Scott Walker: “Radical Islamic Terrorism is a Threat to Us All” and We Need a President who will “Stop It” – Video 5/23/15

Netanyahu Rejects Obama’s Cave-in to Iran; Demands that any Deal Include Iran Recognizing “Israel’s Right to Exist” – Video 4/3/15

Anti-Israel Remarks from Obama Chief of Staff: Israel’s “Occupation that has Lasted more than 50 Years Must End” – 3/23/15 UPDATED with Video

Sen. John McCain to Obama: “It’s Time to Get Over Your Temper Tantrum” against Israel and Netanyahu – Video 3/22/15

Krauthammer: “It’s Clear that Obama Loathes Netanyahu more than any Other World Leader. . . More than the Ayatollah and Putin” – Video 3/18/15

Amy Holmes Destroys “Morning Joe” Crew Distraught over Netanyahu Victory in Israel – Video 3/18/15

CNN: Netanyahu Victory “Feels Like a Shellacking” for Obama – Video 3/18/15

ABC News: Netanyahu Wins “Stunning,” “Landslide” Victory; “Lots of Disappointment at the White House” – Video 3/18/15


Israeli Election Predictions – Great Resource; Will Netanyahu Win?

Iranian Foreign Minister won’t Distance Himself from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s Threat to Annihilate Israel – Video 3/5/15

Obama State Dept Throws Israel Under the Bus Again; Jen Psaki Says Israel “Could have done more” to Prevent Civilian Casualties in Gaza – Video 11/7/14

Iraqi State TV Launches Comedy Show Depicting ISIS as the Child of the Devil and Israel that “Hatched from an Egg”

After Hamas Breaks Cease-fire, Israeli Forces Hit Rocket Launcher, Mortar Sites in Gaza – Raw Video 8/21/14

Once Again, Hamas Breaks Cease-Fire with Rocket Attacks from Gaza into Israel – Video Report 8/19/14

Leftist MSNBC Host: Civilians Killed in Gaza by Israel is a “Population Equivalent to 100 9/11’s” – Video 8/6/14

Israel Withdraws Ground Forces from Gaza; Hamas Fires 20-Rocket Barrage at Israel Just before New Cease-Fire Takes Effect – Video 8/5/14

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