Sen. Ted Cruz on VP Joe Biden: “You Don’t Even Need a Punchline. You Just Say His Name and People Laugh!” – Video 8/10/13

Flashback: “Don’t Count Me In” on Trusting the President and Vice-President with Phone Data – Sen. Joe Biden – Video 2006

Sen. Ted Cruz Speech to the NRA Challenges VP Joe Biden to One-Hour Debate on what would Reduce Violent Crime – Complete Video 5/3/13

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination in Arizona over J.D. Hayworth

VP Joe Biden Says John McCain “Probably would have Won” the Presidency in 2008 without Economic Collapse; McCain Says Probably Not – Video 4/28/13

VP Joe Biden Praises MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough for Leading the Left’s Gun Control Charge – Video 4/11/13

Vice-President Joe Biden Tries to Reassure Americans by Mocking, “We’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America” – Video 4/9/13

Mark Levin: Our Society is being “Driven into Decline by the Statists who are Devouring our Society” – Audio 3/22/13

Dem Strategist Hillary Rosen Says It’s “Small” to Question VP Joe Biden’s $585,000 One-Night Paris Extravaganza – Video 3/24/13

VP Joe Biden Tries to Gin Up Support for Gun Control: “Gabby Giffords, my good Friend, was Shot and Mortally Wounded” – Video 3/21/13

VP Joe Biden believes He has the Right to tell Americans how many Bullets they Need to go Deer Hunting: If you Need more than Three, “You’re an Embarrassment” – Audio 3/20/13

Vice-President Joe Biden Meets Pope Francis – Raw Video 3/19/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: VP Joe Biden’s “Shotgun” Advice may Help if Attacked “by a Drone” – Video 3/16/13

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 2013: Mocks VP Joe Biden’s “Shotgun” Advice – “You Keep Your Advice. We’ll Keep our Guns!” – Complete Video 3/15/13

New NRA Ad Suggests Obama needs to Drop “Gun Control” and Exercise some “Biden Control” – Video 3/5/13

Kerry, Biden Warn Iran that “Time is Running Out” for them to End Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons – Video Report 3/4/13

Hilarious Video: Some Women who took Joe Biden’s “Buy a Shotgun” Advice

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