Karl Rove, Joe Trippi: Marco Rubio, Border Security Key to whether Legislation on Immigration Reform Passes

Here are Karl Rove and Joe Trippi taking their latest look at the Electoral College Map for the 2012 Election. Both agree the election is still very tight between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. The Rove map has Obama up 280-182, with 76 electoral votes still in the “tossup” category.

Karl Rove and Joe Trippi Discuss their Latest Electoral Vote Map Update; Movement for Obama but Still Very “Tight” – Video 7/30/12

Here is video of Karl Rove and Joe Trippi giving their latest look at the Electoral Map. Their map shows 8 states with movement toward Mitt Romney over the last 30 days, with three states getting better for Obama. Joe Trippi believes Obama’s Immigration ploy is working to build his lead with Hispanics, especially in the states of Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. But Karl Rove says it’s too early to make that assumption.

Latest Karl Rove Electoral Map and Analysis with Rove/Joe Trippi: Eight States Move Toward Romney, Three Improve for Obama- Video 6/25/12

Here is video of Laura Ingraham talking with Ari Fleischer about the possibility that President Obama will face a primary challenge for the Democrat Nomination in 2012. The speculation comes from reports that leftist George Soros is not happy with Obama, and is threatening to “start looking somewhere else” if Obama does not properly push his agenda in the year ahead.

Joe Trippi said he believes Soros is afraid Obama will move to the center now that the GOP has won back the House, but does not believe Obama will face a Primary challenge.

Fleischer said the Left may well run a Primary against Obama if there is not a massive withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Afghanistan in July 2011. He does not think they can necessarily defeat Obama, but it will be very costly for the President.

Fleischer believes the GOP field for 2012 will be “wide open.” Trippi believes a Sarah Palin nomination just might be what Democrats need to ensure the re-election of Barack Obama.

Trippi believes both John Thune and Mitch Daniels could be trouble for Democrats in 2012 if they were to be nominated. Fleischer had said that Thune and Daniels are the two GOP candidates he’s watching carefully.

Ari Fleischer: Obama Could Face Primary Challenge from Left without Major Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011 – Video 11/18/10

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