Here is video of political reporter and analyst Jennifer Donahue on MSNBC’s Hardball yesterday where she said the 2012 GOP Nomination race is now “Rick Perry’s to lose.”

Donahue said she talked with a major GOP Donor yesterday and the entire hour she was talking to him he was getting calls from former Pawlenty supporters, Bachmann supporters, Romney supporters, and the money was just rolling in for Rick Perry. She called Romney a “beleaguered front-runner,” but concluded, “It’s over for Mitt Romney.”

She also told Howard Fineman that Perry could definitely defeat Barack Obama in New Hampshire because people there are so fed up with the state of the U.S. Economy.

Interestingly, when Chris Matthews asked her who the Obama Team fears the most – Romney, Bachmann, or Perry – Donahue answered without hesitation, “Perry.”

Political Analyst Says “It’s Over for Mitt Romney”; Obama “Fears Perry the Most” – Video 8/15/11

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