CNN’s Jake Tapper Tries to Interview Palestinian Spokesman Who Launches into Repeated Anti-Israel Harangues – Video 7/30/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper Accuses Israel of “Killing Palestinian Children” with No Mention of Hamas Rockets, or Hamas using Children as Human Shields – Video 7/29/14

Dick Cheney: Barack Obama’s Failure to Leave “Stay-Behind Force” in Iraq to Blame for ISIS Catastrophe – Video 7/15/14

Bergdahl’s Squad Leader Tells Jake Tapper: He “Totally Deserted” – Video 6/6/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper Questions Whether Obama will Really Do Anything if Putin Meddles in Ukraine’s Elections – Video 5/23/14

Jake Tapper Asks Obama Chief of Staff: “How Many Dead Veterans Do You Need” to Get Your Attention? – Video 5/15/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper: Jay Carney has been “Dissembling, Obfuscating and Insulting” on Benghazi – Audio 5/2/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper Asks Obama what Happened to His “Slowing the Rise of the Oceans” and Healing the World Expectations – Video 1/31/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper Gets Destroyed by U.S. War Hero Marcus Luttrell in Interview about “Lone Survivor” – Video 1/12/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper: If Hillary Clinton Runs for President, there are “A Lot of Questions” She Will have to Answer about Benghazi – Audio 1/7/14

CNN Reporter: Obama Syria Policy “is Really in Shambles Right Now”; Islamists Tied to Al-Qaeda Seize Weapons from Syrian Rebel “Moderates” – Video 12/13/13

Uh Oh! CNN’s Jake Tapper Runs Video of Obama in 2010 Admitting Millions would Lose their Health Plan due to ObamaCare – Video 2/25/10

CNN’s Jake Tapper on “What is the Next Shoe to Drop” with ObamaCare? – Video 11/4/13

Oh My! White House Spokesman Won’t Guarantee ObamaCare Website will be Fixed by March 15, 2014! – Video 10/22/13

Mark Levin on CNN with Jake Tapper Reacts to Obama Making Nice with Iran: “Obama Should Pretend John Boehner is the President of Iran” and Call Him, Tweet Him – Video 9/27/13

Obama Adviser’s Divisive Rhetoric: Republicans are “People with Bombs Strapped to their Chests” – Video 9/26/13

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