Jeb Bush Turns the Tables on Obama, Hillary: Asks “Why didn’t You Leave 10,000 Troops in Iraq” to Preserve the U.S. Victory? – Video 5/20/15

Carl Cameron: Jeb Bush to Announce Presidential Run in “Late June”; Will Skip the Iowa Straw Poll in August – Video Report 5/12/15

Gov. Jeb Bush does Extensive Interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly – 2 Part Video 5/9/15


Poll: Scott Walker takes Slim Lead over Jeb Bush in South Carolina Primary; Ted Cruz makes Big Move Up – 3/31/15


Poll: Jeb Bush, Scott Walker Tied in New Hampshire with Rand Paul close behind; Christie Surprisingly Strong; Cruz Moves Up – 3/31/15


Jeb Bush, Scott Walker Well Ahead of GOP Pack in Two 2016 GOP New Hampshire Primary Polls – 3/25/15

Susan Page does Not see a “Bush-Clinton” Race in 2016 – Video 3/15/15

Gov. Jeb Bush makes first Trip to NH of 2016 campaign – Video Report 3/14/15

Lanny Davis Displays the Clinton Defense for Her Email Scandal: Don’t Look at Me – Look over There! – Video 3/6/15


New Polls in South Carolina, Florida show Jeb Bush and Scott Walker Locked in Close Race – 3/5/15

Gov. Jeb Bush Takes Questions Head-on from Sean Hannity at CPAC 2015 – Video 2/27/15

Some CPAC Attendees Stage Walkout on Jeb Bush – Video 2/27/15

Gov. Jeb Bush Delivers Major Foreign Policy Speech: America is “No Longer Feared by our Enemies” – Complete Video 2/18/15

Latest 2012 Presidential Election Polls

Bloomberg Poll (1/31-2/5/15): Jeb Bush Leads New Hampshire GOP Presidential Poll; Rand Paul, Scott Walker Close Behind

Shocker: Liberal Donny Deutsch on MSNBC says, “Like it or Not, Jeb Bush is our Next President” – Video 1/30/15

Donald Trump Blasts Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney at “Iowa Freedom Summit”; Says He’s Considering 2016 Presidential Run – Complete Video 1/24/15

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