“Morning Joe” Roundtable: We are about to Find Out if Steve Bannon can make it on His Own – Video 1/5/18

Leftist Joe Scarborough Praises Marco Rubio Repeatedly for His Attacks on Donald Trump – Video 8/16/17

Pathetic Joe Scarborough Keeps Using Kellyanne Conway as a Punching Bag: “She’s so Stupid it makes My Teeth Hurt” – Video 8/7/17

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Under Leftist Joe Scarborough’s Skin; Quotes Him saying there’s No Evidence of Collusion between Trump and the Russians – Video 5/10/17

Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe Crew Praise Trump, Tillerson Foreign Policy Moves – Video 4/13/17

Joe Scarborough goes on Rant about Liberal Bias against Conservatives on University Campuses – Video 2/23/17

Scarborough: Obama “Cowered in the Corner” Allowing Aleppo “Holocaust” to Ensue – Video 12/14/16

Scarborough: Trump Cabinet Picks so Conservative they could have been made by Ted Cruz – Video 12/8/16

Joe Scarborough: Source Says Trump Considering Gov. Nikki Haley for Secretary of State – Video 11/16/16

Joe Scarborough on Trump’s Stunning Victory: “A Complete Political Earthquake” like Nothing Seen since Reagan in 1980 – Video 11/9/16

“Morning Joe” Highlights Liberals Questioning Election Results in 2000, 2004, 2006. . . . Video 10/20/16

Joe Scarborough Shreds Attempt to Claim the Clintons didn’t Question Obama’s Islamic Ties in 2008 – Video 10/17/16

Ben Carson Confronts “Morning Joe” Crew with their Anti-Trump Bias – Video 10/14/16

Joe Scarborough: Trump “Dominated” 2nd Debate; Mika: “Epic” Trump Performance – Video 10/10/16

Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough Call on Republicans to Turn against Donald Trump – Video 8/10/16

Joe Scarborough: “Donald Trump Will Not Win the Presidency” – Video 8/2/16

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