Here is video of Middle East expert Walid Phares reacting to news of a “Cease-Fire” between Israel and Gaza. The “Cease-Fire” began at 2 PM ET. Phares said the outcome makes new Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi the big “kingmaker”, “peacemaker” in the region, with him being the big winner out of the entire ordeal. Israel depends on him to keep Hamas from launching rockets from Gaza, and as Phares said, Morsi “can now demand anything that he wants from the United States at this point and time.” Phares pointed out Morsi is the one who allowed missiles to go to Hamas in Gaza, and now he benefits by being the one who can stop them from being launched. What he will demand from the United States is “money,” according to Phares.

Middle East Expert: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi becomes “Kingmaker” through Cease-Fire between Israel and Hamas; Morsi “can Now Demand Anything He Wants from the U.S.” – Video 11/21/12

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