Jeb Bush Releases Attack Ad against Donald Trump – Video 9/1/15

New Donald Trump Ad Hammers Jeb Bush “Act of Love” Remark on Illegal Aliens – Video 8/31/15

Jeb Bush, who said He would not Talk about Donald Trump, goes on the Attack against Trump – Video 8/20/15

Donald Trump does Lengthy Interview on “Morning Joe”; Mocks Panel for Thinking His Candidacy is Good for Jeb Bush – Video 7/17/15

Jeb Bush Reacts in Town Hall to Trump Attacks: “Ludicrous” to Think I would Not “Control the Border” – Video 7/8/15

Jeb Bush Hammers Donald Trump: “He doesn’t Represent the Republican Party or Its Values” – Video 7/5/15

Report: Democrats Worried about Jeb Bush doing Well with Latino Voters – Video 6/21/15

Jeb Bush Campaign Releases “#JebNoFilter” Video: “New Hampshire Edition” – Video 6/16/15

“For America” Ad Calls Jeb Bush “Unelectable” for Praising Hillary Clinton’s Work in 2013 (After Benghazi) – Video

Jeb Bush: America “should be the World’s Superpower Economically,” and Foreign Policy Leader – Video 6/16/15

Jeb Bush Holds Town Hall Meeting in NH on the Day after His Presidential Announcement – Video Report 6/16/15


Jeb Bush to Open Presidential Campaign with a Town-Hall Meeting Today in New Hampshire – Video Report 6/16/15

Jeb Bush on Presidential Campaign: “I Will Run to Win!” – Video 6/15/15

Gov. Jeb Bush Announces He is Running for President of the United States – Complete Video 6/15/15

Jeb Bush to Announce Presidential Run in Miami Today at 3 PM ET; Releases New Ad – “Greatest Century” – Video 6/15/15

New Jeb Bush Web Ad: “Conservative” – Video 6/14/15

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