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Here is video of Charles Krauthammer commenting on President Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary – Jack Lew – and his truly bizarre signature that would adorn U.S. paper currency, if he is confirmed:

“It looks like a Fruit Loop. . . . That signature is the number of zeroes he’s going to add to the National Debt in a second term. . . “


This is the same Jack Lew who refused to call ObamaCare a “tax”, even though he and Obama were perfectly happy for it to be upheld by the Supreme Court as a “tax”:

Via The Rightnewz

Krauthammer on Obama’s Treasury Nominee’s Bizarre Signature: “That Signature is the Number of Zeroes He’s Going to Add to the National Debt” – Video 1/10/13

Absolutely ridiculous.

Here is video of Barack Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Jack Lew, on ABC News “This Week” today where he absolutely refused to use the word “tax” to describe the ObamaCare Mandate even though it was upheld by the Supreme Court as a “tax.” He would not even use the word “tax” to state what the Supreme Court called it, much less call it a tax himself. Even liberal George Stephanopoulos clearly thought he was making a fool of himself.

I hope Obama tries to do this in the debates this Fall. If he does, Mitt Romney will have an opening to make him look just as ridiculous. After all, Obama sent his own Solicitor General to the Supreme Court to argue that it is a tax! Listen below:

Obama Chief of Staff Won’t Utter the Word “Tax” to Describe ObamaCare; Audio of Obama’s Solicitor General Arguing it is a Tax before the Supreme Court – Video / Audio – 7/1/12

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