Report: Dem Sen. Mark Warner tried to Collude with Lobbyist for Russian Oligarch to get Access to Discredited Dirt on Donald Trump – Video 2/8/18

Rep. Jim Jordan: The same People who were Anti-Trump in the Hillary Investigation began the Russia Investigation – Video 1/30/18

Rep. Jim Jordan Talks with Ben Shapiro about Missing Text Messages, Shocking Memo on FBI, DOJ Abuses – Video 1/22/18

Rep. Jim Jordan Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Political Bias against Trump at the FBI; Calls for Mueller Team to be Disbanded – Video 12/14/17

Rep. Jim Jordan: Big Takeaway on Comey Opening Statement is that Comey “Agreed with the President” on Multiple Occasions – Video 6/7/17

Rep. Jim Jordan Destroys Hillary Clinton’s Lie that the Benghazi Attack was Due to a Video – Video 10/22/15

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Rips Jonathan Gruber During Testimony; Presses Gruber to Say How much He was Paid for ObamaCare Deception – Video 12/9/14

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Hammers IRS Commissioner over Claim He “Can’t Remember” Who Told Him Lois Lerner’s Emails were “Lost” – Video 6/23/14

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Questions FBI Director on Status of Investigation of IRS Targeting Scandal; Mueller has Zero Answers – Video 6/13/13

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