Was Marco Rubio Rebuffed by Jeb Bush during a Break in the FBN GOP Debate? – Video 11/10/15

Ben Carson Campaign Denies ever Conceding that Carson Lied about West Point Scholarship; Jeb Bush Stands by Carson – Video 11/6/15


New Florida Poll Finds Donald Trump with Double-Digit Lead over GOP Field – 11/2/15

Mark Steyn on Jeb Bush Campaign: “This is the Monarchy and He isn’t the Crown Prince” – Video 10/26/15

Krauthammer Unloads on Jeb Bush’s Meltdown: “Pathetic, Petulant” and “Not very Presidential” – Video 10/26/15

Frustrated Jeb Bush Meltdown in SC Rant; Utters Words, “Elect Trump…….” – Video 10/25/15

Donald Trump Vows Unequivocally, “Absolutely Yes,” to Support Jeb Bush if Bush Wins the GOP Nomination – Video 10/20/15

Krauthammer: Jeb Bush Took the Bait from Donald Trump on George W. and 9/11 – Video 10/19/15

Rude Woman who Questioned Trump at “No Labels” Event is a Jeb Bush Campaign Worker – Video 10/13/15

Media Goes After Jeb Bush for “Stuff Happens” Remark – Video 10/3/15


New Donald Trump Ad Hammers “Low-Energy Jeb!” – Video 9/8/15

Jeb Bush Releases Attack Ad against Donald Trump – Video 9/1/15

New Donald Trump Ad Hammers Jeb Bush “Act of Love” Remark on Illegal Aliens – Video 8/31/15

Jeb Bush, who said He would not Talk about Donald Trump, goes on the Attack against Trump – Video 8/20/15

Donald Trump does Lengthy Interview on “Morning Joe”; Mocks Panel for Thinking His Candidacy is Good for Jeb Bush – Video 7/17/15

Jeb Bush Reacts in Town Hall to Trump Attacks: “Ludicrous” to Think I would Not “Control the Border” – Video 7/8/15

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