Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough Call on Republicans to Turn against Donald Trump – Video 8/10/16

Joe Scarborough: “Donald Trump Will Not Win the Presidency” – Video 8/2/16

Joe Scarborough Questions Donald Trump’s “Mental Health” on “Morning Joe” – Video 8/2/16

Elitist, Snobbish “Morning Joe” Crew Relentlessly Attack Trump Even as they Lie about what He Said about Hillary’s Emails – Video 7/28/16

Halperin: Trump already Dominating the News Narrative Day after Day against Hillary Clinton – Video 5/24/16

Steve Rattner: Betting Odds move in Favor of Trump Winning the Iowa Caucuses – Video 1/29/16

Joe Scarborough Hammers Hillary Clinton’s Role in Trying to Destroy the Women who Accused Bill Clinton of Sexual Abuse or Harassment – Video 1/11/16

Donald Trump Asked about Questions Regarding Ted Cruz Eligibility for President – Video 1/6/15

Donald Trump Warns Hillary to “Be Careful” about Playing the “War on Women” Card; Mika Warns, “Trump will ‘Go There'” – Video 12/23/15

Joe Scarborough Cuts Trump Off, Goes to Break as Trump Defends Muslim Immigration “Shutdown” – Video 12/8/15

Joe Scarborough Slams Megyn Kelly’s “Vicious” Attack on Donald Trump; “She Sounded Like Rachel Maddow” – Video 11/30/15

Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe”: “Ben Carson has been Caught Not Telling the Truth” – Video 11/9/15

Joe Scarborough Calls Out Ben Carson for Hiding behind the Bible to Defend His Bizarre Pyramid Theory; The Bible NEVER Says Joseph Built the Pyramids! – Video 11/6/15

Joe Scarborough Calls Out 50-Year Liberal Bias in the Media against Republicans – Video 11/2/15

Joe Scarborough Rails at Republicans for not Attacking Dr. Ben Carson – Video 9/22/15

Joe Scarborough Blasts CNN’s Total Focus on Donald Trump during GOP Debate: “It was an Absolute Joke” – Video 9/17/15

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