Attorney General Jeff Sessions Hammers Democrat Hack Sen. Ron Wyden at Hearing – Video 6/13/17

Ridiculous: David Gergen thinks Sessions violated Recusal Terms because He talked with Trump about the FBI Director

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: It’s not Racist to Deport people who Violate U.S. Immigration Law – Video 4/21/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Penalties against “Sanctuary” Cities that won’t Comply with Federal Immigration Law – Video 3/27/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Asks all Remaining Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys to Resign – Video Report 3/10/17

Sec. of State Tillerson, AG Jeff Sessions, HS Sec. Kelly Announce President Trump’s Revised Travel Ban – Video 3/6/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself from any Investigations connected to 2016 Election – Complete Video 3/2/17

GOP Rep. Tom Cole on Leftist Attacks on AG Jeff Sessions: “Hysteria and Desperation of Dems is almost Laughable” – Video 3/2/17

Latest Fake Media Outrage: Jeff Sessions Spoke with Russian Ambassador Twice During 2016 – Video 3/2/17

In Oval Office, Jeff Sessions Sworn-in as Attorney General of the U.S. – Video 2/9/17

Jeff Sessions gives Gracious Senate Farewell Speech after being Confirmed as U.S. Attorney General – Video 2/8/17

Senate Confirms Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General by a 52-47 Vote – Video 2/8/17

Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren Told to “Take Her Seat” for “Impugning the Motives” of Sen. Jeff Sessions – Video 2/7/17

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing for Attorney General: Day One – Complete Video 1/10/17

Leftist, Sore Loser Protesters Interrupt Jeff Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing for Attorney General – Videos 1/10/17


Official Trump Transition Press Release Announces Sessions for AG, Flynn for National Security Adviser, Pompeo for CIA – 11/18/16

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