Sen. Jim Inhofe: ISIS “Rapidly Developing Method of Blowing up a Major U.S. City”; “They’re Crazy” – Video 8/22/14

Sen. James Inhofe, Rep. Peter King: So Far, Votes Not there to Pass Resolution for War against Syria – Video 9/1/13


Sen. James Inhofe: Obama Administration using Government Buying to “Intentionally Dry Up” Supply of Ammunition in America – Audio 5/6/13


Sen. James Inhofe: “If it Took a Filibuster, I Would Do It that Way” to Stop Hagel Confirmation for Defense – Video 2/11/13

Sen. Jim Inhofe: Gun Control Legislation assumes the “Criminal Element” will Obey New Laws – Video 1/30/13

Here is video of Sen. Jim Inhofe in an interview with NewsMax yesterday, where he said flatly that tax increases are not on the table, as far as he’s concerned, in the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. Inhofe said, “We have a President who’s obsessed with tax increases.”

Inhofe: “Our problem is spending too much, not taxing too little.”

Via The Rightnewz

GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe: “We have a President Who’s Obsessed with Tax Increases. . . Our Problem is Spending Too Much, Not Taxing Too Little” – Video 11/27/12

Via Sen. James Inhofe

If there was any doubt about the Barack Obama Administration’s War on Coal – there should not be after this video of a top EPA Official praising the EPA’s decision to essentially destroy the Coal Industry in America.

In fact, it’s clear they realize it means many coal communities in West Virginia and Pennsylvania will “just go away” as a result of their policies. But in their warped minds, that’s just what has to happen – all in the name of their radical Global Warming ideology. It’s what the “long policy” demands.

Obama’s War on Coal should play really well in Pennsylvania and Ohio especially this Fall.

Via Hot Air

EPA Official Says Obama’s War on Coal Tough because it’s Hard to Tell PA, WV Coal Communities “We Think those Communities should Just Go Away – We Can’t Do That” – Video

Here is video of GOP Sen. James Inhofe being interviewed by Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey. Inhofe had previously endorsed Rick Perry for President, and says he likely won’t be making another formal endorsement. But he told Captain Ed that of the remaining GOP Presidential Candidates, only “one candidate can seriously address his four key issues” – Rick Santorum:

HOT AIR: . . . The four areas are fiscal (budget deficits, which Inhofe blames entirely on Barack Obama), the decline of the military, energy production, and the rapid growth of the regulatory regime. Inhofe says the best candidate of the four remaining to deal with all four issues is … Rick Santorum. It’s not a formal endorsement, but it certainly is a key statement of support from a well-respected conservative on Capitol Hill. . . Read More

Speaking of Santorum, Inhofe said: “I know Rick real well, and I do know you can depend on him.”

GOP Sen. James Inhofe Says Rick Santorum is the Only Remaining GOP Candidate Addressing Key Issues Facing the Nation – Video 2/8/12

Here is a video report on Gov. Rick Perry making a stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma this afternoon to receive the endorsement of Oklahoma U.S. Senator James Inhofe for President.

After Inhofe’s endorsement, Perry made brief remarks, saying he intends to lift regulations on drilling for oil in states like Oklahoma that will create jobs and help make America more energy independent.

He also made it clear that if he is elected President, “I will never send our young men and women into places where America’s interests are not clearly defined.”

Perry also made use of a line I had not heard him use before: “Americans don’t believe our country is in decline, but that rather Washington is in decline.” That’s a good one.

Gov. Rick Perry Receives Endorsement in Oklahoma from U.S. Sen. James Inhofe; Pledges to Lift Regulations on Oil and Natural Gas Industries – Video 8/29/11

Conservative Republican Sen. James Inhofe has announced he will officially endorse Gov. Rick Perry for President on Monday.

Conservative Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe Set to Endorse Texas Gov. Rick Perry for President

Here is video of GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe describing in gory detail the photos of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse that he was allowed to view at the CIA.

Inhofe described the 12 photos as “gruesome.” He said Bin Laden’s beard was “salt and pepper,” and he was wearing “underwear.” He said the bullet appeared to have gone in through the eye socket and the explosive force pushed part of the brain back out of the eye socket.

He also saw photos from the USS Carl Vinson from which Bin Laden was buried at sea. Inhofe said there were two pictures from there. One showed Bin Laden having been cleaned up, making him easy to identify. The other photo from the ship showed Bin Laden about to be slid off a tilted “black couch-thing” and into the sea.

Inhofe said he has urged the Obama Administration to release the two photos from the ship taken prior to the burial at sea. Inhofe does not buy the “let’s not make the terrorists mad” argument, because he said “the people who are going to be offended by this are trying to kill us anyway.”

GOP Sen. James Inhofe Describes the Osama Bin Laden Corpse Photos in Gory Detail – Video 5/11/11

Here is video of Sen. James Inhofe asking Adm. James Stavridis – NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe – about whether there are elements of Al-Qaeda among the Libyan Rebels we are assisting with military action. The Admiral said that is being looked at very closely, and he admitted there have been “flickers of Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah” among the rebels. But, Stavridis said by and large, they are “responsible men and women who are struggling against Gadhafi.”

Inhofe sugggested it would have been a good idea to find out who they are before jumping in on their side with military action.

Sen. James Inhofe Asks NATO Commander about Al-Qaeda among Libyan Rebels – Video 3/29/11

Here is priceless video from a recent U.S. Senate hearing where GOP Senators John Barrasso and Jim Inhofe demonstrate to Chairwoman Barbara Boxer that President Obama’s own science adviser – John Holdren – was trumpeting the perils of a coming Ice Age back in the 1970’s, just as he pushes the threat of man-made Global Warming today. Democrats had tried to counter the Republicans by saying there was no consensus in the 70’s among scientists as to a coming Ice Age. That’s when Inhofe lowered the boom with a quote from Holdren himself – Obama’s own Science Adviser – having pushed the idea at the time.

GOP Senators Cite Obama’s Science Adviser as Having Pushed Belief in Threat from Coming “Ice Age” in 1970’s – Video

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