Politico’s Jim Vandehei: 2014 Midterms Looking a Whole Lot Like 2010 – Video 5/7/14


Here is video of Politico’s Jim Vandehei discussing divisions within the Democratic Party over entitlement reform as it relates to the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. He explained that all the focus is on the pressure and problems faced by Republicans in the wake of their election loss, but that President Obama and the Democrats have some real divisions to deal with if a deal is to be reached. Vandehei said many Democrats serving in red states will likely join with Republicans on some of the tax issues, and on entitlement reform, particularly those that have to run for re-election in 2014. But the Left-wing base of the Democratic Party really does not want any reform of entitlements, something Republicans have said must be a part of any deal.

Vandehei on “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations: “The Truth is there’s a Lot of Divisions Inside the Democratic Party over what to do on Entitlement Reform” – Video 11/20/12

Here is video of Politico’s Jim VandeHei expressing shock that the Democrats would be so foolish as to remove “God” and “Jerusalem” from the Party Platform – creating massive controversy – and then put it back through a floor vote debacle:

“In North Carolina – it’s the South – and you have the Democrats fighting about whether or not the word “God” should be in a platform that is meaningless . . . You can’t make it up! It’s terrible optics for the Party.”

Politico’s VandeHei Shocked at Democrats’ “God” Debacle: “You have Democrats Fighting about whether or not the Word “God” Should be in a Platform. . . It’s Terrible Optics for the Party” – Video 9/6/12

Ya think?

A moment of candor from Politico’s Jim VandeHei, who said last night that the “Mainstream Media tends to be quite smitten with the Obamas.”

Via Townhall

Politico’s Jim VandeHei on Media’s Gushing Praise for the Obamas: “The Mainstream Media Tends to be Quite Smitten with the Obamas” – Video 9/4/12

Here is video of Politico’s Jim Vandehei reporting that “GOP Elites” are not satisfied with the current field of 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates. He said many of them are urging Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels to get in the race, because they don’t believe those currently running can defeat President Obama in 2012. Vandehei rated the chances Daniels will get in at “50/50,” and said if he does not, the Elites are likely to turn to GOP Rep. Paul Ryan, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, or former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.


I don’t agree with the “elites.” I think several of the candidates in the current field could defeat Obama. I believe Herman Cain is one of them. But the idea of Paul Ryan getting in the race is extremely interesting!

Vandehei: GOP Elites Not Satisfied with GOP Field; Urging Daniels to Get In; Will Turn to Christie, Ryan, Jeb Bush if Daniels Passes – Video Report 5/18/11

Here is video of Politico’s Jim VandeHei on Face the Nation yesterday, where he said “Obama has to find that magic” to excite liberals once again about him – the way they were in 2008. VandeHei made the point that it is really unbelievable that liberals are not more excited about what Obama has done, because he has done so much to enact their agenda.

It may be that liberals are not more “excited” about Obama because the agenda he has passed – massive spending and ObamaCare – is simply not working to make the lives of Americans better. All the “Hope” and “Change” has made things worse instead of better.

VandeHei: “Obama Has to Find that Magic” to Excite Liberals About Him as in 2008 – Video

Here is video from Face the Nation today, where guest host Harry Smith talked with CBS News’ Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes, and Politico’s Jim VandeHei about the upcoming Midterm Elections.

Smith asked Cordes if Democrats are trying to “run away from President Obama.” She said they are no only doing that, they are running away from “being Democrats” – with many Dem candidates not even mentioning in their ads what party they are from.

VandeHei said there is “panic” in the White House about the impending doom of the Midterm Elections, but said those who think Obama may actually want the Republicans to win the House – so he can glame them the way Clinton did after 1994 – are “nuts.” VandeHei believes Obama knows he will have little chance of getting much else done without Democrat majorities in Congress.

Toward the end of the video, VandeHei also said Democrats are much more pessimistic now than they were even a few weeks ago, largely as a result of the Republicans’ huge lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot poll done by Gallup last week.

“Panic” in the White House over Midterm Elections; Dems Increasingly Pessimistic – Video

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