – 7/26/15

In Wake of Deal with Iran, Obama Stumbles over Name of U.S. Hostage Still in an Iranian Prison – Video 7/21/15

Chris Christie: President Obama “is Lying to Us” about Inspections in the Iran Deal – Video 7/17/15

CNN’s Acosta Defends Major Garrett Asking Obama about Americans Languishing in Iranian Prisons – Video 7/15/15

President Obama Tries to Defend His Indefensible Appeasement Deal with Iran at Press Conference – Complete Video 7/15/15

Obama is Lying about 24/7 Inspections in Iran Nuclear Deal; Iran has up to “24 Days” to Stall on Inspection Requests – Video 7/14/15

Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez on Obama Iran Deal: “Amazing to Me” Obama Willing to Lift Arms Embargo Against Iran – Video 7/14/15

While Obama, Kerry Beg Iran for a Deal, it is “Death to Israel Day” in Iran – Video 7/10/15

Mika Brzezinski: “At what Point does Overtime” on Nuclear Deal with Iran “Look Desperate” – Video 7/2/15

Sec. of State John Kerry: “Hopeful” a Nuclear Deal with Iran can be Reached by June 30 Deadline – Video 6/28/15

Marie Harf: Of Course Iran will Abide by their Nuclear Fuel Commitments – Video 6/3/15

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