Jeb Bush Confronted about Reports His Brother Used Eminent Domain to Build Rangers Ballpark in Arlington – Video 2/8/16

Oh My! Jeb Bush Tells Bored New Hampshire Audience, “Please Clap” – Video 2/3/16

Jeb Bush Releases Hard-Hitting Web Ad Attacking Donald Trump – Video 2/2/16

Sen. Lindsey Graham Endorses Jeb Bush for President – Video 1/15/16

New Jeb Bush Ad Attacks Donald Trump as a “Jerk” – Video 1/14/16

New Pro-Rubio Ad Slams Jeb Bush’s Campaign as a “Train-Wreck” – Video 1/14/16

Pro-Jeb Bush SuperPAC Releases Ad Hammering Marco Rubio as a “Flip-Flopper” – Video 1/12/16

Report: Jeb Bush Cancels Ad Buys in Iowa, South Carolina to Beef up “Ground Game” – Video 12/30/15

Thank you Jeb Bush- you finally get it!

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Trump Posts Instagram Ad Using Clips of Jeb Bush Praising – Donald Trump – Video 12/9/15

New Jeb Bush Ad: Gun Control Not the Answer to Defeating ISIS; Must create a Strategy to “Annihilate ISIS” – Video 12/8/15

Jeb Bush Scolds Media: Trump is “Playing You Guys Like a Fiddle” – Video 11/29/15

Was Marco Rubio Rebuffed by Jeb Bush during a Break in the FBN GOP Debate? – Video 11/10/15

Ben Carson Campaign Denies ever Conceding that Carson Lied about West Point Scholarship; Jeb Bush Stands by Carson – Video 11/6/15


New Florida Poll Finds Donald Trump with Double-Digit Lead over GOP Field – 11/2/15

Mark Steyn on Jeb Bush Campaign: “This is the Monarchy and He isn’t the Crown Prince” – Video 10/26/15

Krauthammer Unloads on Jeb Bush’s Meltdown: “Pathetic, Petulant” and “Not very Presidential” – Video 10/26/15

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