Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe”: “Ben Carson has been Caught Not Telling the Truth” – Video 11/9/15

Joe Scarborough Calls Out Ben Carson for Hiding behind the Bible to Defend His Bizarre Pyramid Theory; The Bible NEVER Says Joseph Built the Pyramids! – Video 11/6/15

Joe Scarborough Calls Out 50-Year Liberal Bias in the Media against Republicans – Video 11/2/15

Joe Scarborough Rails at Republicans for not Attacking Dr. Ben Carson – Video 9/22/15

Joe Scarborough Blasts CNN’s Total Focus on Donald Trump during GOP Debate: “It was an Absolute Joke” – Video 9/17/15

Joe Scarborough: You have to be Really, Really Stupid” to Believe Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Defense – Video 9/2/15

Joe Scarborough: If Chris Christie had done what Hillary Clinton did, “It would be a Disqualifier” – Video 9/1/15

Joe Scarborough: Hillary Clinton Likening Pro-Life Republicans to “Terrorists” is “Gutter Politics” – Video 8/28/15

“Morning Joe” Slams Fox News for Debate “Gotcha Questions” Targeting Donald Trump – Video 8/10/15

Joe Scarborough: Will Obama Call Democrat Chuck Schumer “Ignorant” or a “Liar” for Opposing His Appeasement Deal with Iran? – Video 8/7/15

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin: Harry Reid’s Leadership in the U.S. Senate Did Not Work – Video 4/20/15

Joe Scarborough on Meet the Press: Hillary Clinton Wiped Her Server while Her Emails were under Subpoena – Video 3/29/15

Joe Scarborough, “Morning Joe” Crew Mock Hillary Clinton’s Press Conference Email Defense – Video 3/11/15

Joe Scarborough Blasts Obama for Refusing to Say “Radical Islam” when Everyone Else Does! – Video 2/17/15

Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski believe Elizabeth Warren should Challenge Hillary Clinton for 2016 Dem Nomination – Video 2/9/15

Joe Scarborough Mocks Obama for His “Stupid, Left-wing Moral Equivalency” Attack on Christians at Prayer Breakfast – Video 2/6/15

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