Jay Carney on Obama Amnesty Move: “This is a Big Risk for the President” – Video 11/20/14

Newt Gingrich: Obama Declaring Himself to be “Emperor of the United States. . . Biggest Mistake of his Presidency” – Video 11/19/14

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: Jay Carney’s Claim that Syrian Rebels Better Positioned Now to take on ISIS “Doesn’t Seem to be the Case” – Video 9/11/14

Sen. John McCain Relentlessly Destroys Jay Carney on CNN over Obama’s Decisions that Created ISIS Crisis – Video 9/10/14

CNN Reporter Asks Jay Carney if Obama believes He is “Above the Law” – Video 6/2/14

Jay Carney Resigns as Obama Press Secretary; Josh Earnest Named as Replacement – Video 5/30/14

CNN’s Jim Acosta Asks Jay Carney if V.A., ObamaCare Scandals Show Obama is “Too Detached” as President – Video 5/21/14

Jay Carney Won’t Even Admit the V.A. Scandal is Reality; Only Acknowledges “Allegations” – Video 5/20/14

Jay Carney: “I Believe” Barack Obama Took a Promised 5% Pay Cut – Video 5/20/14

Jonathan Karl Not Buying Jay Carney’s Claim “Resignation” of V.A. Official Already Slated to Leave Constitutes “Accountability” – Video 5/19/14

Jay Carney: Obama only Learned about V.A. Scandal “through News Reports” – Video 5/19/14

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl to Jay Carney: Why are You Praising the V.A. while Veterans may “have Actually Died” Waiting for Care? – Video 5/16/14

MSNBC Anchor Asks Jay Carney Why Hillary Clinton Refused to Designate Boko Haram a “Terrorist Group” in 2011 – Video 5/9/14

Sen. John McCain: Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney “Has Destroyed His Reputation” – Video 5/5/14

Jay Carney Will Not Say Obama and His White House will Cooperate with the House Select Committee Benghazi Investigation – Video 5/5/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper: Jay Carney has been “Dissembling, Obfuscating and Insulting” on Benghazi – Audio 5/2/14

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