Obama Press Secretary Will Not Say if the U.S. is “Winning” the War on ISIS – Video 9/11/15

Report: Hillary Clinton “Slept Through Meeting” to Brief Her on Benghazi Four Days after 2012 Terrorist Attack – Video 5/22/15

James Rosen to State Dept’s Marie Harf: So, How is it being a Surrogate for the Hillary Clinton Campaign? – Video 5/22/15

James Rosen Explosive Report: Secret Intel Shows Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “Declared Himself a Warrior for Islam” during Captivity – Video 6/5/14

James Rosen Tells Bill O’Reilly Why He’s Wrong to Give Hillary Clinton a Pass on the Run-up to the Benghazi Terrorist Attack – Video 5/14/14

Obama was Told from the Earliest Moments that the Benghazi Attack was a Terrorist Attack – Video Report 1/13/14

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney Dismissively Walks Away from James Rosen’s Probing Question on the Benghazi Scandal – Video 10/17/13

Fox News’ James Rosen Asks where U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power was during Special U.N. Meeting on Chemical Weapons Use in Syria – Video 8/22/13

NBC News’ David Gregory Reveals then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Called Eric Holder to Say He had to Do Something about Fox News’ James Rosen Leak Reporting – Video 5/31/13

Brit Hume takes Juan Williams to task for Saying Eric Holder “is the Exact Right Person” to Investigate the Holder Justice Dept. in Rosen Case – Video 5/26/13

Did Obama Attorney General Eric Holder Lie During Testimony before Congress? – Video


Scarborough Hammers Obama Admin for Targeting “Opposition” Fox News Journalist – Video 5/22/13

Obama Justice Department Targeted Fox News Reporters James Rosen, William La Jeunesse – Video Report 5/20/13

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney Grudgingly gives Credit to President George W. Bush for Decision to Remove Saddam Hussein from Power in Iraq – Video 3/19/13

Here is video of Fox News’ James Rosen confronting White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about President Obama’s “photo-op” trip to Pennsylvania planned to push for tax increases as part of the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. NBC News’ Chuck Todd chimed in that it looks like everyone is just “killing time” until the final week of the session ahead of the Christmas break when a deal will actually get done.

Jay Carney Confronted about Obama “Photo-ops” in Fiscal Cliff Battle – Video 11/27/12

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