Vice-President Mike Pence Declares Trump WILL Move U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; “Not ‘If’ but ‘When'” – Video 7/17/17

Alan Dershowitz: President Trump Saying and Doing All the Right Things in Saudi Arabia and Israel – Video 5/22/17

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley: “The Days of Israel-bashing are Over” – Video 3/27/16

Palestinian Protester Interrupts Trump Nominee for Ambassador to Israel during Senate Hearing – Video 2/16/17

President Trump, PM Benjamin Netanyahu Hold Joint Press Conference at the White House; Trump Stands Strong for Israel – Complete Video 2/15/17


Report: Trump Team Considering Inviting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to Attend Inauguration

Israeli Ambassador to the United States: Obama Orchestrated UN “Gang Up” on Israel – Video 12/26/16

Krauthammer: Today Obama “Joined the Jackals at the U.N.” in Disgraceful Resolution Condemning Israel; Trump Says Things will be Different Jan. 20! – Video 12/23/16

Dem Keith Ellison Questioned about Past Remarks about Israel as He Pursues DNC Chair Position – Video 12/14/16

Donald Trump Says He will Support Israel “One-Thousand Percent” if Elected President – Video 10/27/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s “Moral Equivalency” Blaming of Israel for Palestinian Knife Attacks on Israelis is “Shameful” – Video 10/16/15

Obama Singles Out Israel for Opposing His Deal with the Radical Islamists in Iran – Video 8/5/15

Hillary Clinton does Nothing to Refute Questioner who Claims Israel is Practicing “Apartheid” – Video 7/28/15

Huckabee on “Today” won’t Back Down on Warning that Obama Deal with Iran Will Lead Israel to the “Door of the Oven” – Video 7/28/15


Huckabee: Obama Iran Deal “Will take the Israelis and March them to the Door of the Oven” – 7/26/15

Netanyahu: Obama Iran Deal “a Stunning, Historic Mistake”; “Israel is Not Bound by this Deal”; “We will Always Defend Ourselves” – Video 7/14/15

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