Jay Carney: Syria does Pose Imminent Threat to the U.S.; Affirms Rationale for Obama to Act without Congressional Approval – Video 8/27/13

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: “Undeniable” Chemical Weapons used against “Innocent Civilians” in Syria; Believe Assad Regime is “Culpable” – Video 8/26/13

Jay Carney: IRS and Benghazi Scandals are Not Scandals at All – Video 7/31/13

In Shootout over IRS Scandal, a Bumfuzzled Jay Carney Almost Says “Inappropriate Activity” Occurred at the “White House” – Video 7/24/13

Daily Caller Intern Outdoes White House Press; Asks Perturbed Jay Carney if Obama will “Take any Action” for Security of Zimmerman Family in Wake of Death Threats – Video 7/17/13

Jay Carney on Obama’s Hypocritical About Face on Using the “Nuclear Option” to End Senate 60-Vote Rule; In 2005 Obama Defended the Rule He Now wants to End – Videos 2005, 2013

White House Press Corps Breaks out in Laughter as Reporter asks Jay Carney, “So, How’s that (Obama’s Egypt Policy) Working Out?” – Video 7/10/13

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney Refuses to Answer whether We can Expect More Delays and Problems with ObamaCare – Video 7/8/13


Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney’s Thousands of Evasive Non-Answers – Interactive 6/21/13


Jay Carney Responds to whether or not NSA Leaker Edward Snowden is a “Hero” – Video 6/10/13

Jay Carney Challenged by Fox News’ Ed Henry on Obama’s Claim “Every Member” of Congress was Briefed on NSA Snooping on Americans – Video 6/10/13

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa Slams Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney as Obama’s “Paid Liar” – Video 6/2/13

Jay Carney Repeatedly Dodges Questions on Eric Holder from both CBS News’ Major Garrett and Fox News’ Ed Henry – Video 5/29/13

Jay Carney won’t Name the White House Staffers who Knew about IRS Scandal Investigation while Obama Did Not Know – Video 5/20/13

Jay Carney: White House Staff Knew about IRS Scandal – but No One Told Obama about It – Video 5/20/13

CNN Mocks Obama White House for Repeated “I Cannot Comment” Dodge on Scandal Questions – Video 5/15/13

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