I know this is a couple of days old, but didn’t get it posted before Thanksgiving. Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has resigned from Congress, even though he won re-election in the November Election. Jackson Jr. has been involved for months in medical treatments and federal investigations. A special election will have to be held to fill his seat in the House.

Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns from Congress – Video Report 11/21/12

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Here is a video report from Chicago on Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. that he may be in discussions with Federal Authorities to plea-bargain on allegations that he misused Campaign Funds to redecorate his home and buy a Rolex for a female friend. Jackson Jr. is at the Mayo Clinic. He was re-elected to Congress on Tuesday.

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Report: Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. May be Discussing a Plea Deal with Federal Authorities – Video Report 11/8/12

The mother of Illinois Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has spoken out about the circumstances that have led to him taking a “leave of absence” from his duties as a Congressman.

Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson told a luncheon crowd, “My son is unwell.” She went on to say that he is dealing with a lot of “disappointment”:

“He thought he was going to be a senator. He thought he was going to have a chance to run for mayor. And young people don’t bounce back from disappointment like me and my husband.”

No official word from Jackson on when he will resume his duties.

Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Mother Speaks Out: “My Son is Unwell”; Says He is Dealing with “Disappointment” of Not being a Senator, Running for Mayor of Chicago – Video Report 7/13/12

Complete insanity.

Here is video of Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. earlier this month speaking on the Floor of the House of Representatives where he made truly unbelievable statements about how the U.S. Constitution should be altered.

Jackson said the Constitution should be amended to add the following as “basic rights” to deal with the long-term unemployed:

“We need to add to the Constitution the right for a family to have a decent home. . . .We need to add to the Constitution the right to medical care. . . .We need to add to the Constitution of the United States the right to a decent education for every American. . . .How many people would be put to work building roofs and designing classrooms and providing every student with an ipod and a laptop. . . .There’s an even greater America in front of us. It’s the America that adds to our founding documents these basic rights.”

A “right” to an ipod and a laptop? This demonstrates how seriously many Democrats take our fiscal mess as a nation. They still have their wish list they plan on bringing to pass when they get another opportunity.

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Insanity: Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Wants to “Provide Every Student with an Ipod and a Laptop” – Video

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