CNN’s Acosta Thinks Harvey, Irma Prove “This Climate Change Thing” – Video 9/11/17

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Skewers CNN’s Jim Acosta for Saying only Immigrants from UK, Australia know English – Video 8/2/17

CNN’s Jim Acosta Losing it because Trump White House won’t Cow-Tow to Him – Video Montage – 7/16/17

Sarah Huckabee Slaps Down CNN Jim Acosta’s anti-Trump Question as “Utterly Ridiculous” – Video 6/5/17

Sean Spicer Answers Nonsense Badgering Questions on Michael Flynn from CNN’s Jim Acosta, CBS News’ Major Garrett – Video 4/27/17

President Trump takes Questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta; Slams Constant “Hatred” against Him on CNN – Video 2/16/17

CNN’s Jim Acosta Complains because Trump Calls on other Reporters for Questions; Says “The Fix is In” – Video 2/15/17

Trump Puts Rude CNN Reporter in His Place; Refuses to give Him a Question and Says, “You are Fake News” – Video 1/11/17

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump Lewd Remarks Video “Could be It” – The End of His Presidential Campaign – Video 10/7/16

CNN’s Jim Acosta Calls Obama out on ISIS Failure: “Why can’t we take out these Bastards?” – Video 11/16/15

CNN’s Acosta Defends Major Garrett Asking Obama about Americans Languishing in Iranian Prisons – Video 7/15/15

CNN’s Jim Acosta Confronts Susan Rice on Her Claim Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “Served with Honor and Distinction” – Video 6/6/14

CNN’s Jim Acosta Asks Jay Carney if V.A., ObamaCare Scandals Show Obama is “Too Detached” as President – Video 5/21/14

CNN’s Jim Acosta Reports “Depressingly Low” ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers for D.C.: Five People – Video 11/8/13

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