Tragic News: Vice-President Joe Biden’s Son, Beau Biden, Dies from Brain Cancer at Age 46 – Video 5/30/15

Oh My! VP Joe Biden gets Familiar with Wife of New Defense Secretary During Ceremony – Video 2/17/15

VP Joe Biden gives Shout-out to “an Old Butt-Buddy” during Iowa Speech – Video 2/12/15

VP Joe Biden on “Past Six Years” of the Obama Presidency: “To State the Obvious, the Past Six Years have been Really, Really Hard for this Country” – Video 1/30/15

Report: Shots Fired Outside Delaware Home of Vice-President Joe Biden Last Night; Bidens were Not Home; One Person in Custody – Video Report 1/18/15

President Barack Obama

Report: Angry Obama Cuts Off VP Joe Biden for Asking a Question during Meeting with Congressional Leaders – 11/9/14

VP Joe Biden Blows Kansas “Independent” Greg Orman’s Cover: “He Will be with Us” – Audio 11/4/14

VP Joe Biden Gaffe: Says Horrific Joplin Tornado Killed “161,000” People Instead of 161 – Video 10/3/14

VP Joe Biden Slams Leon Panetta for Daring to Tell the Truth about Barack Obama’s Disastrous Iraq Pullout – Video 10/3/14

Biden Blusters We will follow ISIS “to the Gates of Hell” while Obama calls ISIS “a Manageable Problem” – Video 9/3/14

Vice-President Joe Biden

Detroit Anchor, Reporter go Gaga over VP Joe Biden’s Labor Day Speech! – Video 9/1/14

Joe Biden does it Again: “The Nation of Africa” – Video 8/5/14

VP Joe Biden: Obama’s 2008 “Change” Slogan “Didn’t Happen” – Video 7/17/14

Joe Biden’s Words in 2010 Verify Obama Admin Belief Iraq was Stable and Functioning BEFORE Obama Removed All U.S. Troops – Video 2010

VP Joe Biden Attacks the Clinton Record – Video Report 5/12/14

United States Releases Photos of Russian Special Forces in Eastern Ukraine – Video Report 4/22/14

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