Media Not so Concerned if Democrats accused of Sexual Misconduct – Video Report 11/14/17

Classic Joe Biden Clips from Today’s Swearing-in of U.S. Senators at the Capitol – Video 1/3/17

Biden Takes Shot at Hillary after Saying He Will Not Run for President: “Republicans are Not our Enemies” – Video 10/21/15

BREAKING: Vice-President Joe Biden Announces He Will NOT Run for President in 2016 – Video 10/21/15

Vice-President Joe Biden

Fox News’ Ed Henry: “Three Sources Close” to VP Joe Biden Say He will Run for President; However, May Not Announce within 48-Hours – 10/19/15

VP Joe Biden: “Totally Legitimate Argument” that Iran will use Obama Deal to Enhance their Terrorist Activity around the World – Video 9/3/15

David Gergen: 2016 Voters “are Looking for Change,” and Democrats are Not Offering Change – Video 8/25/15

Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle: “The White House has a Candidate and His Name is Joe Biden” – Video 8/25/15

ABC News’ Jon Karl gets Obama Press Secretary to State Obama’s Preference for Joe Biden; Won’t Rule out an Obama Endorsement during the Dem Primary – Video 8/24/15

Joe Biden has Secret Meeting with Elizabeth Warren; Many believe Biden Close to Getting in the 2016 Presidential Race – Video 8/23/15

“Draft Joe Biden” Momentum is Building as Hillary Grows Weaker – Video 8/16/15

ABC News: Adviser to Vice-President Joe Biden Says “90%” Chance He Will Run for President – Video 8/2/15

Tragic News: Vice-President Joe Biden’s Son, Beau Biden, Dies from Brain Cancer at Age 46 – Video 5/30/15

Oh My! VP Joe Biden gets Familiar with Wife of New Defense Secretary During Ceremony – Video 2/17/15

VP Joe Biden gives Shout-out to “an Old Butt-Buddy” during Iowa Speech – Video 2/12/15

VP Joe Biden on “Past Six Years” of the Obama Presidency: “To State the Obvious, the Past Six Years have been Really, Really Hard for this Country” – Video 1/30/15

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