First Charges Filed in Benghazi Attack; Against Libyan Militia Leader Interviewed Just Days Ago on CNN – Video Report 8/6/13

CNN Reports: Al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula “May have Something Big Going Down”; May be in “Final Stages” of Attack vs. U.S. and other Western Targets – Video Report 8/2/13

CNN Benghazi Bombshell: CIA Engaging in “Unprecedented” Intimidation of Benghazi Operatives to Keep them Silent about what Happened; At Least 35 Americans in Benghazi on Unknown Operation the Night of the Attack – Video Report 8/1/13


Former Obama 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager: “I was in the (157 White House) Meetings with Him (IRS Chief). So there was Nothing Nefarious Going On” – Video 6/4/13

CNN’s Jake Tapper Warns Obama Supporters about Dangerous Precedent being Set in Going after Journalists: “When it’s Not Your Guy in the White House . . . .” – Video 5/22/13

Sen. Rick Santorum Putting Himself in Position to Run for President in 2016 – Video 5/17/13

Mother of American Killed in Benghazi Attack Says She Believes Obama Administration is “Covering Up” the Truth about what Happened – Video 5/7/13


A.B. Stoddard: Obama and the Democrats Will Try Gun Control again “Too Soon” and “I Don’t Think their going to make it the Second Time” – Video 5/2/13

Jake Tapper on Cyprus-like Confiscation of Savings in America: “One Wonders” about the Long-Term – Video 3/18/13

He was clearly not comfortable with the question because it points out the utter hypocrisy of Barack Obama and the Democrats. Jake Tapper today pointed out to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that Barack Obama as a Senator voted against raising the debt ceiling. Now, he wants unilateral authority to raise it as President without any input from Congress. Obama is actually trying to make that condition part of the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations.

Jake Tapper to Jay Carney: “You are Aware that when He was a Senator, President Obama voted Against Raising the Debt-Ceiling?” – Video 12/4/12

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ABC News is reporting that President Obama is planning a major shakeup of his Cabinet as he prepares to begin his 2nd Term as President. He will have to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner. Jake Tapper reports that Susan Rice has the inside track for State, even though liberal commentator Kirsten Powers said yesterday such a move would show Obama’s “arrogance,” and could prove to be his “undoing.”

ABC News’ Jake Tapper Reports on coming Obama Cabinet Shakeup; Says Susan Rice has “Inside Track” for Secretary of State – Video Report 11/26/12

Interesting tweet from ABC News’ Jake Tapper to NBC’s Mark Murray on their new poll using a Democrat +9 sample to show Barack Obama with a six-point lead in Ohio.

Interesting ABC News’ Jake Tapper Tweet on NBC Poll Showing Obama up by Six-Points in Ohio – 11/3/12

Here is a video report by ABC News’ Jake Tapper on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s preparations for tonight’s Town-Hall Style Presidential Debate. Tapper also mentions Romney is surging in the key Battleground States, leading Obama 51%-46%, according to a new poll by USA Today/Gallup in those states.

Romney, Obama Prep for Tonight’s Town-Hall Style Presidential Debate as Romney Moves Ahead of Obama in Key Battleground States – Video Report 10/15/12

Here is video of ABC News’ Jake Tapper telling Greta Van Susteren that there “really isn’t an explanation that’s been forthcoming” from Barack Obama and his White House as to why he refused to meet with any World Leaders at the United Nations this week – including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Tapper said Obama had 12 meetings last year when he went to the U.N.

Jake Tapper: There “Really Isn’t an Explanation that’s been Forthcoming” on why Obama Refused to Meet with World Leaders at U.N.; Held “12 Meetings” Last Year – Video 9/24/12

Here is video of ABC News’ Jake Tapper yesterday asking Obama’s White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “Where is the President’s plan” on how to save Medicare?

There isn’t one.

ABC News’ Jake Tapper Asks White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “Where is the President’s Plan” to Save Medicare? – Video

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Here is video of ABC News’ Jake Tapper asking White House Press Secretary Jay Carney what the 2004 “Let’s bring the country together” Barack Obama would think about his current negative Presidential Campaign.

Of course, Carney really gave no answer. What can he say? He can’t run on his record so he has to try and demonize Mitt Romney.

Via Hot Air

ABC News’ Jake Tapper Asks Obama Press Secretary what the 2004 “Let’s Bring the Country Together” Obama would Think of His Presidential Campaign – Video 7/27/12

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