LA Times – ISIS Claims Responsibility for Las Vegas Mass Shooting; FBI Says No Connection with ISIS Found; Investigation Continues – Video Report 10/2/17

Krauthammer: Real Story of London Bridge Islamic Terror Attack is Lack of Muslim Assimilation in Great Britain and Europe – Video 6/5/17

Gen. Jack Keane: Expect an Islamic Terrorist “Wave of Attacks” during Islam’s Holy Month of Ramadan – Video 5/26/17

Report: Sister of Manchester Suicide Bomber says He Committed His Attack “Out of a Love for Islam” – 5/26/17

Shooter Kills Five, Wounds Eight in Horrific Attack at Ft. Lauderdale Airport; Photo Emerges of Alleged Gunman Holding up Islamic/ISIS Finger Sign – Video 1/6/17

Barack Obama Sings the Praises of Islam again at the U.N.; Calls the Islamic State a “Distortion” of Islam – Video 9/20/16

Radical Islamic Orlando Shooter’s Dad Attends Hillary Clinton’s FL Rally; Shows Off Sign Supporting Hillary; Slams Trump – Video 8/8/16

Islamic State Terrorists Slaughter 20 Foreigners in Bangladesh Bakery; Hostages Asked to Recite the Koran; Those Unable were Butchered – 7/2/16

Trump Calls on American Muslims to Report Suspected Islamic Jihadists in their Midst – Video 6/13/16

CNN Guest: “White People Like Yourself” can’t Understand Jihadists because You don’t know “the Language, Culture and Religion” – Video 3/25/16

Donald Trump: “I Think Islam Hates Us”; “We have to Get to the Bottom of It” – Video 3/9/16

Saudis Shut down Camel Urine Store because Owner was Selling His Own Urine to Muslims – 12/22/15 Updated with Audio of Mark Steyn’s Hilarious Commentary

CAIR Official Tries to Blame the U.S. for Terrorism: “Terrorism is Not a Muslim Problem” – Video 12/4/15

CAIR Features Brother-in-Law of Shooter Suspect Syed Farook at Bizarre Presser to Condemn San Bernardino Attack; Keeps Him from Answering Questions – Video 12/2/15

Former Al-Qaeda Operative Turned CIA Double-Agent Tells the Politically-Incorrect Truth about Islam; Quotes from Muhammad, “I have been made Victorious by Terror” – Video 11/17/15

Hillary Clinton Will Not say We are at War with “Radical Islam” – Video 11/14/15

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