Mattis Sternly Warns Kim Jong-un: Threats to U.S. and Allies will be met with “Massive Military Response” – Video 9/3/17

Mattis Reinforces Trump in Strong Warning to North Korea: Must “Avoid Actions that would lead. . . “to the Destruction of its People” – 8/9/17

Classic James Mattis Response to “What Keeps You Awake at Night?”: “Nothing. I Keep Other People Awake at Night.” – Video 5/28/17

Defense Secretary James Mattis on ISIS: “We are going to take Apart the Caliphate”; Moved to “Annihilation Tactics” – Video 5/28/17

Defense Secretary James Mattis: Absolutely No Doubt Assad Launched Chemical Weapons Attack against Civilians – Video 4/11/17

Gen. James Mattis Delivers Outstanding Opening Statement at Senate Confirmation Hearing – Complete Hearing Video 1/12/17

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: “Iranian Leadership Should be Very, Very Afraid” of Trump, Mattis; “Their Free Ride is Over” – Video 12/5/16

Democrat Rep. Tells Wolf Blitzer he Supports Mattis for Defense Secretary – Video 12/6/16

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