Jesse Jackson on “Cavuto” Asked by Neil to Condemn the Rioting and Looting in Charlotte – Video 9/22/16

Jesse Jackson Blames “High-Powered Weapons” for Dallas Police Assassinations; Criticizes Police Officers Again – Video 7/8/16

Oh my.

Here is video of the Rev. Jesse Jackson on Fox News yesterday where he was flailing about, looking for any argument possible to restrict the 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans. He decided to claim we need to do so because people might use “semi-automatic weapons” to “shoot down airplanes.”

Via CNS News

Rev. Jesse Jackson: “Semi-Automatic Weapons” are a “Threat of National Security” because People might use them to “Shoot Down Airplanes” – Video 1/14/13

Here is great video of a CNN anchor actually asking Rev. Jesse Jackson a tough question!

In fact, he went totally off the liberal media script and asked why Chicago’s very strict anti-gun laws have not worked! Jackson was asked the question in the wake of news that there have now been 500 murders in Chicago this year – even with imposition of the very kind of anti-gun laws many liberals want to force on the entire nation. The CNN Anchor essentially asked why anti-gun laws should be imposed in other cities or across the nation when they sure have not worked in Chicago.

Via The Rightnewz

CNN Anchor Presses Rev. Jesse Jackson on Why Chicago’s Restrictive Anti-Gun Laws Have Not Worked – Video 12/28/12

Here is video of the Rev. Jesse Jackson speaking at a rally in Tampa, Florida,July 26, where he twisted the Conservative push for smaller government and to get spending under control into being an extension of the Civil War and an attack on African-Americans! I kid you not! He said very bluntly, “This is for them a Civil War fight.”

Jackson had the crowd chant with him toward the end of the video, “Big Government is us by another name.” Therefore, using his warped logic, cutting “Big Government” is attacking the African-American community.

Isn’t it time for all of us to see ourselves as simply “Americans?” Perhaps we should be asking, “What is best for the nation.” A return to the Constitutional role of the Federal Government would be best for everyone in the long run.

Via Fox Nation

Race Merchant Rev. Jesse Jackson Says Conservative Push for Smaller Government is a “for Them a Civil War Fight”; “Big Government is Us by Another Name” – Video 7/26/11

The Rev. Jesse Jackson says President Obama should have been “tougher” in his dealings with Republicans over the Debt-Ceiling issue. Jackson thinks Obama is “too trusting,” and does not understand how much Republicans want to “destroy him”:

POLITICO: Jesse Jackson said Friday that President Obama should have been “tougher” with Republicans and less compromising to keep the debt ceiling negotiations from reaching their current crisis point.

“He has a propensity to be trusting, on the side of reconciliation,” the veteran civil-rights activist told POLITICO. “He kind of underestimates how ideological these guys are and how determined they are to destroy him.”

Jackson criticized the White House for agreeing too readily to take items such as war spending, taxes on the wealthy and corporate profits off the negotiating table, so that the only option left was cutting programs that assist the needy.

As a result, he said, extreme right-wing voices have been able to drive the debate.

“I think they’ve gotten used to watching him at some level give more ground,” he said, listing handouts to insurance companies in the health-care reform act and the extension of the Bush tax cuts as examples. “They feel they can keep pushing and he’ll keep giving. They have not seen a stiffness.”

The president could have begun by issuing an ultimatum — that if Congress didn’t act, he would act unilaterally. “To me, that line needed to be drawn in the sand earlier on,” Jackson said. . . . Read More

It appears Jackson thinks Obama should arbitrarily increase the Debt Ceiling without approval of Congress. If no bill is sent to Obama’s desk, it will be interesting to see what Obama does.

Jesse Jackson Criticizes Obama’s Handling of Debt Limit Crisis; Says He Should Have Been “Tougher” with Republicans – 7/29/11

No surprise here.

Here is video of Jesse Jackson showing up in Wisconsin to join the protests there against Gov. Scott Walker and his plan to end collective bargaining for public sector workers. Jackson actually went so far as to liken the protests organized by unions, the Democrat National Committee, and Obama’s Organizing for America to what happened recently with the protests in Egypt!

It is one of the most predictable things in America today. If something is happening to draw camera attention, be sure Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will show up!

Jesse Jackson Gets in on the Action at Wisconsin Protests – Video 2/18/11

On MSNBC, Jesse Jackson calls for a “radical reordering” of the American economy, from the “bottom up.”

“It’s time for a radical reordering of our economy, bottom up, because the very top are drowning in wealth.”

Via The Blaze

Jesse Jackson Says ‘It’s Time For A Radical Reordering of Our Economy’ – Video

On MSNBC, Jesse Jackson says we will face “creeping genocide” if ObamaCare is repealed. He claims it will cause “more infant mortality and short life expectancy.” Jackson also agreed with Ed Schultz that the Republican position of repealing ObamaCare is “heartless.”

H/T: Hot Air

Jesse Jackson: If ObamaCare Is Repealed We Will Face ‘Creeping Genocide’ – Video

Here is video of Jesse Jackson advocating for a “Black National Anthem.”

Jackson is all about keeping his cottage industry of racial politics alive and well. We already have a National Anthem, and it does just fine for ALL Americans.

Jesse Jackson Advocates for “Black National Anthem” – Video

On Fox Business channel, Jesse Jackson discusses his call for a nationwide “boycott” of BP gas stations. Jackson called the oil spill Barack Obama’s “responsibility,” but he said, “It’s not his fault.” At around 2:00 into the video Jackson made a bizarre statement, saying, “Some will have mercy on BP, but they’re bigots.”

H/T Story Balloon

Jesse Jackson Calls For Boycott of BP; Says People Who Have ‘Mercy’ On BP Are ‘Bigots’

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